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Over the Horizon

Five unlikely but extremely destabilizing global crises that Obama must prepare for now.

Martin Indyk |


Mutiny in Kabul

An exclusive report on the troubled security team at America's most important embassy.

Adam Zagorin |

Rational Security

For Defense, Less Beef, More Chuck

Why Hagel's critics need to turn down the heat.

John Arquilla |

Terms of Engagement

Exit, Minus Strategy

Barack Obama has clearly decided to cut his losses in Afghanistan. Will all hell break lose when he does?

James Traub |


Talking to the Taliban

With Obama and Karzai meeting in Washington, and peace negotiations back on the table in Afghanistan, here's what to watch out for when sitting down with Islamic fundamentalists.

Michael Semple |

The List

Why the U.S. Can't Abandon Afghanistan

These five principles should guide the U.S.-Afghan relationship after 2014.

Davood Moradian |


The 5 Most Important Questions About Afghanistan

Obama can't shirk the difficult issues when he meets with Karzai this week.

Michael Kugelman |


Saving Afghanistan

It can be done, but only if the international community truly invests in democracy.

Abdullah Abdullah |

David Barno

A 'Zero Option' for Afghanistan

Yes, President Karzai, we might pull out completely.

David W. Barno |


For Shame

Wait, Pakistan is blasting India for treating women badly?

Rashmee Roshan Lall |

Dept Of Secrets

The Plan to Stop Green-on-Blue Violence

The Pentagon’s secret PowerPoint on Afghan insider attacks.

Nate Jones |

Special Report


A reporter travels the treacherous Pakistan-Afghanistan border by truck.

Matthieu Aikins |

Slide Show

Is It Over Yet?

Haunting photos of a year in the life of the war America is still fighting.

Slide Show |


The Slab

One soldier's quest to honor a fallen comrade he didn't even know.

Jake Tapper |


Was It a Good Year in Afghanistan?

Looking back at a troubling 2012 filled with progress and peril, it's hard to determine whether the United States is winning this war.

Ian Livingston |

The List

10 Conflicts to Watch in 2013

From Turkey to Congo, next year's wars threaten global stability.

Louise Arbour |

Rational Security

Can There Be War Without Hate?

Surprisingly humane moments in combat -- and why they matter.

John Arquilla |


David and Paula

The Petraeus affair may be over, as far as the media circus is concerned. But its baleful aftereffects linger on.

Sarah Chayes |

Terms of Engagement

Extrication Negotiations

The United States is ready to start talking to the Taliban about a peace deal again. But nothing's going to happen without Pakistan.

James Traub |


Four More Years … in Exile

Can Republicans find their way out of the foreign-policy wilderness?

John Norris |

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The FP Survey: The Wisdom of the Smart Crowd

FP's Global Thinkers weigh in on the year gone by and what's on the horizon for 2013.

Slide Show |


The Cult of Massoud

How Afghanistan’s Che Guevara still haunts Hamid Karzai.

James Verini |

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The Cult

Afghanistan's national hero has started a craze on the streets of Kabul.

Slide Show |

Slide Show

Turkey for the Troops

Sixty years of Thanksgivings for American soldiers abroad.

Kevin Baron |


Trouble on the Home Front

The Petraeuses aren’t the military family we should be worried about.

Kathy Roth-Douquet |

The List

Broken Record

David Petraeus had critics before scandal struck -- they just tended to fly under the radar.

Uri Friedman |


Peace Talks

How war disappeared from American campaign rhetoric.

Mary Dudziak |

Situation Report

New documents from Benghazi show pointed concern

Marines are so littoral, The Navy tries its hand at motorboat drones, The “red herring” of the military vote, What would make Stan McChrystal cringe, and more.

Gordon Lubold |