Bush Administration


Enhance This Interrogation

The Senate confirmation hearings need to get to the bottom of the truth about CIA chief nominee John Brennan.

Andrea J. Prasow |

Micah Zenko

Investigate This

The U.N. will pry America's drones out of our cold, dead hands.

Micah Zenko |

Terms of Engagement

Exit, Minus Strategy

Barack Obama has clearly decided to cut his losses in Afghanistan. Will all hell break lose when he does?

James Traub |


Zero Farce Thirty

The man who nearly stopped 9/11 tells FP why Kathryn Bigelow's movie about the hunt for Osama bin Laden gets it wrong.  

Ty McCormick |

Terms of Engagement

Secretaries of Safe

Obama’s likely national security picks are going to reinforce his innate caution -- for better and for worse.

James Traub |


Twice As Rice

Who said it: Condoleezza or Susan?

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |


Four More Years … in Exile

Can Republicans find their way out of the foreign-policy wilderness?

John Norris |


Shaken, Not Stirred by CIA 'Values'

Why do the CIA director's peccadilloes rile us more than his policies?

David Rothkopf |

Terms of Engagement

The Amphibian

How Barack Obama learned to cover his right flank -- and his left.

James Traub |


Rewarding Impunity

Why is President Obama's attorney general handing out prizes for sweeping torture under the rug?

David Cole |

Terms of Engagement

Better Late than Never

How naive self-confidence led Barack Obama astray, before prudence brought him back.

James Traub |


Making Friends with Friends

Mitt Romney, Charles Krauthammer, and conservative pundits are plain wrong: Barack Obama hasn't lost Europe. That was his predecessor's doing.

Sean Kay |


Gunpoint Stimulus

Defense contractors are trying to frighten Americans into believing that Pentagon budget cuts will destroy the economy. It's bogus.

Lawrence J. Korb |


Up Close and Angry

The CIA's Sabrina De Sousa dishes on the Bush administration officials who ordered the botched extraordinary rendition operation -- or kidnapping, if you're an Italian judge -- that made her a wanted woman.

Jeff Stein |


A Failure to Communicate

Why is the Obama administration using its radio station to attack the Cuban Catholic Church?        

Fulton T. Armstrong |


The Government We Deserve

Americans are sick and tired of Washington's dysfunctional politics. But it's not Congress they should be angry at -- Americans got exactly the system of government they asked for.

Alasdair Roberts |

The List

Sonnets for the Mujahideen

The militant movement has a little-examined sensitive side.

Hanna C. Trudo |

Christian Caryl

The Miracle of Midland

How a West Texas oil town became an unlikely champion of human rights.

Christian Caryl |


The Value Proposition

Candidates like to preach the preeminence of American values on the campaign trail, but it's interests that dominate inside the White House.

Michael A. Cohen |


What Lies Beneath

The mission to secure and seal off Kazakhstan's vast nuclear material -- buried deep underground -- is one of the greatest nonproliferation stories never told.

William Tobey |

The List

Top 10 Lessons of the Iraq War

Now that the war is officially over and most U.S. forces have withdrawn, what are the most important takeaways?

Stephen M. Walt |

Terms of Engagement

A Little Humility

If Iraq has taught us anything, let it be this.

James Traub |


Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

What should America do about the Arab Spring? Not much.

F. Gregory Gause III |

Terms of Engagement

With Us or (Mostly) Against Us

The Republican presidential hopefuls have a pretty clear idea of who they think America's enemies are. But what about its friends?

James Traub |

Terms of Engagement

The Hawks' New Flight Pattern

Neocons blew off concerns about Iranian influence in Iraq in 2003. Why are they so obsessed with it now?

James Traub |


The FP Interview: Condoleezza Rice on Obama, “Leading from Behind,” Iraq, and More

The former secretary of state dishes on what the current administration gets right -- and what it gets wrong.

Josh Rogin |

Terms of Engagement

No Apology Necessary

Barack Obama shouldn't have to make excuses for sending troops to Uganda.

James Traub |


Up in Smoke

Did the idea of a legal war die along with Muammar al-Qaddafi?

Scott Horton |