Bush Administration


Survey Charts Darfur Opinion for First Time

Those most affected by the crisis say they want Sudan's President Omar Hassan al Bashir prosecuted, are skeptical of chances for peace, and insist on reparations for crimes.

Rebecca Hamilton |


Life by a Thousand Cuts

The United States' defense-spending habit has been out of control for years. Will it ever change?

Christian Caryl |


Fix the Police

One of the most urgent tasks confronting Gen. David Petraeus is also one of the least glamorous: reforming Afghanistan's corrupt and ineffective police.

Ronald E. Neumann |


The Afghanistan Clock

President Obama has now swapped one distinguished general for another. But he urgently needs to address the underlying issue dividing his administration: Is July 2011 a real deadline for U.S. troops to begin withdrawing, or just a clever domestic political ploy?

James Dobbins |


The Oliver Stone Show

South of the Border is no portrait of Hugo Chávez or the Latin American left; it's about how one U.S. director views the world.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


The Karzai Factor

The Afghan president just lost his best friend in the U.S. government. And he's not happy about it.

Nick B. Mills |

Think Again

Think Again: Ronald Reagan

The Gipper wasn't the warhound his conservative followers would have you think.

Peter Beinart |


Ethiopia's Democratic Sham

A government clampdown has rendered the outcome of Sunday's parliamentary elections a foregone conclusion. Washington doesn't seem to mind that its ally, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, is assured a win.

Nathaniel Myers |


The Torture Commission We Really Need

It’s not enough just to understand what went wrong in the Justice Department. We need to start fixing it, too.

David Kaye |


Israel vs. the Diaspora

Why Israelis often bristle when Jewish Americans criticize their homeland.

Evan P. Schultz |


What the Neocons Got Right

Believe it or not, they made a few good calls.

Steven A. Cook |


Iraq's Elected Criminals

Some of the very people involved in kidnapping my father from his home three years ago might be elected to office on Sunday. Iraq can do better.

Ali al-Saffar |


How to Cut Collateral Damage in Afghanistan

Rein in the Special Forces cowboys, and let Gen. McChrystal call the shots.

Marc Garlasco |

Terms of Engagement

What Happened to New York's Moxie?

Trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Manhattan would have showed the terrorists that Americans are not afraid. Eight and a half years after 9/11, we’re not there yet.

James Traub |


Bargaining With the Devil

How should Barack Obama deal with evil?

Robert Mnookin |


KSM Doesn't Deserve to Be a War Criminal

Treating terrorists like warriors is exactly what they want.

Tom Malinowski |


This Is What Victory Looks Like

How Aaron David Miller romanticizes the past and underestimates the future.

Abraham M. Denmark |


Dead Terrorists Tell No Tales

Is Barack Obama killing too many bad guys before the U.S. can interrogate them?

Marc A. Thiessen |


CIA Man Retracts Claim on Waterboarding

A study in "enhanced reporting techniques."

Jeff Stein |


Interview: Mohamed ElBaradei

The former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and Nobel Peace Prize laureate speaks up about the Bush administration, Iran, and his rumored bid to become the next president of Egypt.

David Kenner |


The $2 Trillion Man

How Obama saved Brand America.

Simon Anholt |


No More Representatives, Please

The last thing we need is a new big shot envoy in Kabul.

Nick Horne |


Will There Always Be a Pakistan?

Fissures within the military could tear not just the army but the entire country apart. It's coming sooner than you think.

Seth Cropsey |


Obama's Indecent Interval

Despite the U.S. president's pleas to the contrary, the war in Afghanistan looks more like Vietnam than ever.

Thomas H. Johnson |


The Danger KSM Still Poses in Washington

The architect of the 9/11 attacks is headed to a criminal trial in New York -- but Obama's made a muddle of the rest of the legal picture.

Juan Carlos Zarate |

Briefing Book

Addicted to Contractors

The United States is hooked on privatized warfare in Afghanistan. And it's more costly than you think.

Allison Stanger |