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Addicted to Contractors

The United States is hooked on privatized warfare in Afghanistan. And it's more costly than you think.

Allison Stanger |

Think Again

Think Again: Africom

U.S. Africa Command was launched to controversy and has been met with skepticism ever since. Behind two years of mixed messages, a coherent mission might finally be emerging. Here's what you need to know about the world's next U.S. military hub.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


When Generals and Ambassadors Feud

Take it from this former ambassador: Disagreements over the war in Afghanistan may do more long-term harm than short-term good.

James Dobbins |


Don't Take Netanyahu to the Woodshed

The U.S. president and Israeli prime minister can patch things up during a meeting tonight by avoiding talks of Israel and Palestine. They should turn to Iran instead.

Steven J. Rosen |


Rendered Guilty

What the Milan conviction of 23 U.S. officials means for those on trial and the future of diplomatic immunity.

Jeff Stein |


Why Are the United States and Israel at the Top of Human Rights Hit Lists?

We ran the numbers and it's true: the watchdogs have their politics. But that might just be a good thing.

James Ron |


Europe's Obama Fatigue

Bush was better for Europe. No, seriously.

James Joyner |


The Embargo on Change

Obama or no Obama, U.S.-Cuba relations are unlikely to improve anytime soon.

Roque Planas |


Call in the Civilians

Counterinsurgency is at least 50 percent civilian. So where have all the Foreign Service officers gone?

Ron Capps |


What Missile Defense?

Missile defense will be strategically useless against the nuclear threats from Iran -- or anywhere else.

Yousaf Butt |

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The Guantanamo Countdown

President Obama promised to close the facility within a year, but eight months later, the path is looking rockier. Here's what the administration needs to do to meet its deadline.

Sarah Mendelson |

Think Again

Think Again: Lawrence of Arabia

Afghanistan is a mess. Suicide bombs are still going off in Iraq. Is nation-building doomed to failure? It's time to consult the original insurgent, T.E. Lawrence.

John C. Hulsman |

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How to Save Lives by Breaking All the Rules

How former U.S. Global AIDS coordinator Mark Dybul ditched the bureaucracy, stopped intergovernmental turf wars, pushed for results, and helped create an anti-poverty machine that actually works.

Mark Dybul |


Can Mosquito Nets Stop Terrorists?

A previously unreported program sheds light on the battle for Africa's hearts and minds -- and the battle between the State Department and the Department of Defense.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


The Real Winner of Afghanistan's Election

Meet Mohammad Qasim Fahim, the unsavory Tajik warlord whose grip on Afghanistan just got a whole lot tighter.

Hillary Mann Leverett |


Cheney's Jihad

Why "enhanced interrogation techniques" don't enhance U.S. interests.

Peter Bergen |

In Box

A Bright Shining Slogan

How "hearts and minds" came to be.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Not Enough?

Susan Rice's speech was a good start toward global re-engagement. But it was only that -- a start.

John Norris |

Think Again

Think Again: A Marshall Plan for Africa

America brought Europe back to life a half-century ago. Why not give Africa the same chance?

Glenn Hubbard |


How America Is Funding Corruption in Pakistan

Graft is on the rise in Islamabad, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

Azeem Ibrahim |

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Somalia: Too Big a Problem to Fail?

A new hotbed of terror could be a domestic problem for Obama. But he shouldn't treat it like one.

Ken Menkhaus |


Censoring the Voice of America

Why is it OK to broadcast terrorist propaganda but not taxpayer-funded media reports?

Matt Armstrong |


Assassination: A Brief History

When we go to war, what happens when we make our enemies faceless?

George Jonas |

Seven Questions

Seven Questions: Jay Garner

The man who first led reconstruction efforts in Iraq says that Arab-Kurd tensions are overblown and that "soft partition" would have been a good idea.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Do Targeted Killings Work?

Drone strikes are far from perfect -- but they're also far better than nothing.

Daniel Byman |

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License to Kill

When I advised the Israel Defense Forces, here's how we decided if targeted kills were legal -- or not.

Amos N. Guiora |

Small Wars

This Week at War, No. 24

What the four-stars are reading -- a weekly column from Small Wars Journal.

Robert Haddick |


Obama's Shallow Realism

Why the U.S. president shouldn't react to one bad foreign policy with another.

David Gardner |


Cut Bibi Some Slack

Why Obama's hard line on Israeli settlements is counterproductive.

Steven J. Rosen |


A Road Map to Nowhere

Obama's refusal to dub Israeli settlements illegal is undermining any hope of Middle East peace.

Flynt Leverett |