Case Studies

The Battle for Bihar

Sleaze still plagues India. But one place is fighting back.

Sudip Mazumdar |

Christian Caryl

Guns and Butter

Countries around the world are finding that military involvement in private business is a major barrier to reform. But pensioning off CEOs in uniform is easier said than done.

Christian Caryl |


Girl Power and the Fragility Trap

Academic economists usually air their new ideas first in working papers. Here, before the work gets dusty, a quick look at transition policy research in progress.

Peter Passell |


Keeping Markets Happy

It's not public-sector deficits that are at fault for the euro crisis -- it's the policies that have enabled the financial sector to wield so much power.

Rick Rowden |


The Mall of the World

What a Hong Kong shopping complex tells us about the true nature of globalization.

Gordon Mathews |


Inside Syria's Economic Implosion

Under the weight of sanctions and eight months of protests, the Syrian economy is starting to buckle. But that doesn't mean business leaders will abandon the regime.

Stephen Starr |

The List

Little Is the New Big

From Angry Birds to crowd-sourced science, the "micromultinational" corporation is here.

Sophia Jones |


Red, Delicious, and Rotten

How Apple conquered China and learned to think like the Communist Party.

Christina Larson |

The Optimist

A Thousand Points of Light

When it comes to bringing electricity to the developing world, small is beautiful.

Charles Kenny |


The Rise of the Red Market

How the best intentions of the medical community accidentally created an international organ-trafficking underground.

Scott Carney |

The Optimist

No Need for Speed

Save your money, United Nations -- the developing world doesn't need broadband Internet to get ahead.

Charles Kenny |

Deep Dive

A Market for Good

Why American workers need the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement.

Max Baucus |

Think Again

Think Again: The Afghan Drug Trade

Why cracking down on Afghanistan's opium business won't help stop the Taliban -- or the United States' own drug problems.

Jonathan P. Caulkins, Jonathan D. Kulick, and Mark A.R. Kleiman |

Slide Show

Blueprint for a Renewed U.S. Economy

An exclusive preview of results from the McKinsey Global Institute study.

McKinsey Global Institute |

Special Report

Retooling the U.S. Economy for Growth

If the United States wants to stay competitive in coming years, boosting productivity is the key, finds a new report by McKinsey Global Institute. FP previews the findings exclusively here.

Byron Auguste |

The Optimist

Fiber Cons

You don't need to be superfast to be super-competitive -- but try telling that to the governments sinking billions into fiber-optic networks.

Charles Kenny |


Strait Talk

Barack Obama doesn't want you to know about it, but his administration just made the biggest move in more than a decade to open up Cuba.

Arturo Lopez-Levy |


The Great Invention Race

Whatever we do, China and India will train more scientists and engineers. But America's still got the best environment for ideas to grow.

Adam Segal |

Slide Show

Postcards From Davos

Images from inside the World Economic Forum.

Slide Show |

The Optimist

Big Is Beautiful

Financial access is key to helping the world's poor -- and tech-savvy big banks, not microcreditors, are our best hope for providing it.

Charles Kenny |


Dial Red for Recovery

Two cell-phone companies in Haiti have outshone the government, the NGOs, and the international community in reconstructing post-earthquake Haiti. How -- and why -- did they do it?

Amy Bracken |


The Serpent King

How a notorious Malaysian wildlife smuggler was brought to justice -- and what it tells us about stopping the world's most profitable black market.

Bryan Christy |


Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs Are Eating America's Lunch

Watch out, Silicon Valley: China and India aren't just graduating bad engineers and stealing intellectual property anymore. They're fostering innovations that will shake the world.

Vivek Wadhwa |

The List

Greed Is Global

A world of corruption revealed by WikiLeaks.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Long Shots

Why throwing money at today's clean-energy technologies could keep us from discovering tomorrow's.

Vinod Khosla |


Not Your Father's Cuba

What Marco Rubio and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen don't get about the new generation of Cuban-Americans.

Arturo Lopez-Levy |

Terms of Engagement

A New 'New Beginning'

What Barack Obama should tell the world in his Asia speech.

James Traub |


Kill Screen

Is the new crop of hyperrealistic military video games driving home the reality of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, or simply exploiting them?

Matthew Shaer |

5 Things You Didn't Know About...


From Beijing to Brighton, billions of people now can't imagine life without supermarkets. But what forces push us, as we push our carts? 

Raj Patel |


The Ghost of Economics Past

What would the world's economics Nobel Prize laureates make of Barack Obama's response to the financial crisis?

Thomas Karier |