Terms of Engagement

Sit this One Out

Why Obama shouldn't use drones to go after Mali's Islamic radical separatists.

James Traub |


The Cup Runneth Over

As Europe’s biggest sporting tournament kicks off in Ukraine, will political controversy and racism mar the country’s moment in the sun?

David L. Stern |


Brother Number One

Should Americans be worried about the man who might be Egypt's next president: the Muslim Brotherhood's curious second choice, Mohamed Morsi?

Shadi Hamid |


The Obama Paradox

A conversation with David Sanger, author of a new book on Obama's secret wars. 

David Rothkopf |

The List

Good Foreigner, Bad Foreigner

China's love-hate relationship with expats.

Anne Henochowicz |


A Failure to Communicate

Why is the Obama administration using its radio station to attack the Cuban Catholic Church?        

Fulton T. Armstrong |


Betting on a Cambodian Spring

Why Cambodia’s opposition faces a steep uphill battle in its effort to oust Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Thomas Mann Miller |

Christian Caryl

The Dictators Are Smarter Than You Think

Don't count the tyrants out. They've still got plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

Christian Caryl |

The List

China's Game of Thrones

Four Chinese leaders who show just how corrupt the system has become. 

Isaac Stone Fish |


A Family Affair

China's princelings are running amok. And Bo Xilai is just the tip of the iceberg.

John Garnaut |


The Godfathers of Tunis

Tunisia’s new government has declared war on sleaze -- but that’s much easier said than done.

Fadil Aliriza |


Power Ballad

What happens when you mix a trashy Europop spectacle with an oil-soaked Caspian dictator?

Haley Sweetland Edwards |


Ask Me No Questions…

How come Egyptian polls are so useless?

Ashraf Khalil |


Bear in a China Shop

It's not the booming economy that's about to burst -- it's bigger than that. Social discontent and, yes, income inequality could rip China apart at the seams.

Arthur Kroeber |

Christian Caryl

In the Crosshairs

Why controlling the international arms trade can help to build stable societies.

Christian Caryl |


Did You Hear the One about U.S. Internment Camps?

A leaked Army document on mass detentions has extremists boiling over on both the right and the left.

J.M. Berger |


Is <i>The Dictator</i> Racist?

Yes. And it's not that funny either.

Joshua E. Keating |


Getting Ready for Life after Castro

Managing the transition to a democratic Cuba: A user’s guide.

Jaime Suchlicki |

Christian Caryl

Spring Is Over

Has the Russian protest movement fatally weakened Vladimir Putin? Don’t bet on it.

Christian Caryl |


The Ravenous Dragon and the Fruits of Adversity

Academic economists usually air their new ideas first in working papers. Here, before the work gets dusty, a quick look at transition policy research in progress.

Peter Passell |


Mr. Nice Guy

France has chosen François Hollande, but can she fall in love with a man who lacks the passion of leaders past?

Eric Pape |


A Kremlin Made of Sand

Vladimir Putin may not be as secure as he thinks.

Leon Aron |


Friends Like These

This week's tensions aside, China and the United States still need each other more than they admit.

Dan Blumenthal |


The Shawshank Prevention

As the blackout on news of Chen Guangcheng shows, Chinese censors are getting better at what they do. Can U.S. government-funded tools help China's netizens break free?

Rebecca MacKinnon |


State of Injustice

What the bizarre cases of Bo Xilai and Chen Guangcheng can tell us about China.

Sophie Richardson |


Exit Taylor

The former Liberian leader is going to jail for war crimes. But he leaves behind a host of unanswered questions.

Johnny Dwyer |


Predators for Peace

Drones have revolutionized war. Why not let them deliver aid?

Jack C. Chow |


Ostriches and Automatic Weapons

My surreal afternoon with Charles Taylor. 

John Norris |


Away From the Handouts

The argument for a new approach to development aid.

Peter Passell |


Blood on His Hands

Meet the victims of Bo Xilai's Chongqing reign.

Matthew Fishbane |