Ostriches and Automatic Weapons

My surreal afternoon with Charles Taylor. 

John Norris |


Away From the Handouts

The argument for a new approach to development aid.

Peter Passell |


Blood on His Hands

Meet the victims of Bo Xilai's Chongqing reign.

Matthew Fishbane |


A Giant Among Giants

Glencore -- founded by famous fugitive Marc Rich -- has cornered the market on just about everything. Now that it's going public, will its ties to dictators and spies stand up to scrutiny?

Ken Silverstein |

In Box

A Better Dictator

If you have to live under an authoritarian regime, which kind is best?

Joshua E. Keating |


War and Peace

Do we need to take cyberattacks more seriously?

Alessandra N Ram |


Occupy This!

An Occupy Wall Street leader highlights the global reach of his movement.

Allison Good |


The New Narco State

Mexico's drug war is turning Argentina into the new Wild West of the global narcotics trade.

Haley Cohen |


Dirty Laundry

If the West really wants to prevent developing countries from laundering money, it can start by cleaning up its own act.

Peter Reuter |


The Brothers Grim

Can Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood overcome the disqualification of its popular and charismatic candidate for president?

Ashraf Khalil |


Rotting From Within

Investigating the massive corruption of the Chinese military.

John Garnaut |

The List

Artful Dodgers

The 6 countries where everyone runs the other way when the tax man comes knocking.

Joshua E. Keating |



Why the Obama Administration is targeting Malaysia and Vietnam in the trans-Pacific trade talks.

Greg Rushford |


Could North Korea Have Struck It Rich?

Kim Jong Il promised that in 2012, North Koreans would witness a new dawn of prosperity. Here's how it could have been done.

Stephan Haggard |


Out of Africa

An expat witnesses the end of halcyon days in Mali.

Jennifer Swift-Morgan |


Bush Was Right

The former president's Freedom Agenda correctly identified the Middle East's dictatorships as the incubators of extremism.

Gary C. Gambill |

Slide Show

Mogadishu's Moment

The city is making great strides, but 20 years of violence can't be erased in a day.

Slide Show |


16 Ways to Fix Burma

On the eve of the country's historic elections, 16 experts give us their prescriptions for the future.

Arianne Swieca |

Christian Caryl

The Thieves of Burma

Hello from the third-most corrupt place on Earth.

Christian Caryl |


No Longer Invisible

For better or worse, the Kony 2012 campaign has brought the fugitive warlord to the attention of the world. So what do we do now?

Michael Wilkerson |

The List

The Great Rumor Mill of China

Something strange is going on in Beijing. Here are the five most virulent conspiracy theories making the rounds -- and a stab at the likelihood of them panning out.

Isaac Stone Fish |


Tortured Justice

Bahrain’s leaders talk a good game about reform, but protesters in the streets still face unremitting brutality.

Brian Dooley |

Christian Caryl

Lessons for America from the Global War on Sleaze

When it comes to fighting corruption, it turns out there’s a lot that the U.S. can learn from developing countries.

Christian Caryl |


Libya's Year Zero

Life without Qaddafi's Green Book.

Clare Morgana Gillis |


100 Million Viewers Can't Be Wrong

How Kony 2012 succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.

Adam Finck |


The Temperature's Dropping for Russia's Opposition

Vladimir Putin is back in the saddle, and the weather is getting chilly again for Russia's protest movement.

Anna Nemtsova |

Christian Caryl

Let's Stop Miscasting Africans

Africans are way past the victim thing -- but Westerners don't seem to be there yet. A tale of two films.

Christian Caryl |

The List

The Most Controversial Israeli Settlements

A tour of the region's most contested residences.

Oren Kessler |


In Mexico, An Activist Says Her Farewells

For more than a decade, Norma Andrade has been working to defend Mexico’s women from violence. Now she’s decided to get out.

Larry Kaplow |


Waiting for Spring

If the Middle East is your yardstick, the countries of Central Asia ought to be on the verge of revolution. But don't hold your breath.

Scott Radnitz |