Homeland Insecurity

The new Red Dawn movie is really just a throwback to the ‘80s ... the 1880s.

Joshua E. Keating |


Turkey's Weakest Export

Turkey says it wants to be a model for democracy in the Middle East. But so far its actions lag behind its achievements.

Gamze Coşkun |


Thanksgiving is Un-American

Seriously. What you need to know about the international origins of the most American of holidays.

Frank Jacobs |


Mongol Hordes Take Manhattan

Before there was Red Dawn, there was Red Napoleon.

J.M. Berger |

The List

The Making of a Cultural Icon

How Malala became an international hero.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


Men in Black

Inside the fashion of Chinese politics.

Nels Frye |


Shaken, Not Stirred by CIA 'Values'

Why do the CIA director's peccadilloes rile us more than his policies?

David Rothkopf |


Prosperity Isn't Just a Matter of Wealth

Man does not live by GDP alone. An introduction to the Legatum Institute's latest Prosperity Index.

Peter Passell |

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The Not-So-Funny Papers

Exclusive cartoons from the Afghan mujahideen.

Matthew Trevithick |

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The Changing Face of Mecca

Artist Ahmed Mater returns to Islam's holiest site to capture the enormous changes as modernity meets tradition.

Ahmed Mater via Creative Time Reports |



The return of French anti-Semitism is a lot scarier than just a few nasty tweets.

Eric Pape |


The Man Who Brought the Black Flag to Timbuktu

A new Islamist strongman has taken the stage in North Africa. His rising power is giving him a lot of bad ideas.

William Lloyd-George |


Why a Constitution Is a Bad Place for a Blasphemy Law

A constitutional ban on blasphemy might sound like a good idea to some. But it can mean less freedom for everyone.

Katrina Lantos Swett |

Christian Caryl

The Big Bang Theory of Education

Authoritarian countries don't seem to be doing well at the knowledge business. That's probably no accident.

Christian Caryl |


In Post-Revolution Egypt, Talk Shows Redefine the Political Landscape

In Egypt, the hosts of political talk shows have become the arbiters of public discussion and debate. But do they know how to wield their newfound power?

Fatima El-Issawi |



How foreign audiences saved Tinseltown.

Stephen Galloway |

Photo Essay

Like Every Day

Shadi Ghadirian's unique take on the inner lives of Iranian women.

Photo Essay |

The Optimist

Work More, Make More?

The case against long hours.

Charles Kenny |


Bachelor Padding

How lonely single men created China's dangerous real estate bubble.

Roseann Lake |


The Gangnam Phenom

A South Korean video is making waves on the Web. But the West is actually late to the party.

Mark James Russell |


China's Brainwashed Youth

The protests against Japan didn't get us our islands back, but they made one thing clear: The people are puppets of the Chinese Communist Party.

Qi Ge |


Buddhist Monks Behaving Badly

The boys in saffron are marching again. But this time there’s nothing that's noble about it.

Francis Wade |


Workers of the (Arab) World, Unite!

Could American labor unions be the best way to roll back radical Islamists in the Middle East?

Joseph Braude |

Case Studies

The City with a Short Fuse

How a shrewd politician defused ethnic tension and improved public services in one of Indonesia’s most dysfunctional cities.

Rushda Majeed |


Bullish on the Bear

It’s hard to find people who are optimistic about the future of Russian democracy. Leon Aron explains why he’s one of them.

Paul Starobin |

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China's One Percent

Portraits of the lucky ones, living large in the People's Republic.

Mathias Braschler |

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Once Upon a Time in Karachi

Snapshots from a time when the cinemas were packed and the booze flowed. 

Slide Show |

David Rothkopf

Beyond Belief

Neil Armstrong's death reminds us that there is no such thing as faith-based progress.

David Rothkopf |

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Hugo Chávez's Mega-Mausoleum

The South American strongman is constructing a massive tomb to hold Simon Bolivar's remains ... and perhaps his own, one day.

Slide Show |


Why Don't Chinese Leaders Swim Anymore?

What the sporting habits of China's top officials say about the nature of power in the Middle Kingdom.

Isaac Stone Fish |