Party in the KSA

Behind high walls, the kingdom's restrictive Islamic laws don't apply.

Ahmed Al Omran |


Through a Glass Darkly

The bin Laden film has something for everyone -- but not what we need most.

David Cole |

The List

The Nudgy State

How five governments are using behavioral economics to encourage citizens to do the right thing.

Joshua E. Keating |

The Optimist

The Convergence of Civilizations

The oft-predicted "clash of civilizations" has not materialized. If anything, values are converging across cultures.

Charles Kenny |


Why Work?

Will working less really make America more productive? 

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |


The Global Linguistic Revolution

The world's fastest growing language is no language at all.

Robert McCrum |

Rational Security

Can There Be War Without Hate?

Surprisingly humane moments in combat -- and why they matter.

John Arquilla |


In Defense of Civil Society

Civil society does exist in authoritarian countries.

Kerry Cosby |

Christian Caryl

Nothing Is Written

The triumph of democracy isn't inevitable. It has to be fought for.

Christian Caryl |


Spoiler Alert

I know counterterrorism and the CIA -- and almost everything in Homeland is ridiculous. But I'm still watching.

Bruce Hoffman |


Newtown and the Doomsday Preppers

Could survivalism really have played a role in Friday's massacre?

J.M. Berger |

Slide Show

The Dark Side of Oscar Niemeyer

Brazil's most celebrated architect leaves behind a decidedly mixed legacy.

Slide Show |


Decline Is a Choice

The West has nothing to fear but fear itself.

Hubert Védrine |

Case Studies

The Anti-Godfather

How a mayor set out to save a Sicilian city from neglect and Mafia influence.

Laura Bacon |


The Tale of the Kidnapped Princeling

How critical can the powerful be of the truly powerful in modern China?

John Garnaut |

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Paris on the Yangtze

A look at the Western villages and monuments that are popping up all over China.

Slide Show |


The Global Thinkers' Book Club

From psychology to biography, economics to tech, see what some of the world’s top minds are reading.

Lois Farrow Parshley |

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Photos from the first North American retrospective of China's most famous dissident artist, Ai Weiwei.

Slide Show |


Why Family Is a Foreign-Policy Issue

Helping women strike a work-life balance would change the world more than you might think.

Anne-Marie Slaughter |

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The Cult

Afghanistan's national hero has started a craze on the streets of Kabul.

Slide Show |


Homeland Insecurity

The new Red Dawn movie is really just a throwback to the ‘80s ... the 1880s.

Joshua E. Keating |


Turkey's Weakest Export

Turkey says it wants to be a model for democracy in the Middle East. But so far its actions lag behind its achievements.

Gamze Coşkun |


Thanksgiving is Un-American

Seriously. What you need to know about the international origins of the most American of holidays.

Frank Jacobs |


Mongol Hordes Take Manhattan

Before there was Red Dawn, there was Red Napoleon.

J.M. Berger |

The List

The Making of a Cultural Icon

How Malala became an international hero.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


Men in Black

Inside the fashion of Chinese politics.

Nels Frye |


Shaken, Not Stirred by CIA 'Values'

Why do the CIA director's peccadilloes rile us more than his policies?

David Rothkopf |


Prosperity Isn't Just a Matter of Wealth

Man does not live by GDP alone. An introduction to the Legatum Institute's latest Prosperity Index.

Peter Passell |

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The Not-So-Funny Papers

Exclusive cartoons from the Afghan mujahideen.

Matthew Trevithick |