The Souls of Chinese Cities

Letters from Guangzhou, Urumqi, and Shenyang.

Christina Larson |

In Box

Tomorrow, We Save

Language offers a clue to countries' economic behavior.

Joshua E. Keating |

Special Report

The Most Dynamic Cities of 2025

An exclusive look at the 75 powerhouses of the coming urban revolution, brought to you by FP in partnership with the McKinsey Global Institute.

Cara Parks |


Blaming the Victims

Why is the U.S. media demanding that Sikhs defend their faith?

Rozina Ali |

David Rothkopf

Town of Secrets

How classified information became Washington’s currency of choice.

David Rothkopf |


Making Punk a Threat Again

Is Russia's Pussy Riot already the most politically influential punk rock group ever?

Spencer Ackerman |


The Teddy Bear Bombers

Foreign Policy speaks with the Swedish activists who dropped a planeload of stuffed animals into Belarus, Europe's last dictatorship.

Elias Groll |

Slide Show

Once Upon a Time in London

Rare photographs of a time when Britain really mattered.

Slide Show |

The List

From House Slaves to Banana People

Seven new words that explain modern China.

Eveline Chao |

Christian Caryl

Plague of Thugs

Why Mideast dictators use hoodlums to suppress dissent.

Christian Caryl |

Slide Show

Shrines into Stones

Images of the disappearing treasures of Timbuktu's ancient landmarks as militants bomb them into rubble.

Slide Show |

Christian Caryl

The Women of Tahrir Square Fight Back

The revolution in Egypt isn’t over -- at least as long as female revolutionaries have anything to say about it.

Christian Caryl |


Fortress America

Playing the new Cold War board game is a trip back to the 1980s. So why is the theme of an America being invaded still so popular?

Michael Peck |


The Shots Heard Round the World

Why conservative economists are aghast at radical reforms by Argentina’s central bank.

Rick Rowden |


The Prince vs. the 'Paupers'

Liechtenstein's billionaire royal family is threatening to literally abandon its tiny, wealthy principality over a referendum to curtail its power. Is this the coming of the Liechtenspring?

Michael Z. Wise |


The Missing 50 Percent

There’s no real democracy without full representation for women.

Susan A. Markham |


Tale of the Dragon Lady

The long, sordid history behind China's blame-the-woman syndrome.

Paul French |

David Rothkopf

Why America Can't Have It All

Anne-Marie Slaughter is on to something bigger than she realizes.

David Rothkopf |

Christian Caryl

Her Work Isn’t Done

This week the world is celebrating Aung San Suu Kyi’s achievements as a pro-democracy activist. Now the question is: Can she finish the job?

Christian Caryl |


Asia's Next Tiger

President Aquino's anti-corruption program is just what the Philippines economy needs.

Greg Rushford |

Slide Show

Rat World

The subterranean dwellings of Beijing.

Sim Chi Yin |


The Persian Gulf

The divide between young Iranians and the regime is widening every day.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


The Rules of the Game

China's booming 
bureaucracy lit 
is part exposé -- 
and part how-to guide.

Xujun Eberlein |

The List

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Chinese Functionaries

Why are Chinese readers so entranced by tales of low-level bureaucratic intrigue?

Isaac Stone Fish |

The List

Dreams From Their Fathers

The dads who made the world's leaders who they are.

Joshua E. Keating |


Egypt's Subsidy Blues

When Egypt's next rulers finally tackle urgently needed economic reform, they should look to an unlikely model: Iran.

Peter Passell |


Egypt's Constitutional Chaos

The process of drafting a new constitution is a train wreck. But there’s a way to get it back on track.

Mara Revkin |


Ruling Facebookistan

The world's largest social networking site has a population nearly as large as China or India's. And the natives are getting restless.

Rebecca MacKinnon |


Facebook's a Company. Get Over It.

Why is there so much glee over Mark Zuckerberg's IPO woes?

Emily Parker |