David Rothkopf

The Third Industrial Revolution

Why yesterday's plan for the economy won't work for tomorrow.

David Rothkopf |


These 7 Countries

The rise of China and India has long since become a cliche. In fact, neither country has done all that well since the crash of 2008 -- but these emerging powerhouses have cleaned up.

Joshua E. Keating |

Slide Show

Murder Most Foul

The world's 10 deadliest cities.

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |

In Box

The Changing Face of AIDS

The people most at risk today are not always who you'd expect.

Joshua E. Keating |

The Optimist

Work More, Make More?

The case against long hours.

Charles Kenny |


Epiphanies from Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The "Black Swan" theorist reflects on the most stable country in human history and the folly of the European Union.

Benjamin Pauker |


Too Cool

Bjorn Lomborg missed the mark in his attacks on a new report about the costs of climate change.

Matthew McKinnon |

Daniel Altman

Mr. 3.75 Percent

Paul Ryan wants to cut federal discretionary spending to the level of Equatorial Guinea. Yes, that's as crazy as it sounds.

Daniel Altman |

Terms of Engagement

Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

The Republican candidate gave us a tantalizing hint this week of what his foreign policy might actually look like -- but does he have the guts to actually do what we think he thinks?

James Traub |


Not So Hot

The new climate-change study getting all the headlines is deliberately misleading. Too bad so many in the media got fooled.

Bjorn Lomborg |


The Gangnam Phenom

A South Korean video is making waves on the Web. But the West is actually late to the party.

Mark James Russell |


Finding the Right Take-Off Speed

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to transition economies. But slow and steady often wins the race.

Justin Yifu Lin |


Turkey's Fragile Success

Turkey has undeniable economic potential, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Cenk Sidar |

Think Again

Think Again: Burma’s Economy

Burma is open for business, and foreign investors are champing at the bit. Time for a reality check.

Jared Bissinger |

Case Studies

Taking on the Gangs in Cape Town

How local officials in a township in post-apartheid South Africa confronted the challenge of gang violence.

Richard Bennet |


Aung San Suu Kyi’s Buddhism Problem

Why isn't Burma's democracy icon speaking up for minorities -- and against her country's nationalistic, racist, xenophobic, and occasionally violent Buddhist majority?

William McGowan |


India, Meet Icarus

Why no one should be surprised that the emerging economic superpower is getting cut back down to size.

Peter Passell |

Case Studies

The City with a Short Fuse

How a shrewd politician defused ethnic tension and improved public services in one of Indonesia’s most dysfunctional cities.

Rushda Majeed |


Russia’s Bridge to Nowhere

A facelift ahead of this year's Asia-Pacific summit can't mask the fact that Vladivostok, Russia's easternmost city, is slowly dying.

Anna Nemtsova |


Burma's President Shakes Up the Chessboard

Why the president's cabinet reshuffle portends a new move toward reform.

Larry Jagan |


Lions on the Move

10 things you don't know about Africa's booming economy.

Susan Lund |


Weapons of Mass Urban Destruction

China's cities are making the same mistake America made on the path to superpower status.

Peter Calthorpe |

The Optimist

In Praise of Slums

Why millions of people choose to live in urban squalor.

Charles Kenny |


Failed States Index

The troubling ambiguity of FP's rankings. Plus: Finland comes in last for once.

Adrienne Klasa |

Special Report

The Most Dynamic Cities of 2025

An exclusive look at the 75 powerhouses of the coming urban revolution, brought to you by FP in partnership with the McKinsey Global Institute.

Cara Parks |

Terms of Engagement

The Reformer in Rabat

Is Morocco’s King Mohammed VI the savviest ruler in the Arab world?

James Traub |


Fiasco in the Levant

Unless the United States gets serious now about its postwar planning, Syria could spin out of control.

James Dobbins |


Our Man in Kigali

For years, Rwanda's budding dictator, Paul Kagame, has gotten away with murder, while winning praise (and billions of dollars) from the West. But is the blind support for this strongman finally drying up?

Anjan Sundaram |


Smokeless Stoves, Girl-Friendly Schools, and the Bloc That Wasn’t

Academic economists usually air their new ideas first in working papers. Here, before the work gets dusty, a quick look at transition policy research in progress.

Peter Passell |



Mitt Romney don't know much about economic history.

Daron Acemoglu |