Don't Go There

Why President Barack Obama should not visit Russia.

Leon Aron |

The List

Everything You Need to Know About Susan Rice

The lowdown on America's maybe-next secretary of state.

Colum Lynch |


Still Think Middle East Peace Doesn't Matter?

Gaza's radiating instability proves once again that Palestine is at the center of the region's problems.

Steven A. Cook |


Dreams of Their Fathers

Cambodia's people want freedom. Can Obama deliver?

Karen J. Coates |

Slide Show

Back in the Light

The year Burma turned upside down. 

Sulome Anderson |


The Peace Process Isn't Dead

The brewing war in Gaza shows why the United States must make a renewed effort to bring Israelis and Palestinians together.

Daniel Kurtzer |


The New Battlefield

5 ways terrorism has changed since 9/11.

John McLaughlin |


Stardust Across the Pond

Can Obama's magic rub off on David Cameron?

Alex Massie |

Terms of Engagement

Secretary Kerry

Would John Kerry do a good job of filling Hillary Clinton’s shoes?

James Traub |


Relationship Advice

Don't believe the loose talk of Barack Obama exacting vengeance on Benjamin Netanyahu -- the two leaders need each other too much to let old grudges get in the way.

David Makovsky |


No Game Change

The bipartisan consensus in Washington about expanding ties with India may be good for New Delhi, but it's turned the election into a snoozer.

Sadanand Dhume |


Back to Africa

If Barack Obama is reelected, he'll have to deliver on his promises to Africa -- and act more like Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.

Mvemba Phezo Dizolele |


Strategic Misdirection

Are the latest U.S. moves on missile defense making it less safe?

Tom Z. Collina |

Slide Show

Happy Birthday, Madam Secretary

Fourteen of the best images of Hillary Clinton as she celebrates her 65th birthday.

Slide Show |

Terms of Engagement

The Amphibian

How Barack Obama learned to cover his right flank -- and his left.

James Traub |


Rhetorical Questions

Tough talk couldn't have saved Ambassador Stevens.

James Dobbins |

By Other Means

Jerks vs. Waterboarders

The best reason to pick Obama over Romney.

Rosa Brooks |


The Pivot to Economics

The State Department is hard at work integrating economics into U.S. foreign policy.

Heidi Crebo-Rediker |


The Ground Truth from Benghazi

The politicians in Washington are beating each other up over the Benghazi consulate attack. But they don't seem to be paying much attention to the evidence from the scene of the crime.

Christopher Stephen |


A Revolutionary Foreign Policy

The Muslim Brotherhood's political party promises to transform Egypt's place in the world.

Amr Darrag |


Of Myths and Missiles

What Les Gelb gets wrong about the Cuban missile crisis.

Stephen Sestanovich |


Will Iran Weather the Economic Storm?

The depreciation of the rial is unlikely to change Iran's foreign-policy calculations.

Patrick Clawson |


The Sanctions Conundrum

Some say the sanctions against Tehran are working. But wasn't the Iranian economy already a basket case?

Peter Passell |

David Rothkopf

A Truly Credible Military Threat to Iran

The Israelis and the Americans are zeroing in on a strike option that has a real chance of deterring the mullahs -- and defusing Mitt Romney's attacks.

David Rothkopf |

In Box

The Myth That Screwed Up 50 Years of U.S. Foreign Policy

It's time to set the record straight about John F. Kennedy's handling of the Cuban missile crisis.

Leslie H. Gelb |

Terms of Engagement

Better Late than Never

How naive self-confidence led Barack Obama astray, before prudence brought him back.

James Traub |


The Asian Cold War

China and Japan's island spat is much more than a battle over a bunch of uninhabited rocks. And it won't be ending anytime soon.

Michael Auslin |

Micah Zenko

The Projectionist

Why Bibi can't scare the U.S. into bombing Iran.

Micah Zenko |


The Case for Humility

Why Israel and the United States should keep their disagreements to themselves.

David Makovsky |


Save Benghazi

How the citizens of Benghazi are pushing back against the killers of a U.S. diplomat many considered their friend.

Christopher Stephen |