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Patriot Games

How the FBI spent a decade hunting white supremacists and missed Timothy McVeigh.

J.M. Berger |

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Afghanistan the Beautiful

Exclusive photos from Foreign Policy's new eBook, Afghanistan by Donkey.

Thorne Anderson |

The Optimist

The Narco State

There's good news on the drug war: The world knows how to end it -- so why can't the United States figure it out?

Charles Kenny |


Rotting From Within

Investigating the massive corruption of the Chinese military.

John Garnaut |

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Artful Dodgers

The 6 countries where everyone runs the other way when the tax man comes knocking.

Joshua E. Keating |


Needles Into Ploughshares

Want to fight Latin America's drug problem? Try land reform.

Oliver Kaplan |


Treacherous Waters

The latest bad publicity for the global cruise industry is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ross A. Klein |


16 Ways to Fix Burma

On the eve of the country's historic elections, 16 experts give us their prescriptions for the future.

Arianne Swieca |


Biden to Latin America: Drop Dead

The laws of economics show why the United States has little chance of victory in the war on drugs.

Peter Passell |

Christian Caryl

Let's Stop Miscasting Africans

Africans are way past the victim thing -- but Westerners don't seem to be there yet. A tale of two films.

Christian Caryl |


In Mexico, An Activist Says Her Farewells

For more than a decade, Norma Andrade has been working to defend Mexico’s women from violence. Now she’s decided to get out.

Larry Kaplow |


You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Activists are preparing to charge Yemen's ex-strongman Ali Abdullah Saleh with crimes against humanity -- despite a deal that guarantees him immunity at home.

Inna Lazareva |


Waiting for Spring

If the Middle East is your yardstick, the countries of Central Asia ought to be on the verge of revolution. But don't hold your breath.

Scott Radnitz |

The Optimist

There Will Not Be Blood

Across the world, crime is down -- and in a big way. Are violent movies to thank for less real blood and gore?

Charles Kenny |

Case Studies

The Battle for Bihar

Sleaze still plagues India. But one place is fighting back.

Sudip Mazumdar |


The Mall of the World

What a Hong Kong shopping complex tells us about the true nature of globalization.

Gordon Mathews |


The LWOT: Norway's anti-terrorism laws tested in conspiracy case

Foreign Policy and the New America Foundation bring you a twice weekly brief on the legal war on terror. You can read it on foreignpolicy.com or get it delivered directly to your inbox -- just sign up here.

Jennifer Rowland |


Gateway Interventions

Drones along the Mexican border, commandos in Central America -- the war on drugs looks more than ever like a real war. But do Americans have any idea what they're getting into?

James Poulos |


The End of FARC?

Why the killing of the Colombian insurgency's leader is a real chance for peace.

Silke Pfeiffer |

Terms of Engagement

No Apology Necessary

Barack Obama shouldn't have to make excuses for sending troops to Uganda.

James Traub |

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A Brief History of Plan Colombia

Is the U.S.-backed anti-drug war in Colombia really a success worth replicating in Afghanistan?

Uri Friedman |

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The Price of Failure

How much has the collapse of Somalia cost the world? $55 billion -- and here's where it went.

John Norris |


New Jack Rio

Six years ago, crack cocaine was virtually unheard of in Brazil. Now it's out of control.

Kristina Rosales |

Photo Essay


Brazil may be rising, but in Rio's favelas, drugs, crime, and killing are a way of life. A Hipstamatic tour -- deep inside the gritty, gang-ridden streets -- where few outsiders dare to tread.

Jared P. Moossy |

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Ten More WikiLeaks You Missed

From the Indian April Fools cable to Hanoi's sexy discos to China's dangerous nuclear plants, Julian Assange's hits just keep on coming.

Ty McCormick |

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Packing Heat

Guns don't need passports to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

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The Fog of Mexico's Drug War

After one of the worst attacks on civilians ever, President Felipe Calderón shows exactly why he can't win the war he started.

Malcolm Beith |


Stopping the Fifth Column

How to end a post-Qaddafi insurgency in Libya before it starts.

Brian Fishman |

Small Wars

This Week at War: Outsourcing the Drug War

Can U.S. private contractors turn the tide in Mexico's violent drug war?

Robert Haddick |