Drugs & Crime


Gateway Interventions

Drones along the Mexican border, commandos in Central America -- the war on drugs looks more than ever like a real war. But do Americans have any idea what they're getting into?

James Poulos |


The End of FARC?

Why the killing of the Colombian insurgency's leader is a real chance for peace.

Silke Pfeiffer |

Terms of Engagement

No Apology Necessary

Barack Obama shouldn't have to make excuses for sending troops to Uganda.

James Traub |

Photo Essay

A Brief History of Plan Colombia

Is the U.S.-backed anti-drug war in Colombia really a success worth replicating in Afghanistan?

Uri Friedman |

The List

The Price of Failure

How much has the collapse of Somalia cost the world? $55 billion -- and here's where it went.

John Norris |


New Jack Rio

Six years ago, crack cocaine was virtually unheard of in Brazil. Now it's out of control.

Kristina Rosales |

Photo Essay


Brazil may be rising, but in Rio's favelas, drugs, crime, and killing are a way of life. A Hipstamatic tour -- deep inside the gritty, gang-ridden streets -- where few outsiders dare to tread.

Jared P. Moossy |

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Ten More WikiLeaks You Missed

From the Indian April Fools cable to Hanoi's sexy discos to China's dangerous nuclear plants, Julian Assange's hits just keep on coming.

Ty McCormick |

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Packing Heat

Guns don't need passports to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

Slide Show |


The Fog of Mexico's Drug War

After one of the worst attacks on civilians ever, President Felipe Calderón shows exactly why he can't win the war he started.

Malcolm Beith |


Stopping the Fifth Column

How to end a post-Qaddafi insurgency in Libya before it starts.

Brian Fishman |

Small Wars

This Week at War: Outsourcing the Drug War

Can U.S. private contractors turn the tide in Mexico's violent drug war?

Robert Haddick |


The Kids Aren't Alright

What's really behind Britain's wave of youth violence?

Portia Walker |


Gold Rush

With markets in a panic and investors fleeing to gold, Colombia's armed groups are making out like bandits.

Elizabeth Dickinson |

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Guilty Until Proven Guilty

In the cage of justice, sometimes a courtroom's verdict is long foretold.

Philip Walker |


Fail, Britannia

How did the country that taught the world good governance become so corrupt?

Chandrashekhar Krishnan |

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Here Comes the FARC

The once-dead guerrilla war returns to Colombia.

Slide Show |


Rumble in the Jungle

In Colombia, FARC operations are on the rise as the guerrilla movement changes strategy and returns to its insurgent roots.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Norway's 9/11?

Kristian Berg Harpviken, director of Norway's Peace Research Institute Oslo, explains why the Norwegian capital might have been on a terrorist's shortlist of potential targets.

Charles Homans |


In Defense of Hacks

Britain's press is sensationalistic, sloppy, and scandal-prone -- and America would be lucky to have one like it.

Toby Harnden |


Assassin Nation

After more than three decades of targeted killings, is there anyone left alive who can actually run Afghanistan?

Edward Girardet |


Who Killed Ahmed Wali Karzai?

The Taliban is taking credit for assassinating the Afghan president's powerful brother. But a personal feud seems more likely.

Matthieu Aikins |


Don't Be Evil

What Google doesn't get about violent extremism -- and how it can do better.

William McCants |


Legalizing Drugs Won't Stop Mexico's Brutal Cartels

Like all good multinational businesses, they've diversified.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Marketing a 'Miracle'

Has Medellín's resurgence been oversold?

Passport Administrator |


The Rise of the Red Market

How the best intentions of the medical community accidentally created an international organ-trafficking underground.

Scott Carney |


Interview: Álvaro Uribe

Colombia's former president tells FP how his country came back from the brink, why he's staying in politics, and why it's dangerous (but worth it) to be on Twitter.

Elizabeth Dickinson |

Photo Essay

Blood and Gold

Welcome to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the warzone that helps make your iPhone.

Photo Essay |

The Optimist

Show Me Everything But the Money

Why we should spend less time worrying about what people in developing countries think about government corruption, and more time looking at everything else.

Charles Kenny |