Drugs & Crime


Warlord TV

When Afghanistan's powerbrokers own the networks, they control what's on the air. The result: documentaries of Dostum chasing Taliban fighters across northern Afghanistan on horseback.

Katherine Brown |


The Bordello State

Italy's descent under Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

James Walston |


The War Criminal Next Door

Why are there 1,000 suspected torturers and génocidaires in America right now?

Nick Donovan |


What Does Viktor Bout Know?

The world’s most notorious arms dealer is coming to America to stand trial. And that has Russia very worried.

Douglas Farah |

In Box


Five places saying "yes, in my backyard" to the nasty stuff that no one else wants.

Sylvie Stein |

Small Wars

This Week at War: Is Mexico's Drug War Doomed?

Learning to live with drug cartels -- and killer robots.

Robert Haddick |


Is the UAE Banning BlackBerrys Because of Israel?

Seven months after it happened, the mysterious assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai is still causing fallout in the Middle East.

Christian Caryl |


Straight Outta Kandahar

What soldiers fighting the Taliban can learn from cops policing American inner cities.

Gretchen Peters |


Colombia Kicks Over the Negotiating Table

Is President Álvaro Uribe trying to prevent his successor from making peace with Venezuela?

Bernardo Álvarez |

Photo Essay

Blood on the Tracks

Photos from the dangerous journey to El Norte.

Felipe Jácome |


The Truth About Africom

No, the U.S. military is not trying to take over Africa. Here's what we're actually doing.

Robert Moeller |


It’s Too Soon to Congratulate South Africa

The World Cup hosts hunker down for a wave of xenophobic violence.

Susana Ferreira |


Who Tried to Kill Fang Xuanchang?

A chilling attack on a controversial science journalist in Beijing bodes poorly for scientific progress.

Sam Geall |


Fix the Police

One of the most urgent tasks confronting Gen. David Petraeus is also one of the least glamorous: reforming Afghanistan's corrupt and ineffective police.

Ronald E. Neumann |


The Oliver Stone Show

South of the Border is no portrait of Hugo Chávez or the Latin American left; it's about how one U.S. director views the world.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Bank Shot

Nine years after 9/11, getting between extremist groups and their funding remains an uphill struggle.

Christian Caryl |


Help Wanted

Now is no time for the world to go wobbly on Somalia.

Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke |

Photo Essay

Postcards from Hell

Images from the world's most failed states.

Elizabeth Dickinson |

Failed States

Watch List

Four countries in big trouble.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Stealing Colombia's Criminals

How extradition is ruining Latin America's courts, robbing victims of justice, and undermining the drug war.

Michael Reed-Hurtado |


Why the Vietnamese Don't Want to Go to Rehab

Drug treatment in Southeast Asia is brutal, exploitative, and practically worthless.

Joe Amon |


We're All Swedes Now

How the world caught up with Stieg Larsson.

Andrew Brown |


Jamaica's Coke Rebellion

U.S. demands for the extradition of a notorious gang leader have exposed an island paradise as a violent narcostate teetering on the edge of chaos.

Ilan Greenberg |


Sri Lanka Rejects War Crimes Accusations

Foreign Minister G.L. Peiris tells FP that an International Crisis Group report accusing his government of intentionally killing civilians is "nebulous" and shrouded in a "veil of secrecy."

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Time to Speak up on Military Abuse in Mexico

When Felipe Calderón comes to Washington this week, his army's troublesome human rights record should be front and center.

José Miguel Vivanco |


Creating New Soldiers in Mexico's Drug War

How U.S. drug policy is making Mexican cartels more deadly.

Marcelo Bergman |


Guinea's Economic Junta

A year and a half after a military coup, Guinea will hold its presidential election in June. The man in charge may change, but the army's domination of lucrative mineral contracts won't.

Dino Mahtani |


Lawyers vs. Pirates

As if catching pirates weren't hard enough, now we have to figure out what to do with them. And no, they can’t all just walk the plank.

J. Peter Pham |


Why Can’t Anyone Stop the LRA?

One of the evilest rebel armies in Africa has been kidnapping children and brutally murdering civilians for 20 years despite constant international efforts to wipe it out. Why?

Michael Wilkerson |


Africa's Cyber WMD

Think that Russia and China pose the biggest hacking threats of our time? The virus-plagued computers in Africa could take the entire world economy offline.

Franz-Stefan Gady |