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Photo Essay

Year of the Dead

With nearly twice as many killings as last year and violence spreading across the country, 2010 was the worst year on record for Mexico's hyperbrutal drug war.

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Mexico's Forever War

Four years into Mexican President Felipe Calderón's assault on the drug cartels, all his country has to show for it is skyrocketing violence. It's time for a different strategy.

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The LWOT: Sweden looks for accomplices in suicide bombing; Abdulmutallab hit with more charges

Foreign Policy and the New America Foundation bring you a twice weekly brief on the legal war on terror. You can read it on foreignpolicy.com or get it delivered directly to your inbox -- just sign up here.

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Strange Days, Indeed

Scenes from Julian Assange's WikiCircus in London.

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An Open Letter from El Diario

Ciudad Juárez's daily newspaper explains Mexico's conflict, beseeches the United States to change its policy, and mourns the deaths of its own.

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The LWOT: WikiLeaks: Saudi citizens "most significant" terrorism funders

Foreign Policy and the New America Foundation bring you a twice weekly brief on the legal war on terror. You can read it on foreignpolicy.com or get it delivered directly to your inbox -- just sign up here.

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Special Report

The Stories You Missed in 2010

Ten events and trends that were overlooked this year, but may be leading the headlines in 2011.

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The Historical Blindness of Turkey's Detractors

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not destroying the country's democracy -- he's building it up after an era of military repression that was far worse.

Aliza Marcus |


From Russia With Blood

C.J. Chivers talks with Foreign Policy about the Kalashnikov, the world's real weapon of mass destruction.


The List

The Son Also Rises

On Sept. 27, Kim Jong Un was named to a lofty post in North Korea's army, presumably in preparation to succeed his father as the country's ruler. FP looks at the world's autocrats-in-training who are waiting to take over their fathers' regimes.

Joshua Keating and Charles Homans |


Chained in the Colombian Jungle

The FARC's most famous hostage, Ingrid Betancourt, tells FP what six-and-a-half years of captivity in the jungle felt like.

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Warlord TV

When Afghanistan's powerbrokers own the networks, they control what's on the air. The result: documentaries of Dostum chasing Taliban fighters across northern Afghanistan on horseback.

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The Bordello State

Italy's descent under Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

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The War Criminal Next Door

Why are there 1,000 suspected torturers and génocidaires in America right now?

Nick Donovan |


What Does Viktor Bout Know?

The world’s most notorious arms dealer is coming to America to stand trial. And that has Russia very worried.

Douglas Farah |

In Box


Five places saying "yes, in my backyard" to the nasty stuff that no one else wants.

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Small Wars

This Week at War: Is Mexico's Drug War Doomed?

Learning to live with drug cartels -- and killer robots.

Robert Haddick |


Is the UAE Banning BlackBerrys Because of Israel?

Seven months after it happened, the mysterious assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai is still causing fallout in the Middle East.

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Straight Outta Kandahar

What soldiers fighting the Taliban can learn from cops policing American inner cities.

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Colombia Kicks Over the Negotiating Table

Is President Álvaro Uribe trying to prevent his successor from making peace with Venezuela?

Bernardo Álvarez |

Photo Essay

Blood on the Tracks

Photos from the dangerous journey to El Norte.

Felipe Jácome |


The Truth About Africom

No, the U.S. military is not trying to take over Africa. Here's what we're actually doing.

Robert Moeller |


It’s Too Soon to Congratulate South Africa

The World Cup hosts hunker down for a wave of xenophobic violence.

Susana Ferreira |


Who Tried to Kill Fang Xuanchang?

A chilling attack on a controversial science journalist in Beijing bodes poorly for scientific progress.

Sam Geall |


Fix the Police

One of the most urgent tasks confronting Gen. David Petraeus is also one of the least glamorous: reforming Afghanistan's corrupt and ineffective police.

Ronald E. Neumann |


The Oliver Stone Show

South of the Border is no portrait of Hugo Chávez or the Latin American left; it's about how one U.S. director views the world.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Bank Shot

Nine years after 9/11, getting between extremist groups and their funding remains an uphill struggle.

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Help Wanted

Now is no time for the world to go wobbly on Somalia.

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Photo Essay

Postcards from Hell

Images from the world's most failed states.

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Failed States

Watch List

Four countries in big trouble.

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