Is Our Kids Getting Dumber?

Actually, the U.S. really should care about its schoolchildren's international competitiveness.

Kelsey Suemnicht |

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Failing Grades

The real schools of Afghanistan and Pakistan look nothing like the fantasy peddled by Greg Mortenson.

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Three Cups of BS

Greg Mortenson's school-building plan was never a good idea.

Alanna Shaikh |


Cup Half-Empty

Why we all wanted to believe what Greg Mortenson was selling.

Mosharraf Zaidi |


Help Tunisia First

In neglecting Tunisia, the Obama administration is missing a historic opportunity to lay the groundwork for the first real democracy in the Arab world.

J. Scott Carpenter |

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Solitary Man

An FP slide show of Hamid Karzai's tumultuous nine years as president of Afghanistan.

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Think Again

Think Again: Education

Relax, America. Chinese math whizzes and Indian engineers aren't stealing your kids' future.

Ben Wildavsky |


Egypt's Cauldron of Revolt

It was striking workers that first inspired the Egyptian uprising. And they're still at it.

Anand Gopal |


Welcome to Juba U.

Southern Sudan's premiere university, relocated to the north during years of civil war, is finally back. Is it up to the task of training a new country's next leaders?

Piotr Zalewski |


Don't Forget Gaza

Amid the political turmoil engulfing the Arab world, there's one overlooked problem spot that could easily explode again.

Salman Shaikh |

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Weird Science

Most of what we know about how the world 
thinks comes from research on a handful 
of American undergrads. 

Joshua E. Keating |


Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs Are Eating America's Lunch

Watch out, Silicon Valley: China and India aren't just graduating bad engineers and stealing intellectual property anymore. They're fostering innovations that will shake the world.

Vivek Wadhwa |


New U.N. Report Reveals a Smarter, Healthier -- Yet More Unequal -- World

On the 20th anniversary of the world's most in-depth country ranking, the U.N. Human Development Index finds that global progress is largely on track. But those left behind are more numerous than ever.

Elizabeth Dickinson |

The List

The World's Worst Textbooks

As students around the world head back to school, many of the lessons they're learning are not only false -- they're dangerous.

Suzanne Merkelson |


The War Over Germany's Imams

Sent by Turkey as a check on Western influence as well as Islamist radicalism, Germany's holy men are at the heart of the battle over the future of Islam in Europe.

Paul Hockenos |


Countries Without Doctors?

How Obamacare could spark the brain drain of physicians from the developing world.

Kate Tulenko |


Russia's New Privatization

The country's universities are moribund and behind the times. Can Moscow's entrepreneurs and philanthropists build something better?

Julia Ioffe |

Photo Essay

Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan…

Record stores, Mad Men furniture, and pencil skirts -- when Kabul had rock 'n' roll, not rockets.

Mohammad Qayoumi |


Will There Be an Indian Harvard?

Some in India are hoping that inviting in foreign universities will solve the country's higher education crisis. It'll take a miracle.

Sudip Mazumdar |



*China’s estimated economy by the year 2040. Be warned.

Robert Fogel |


Losing Cairo?

Since Barack Obama's speech six months ago, the Muslim world has begun to lose hope in the United States. But it's not too late ... yet.

Andrew Albertson |

Briefing Book

How to Whip the Afghan Army Into Shape

Much of President Barack Obama's strategy rests on the creation of a new, more competent Afghan military. Here's what he'll need to know to get the job done.

Mark Moyar |


How al Qaeda Dupes Its Followers

Osama bin Laden's terror network has perfected the art of masking its unpopular agenda with a recruitment pitch that can hook just about anyone.

Malcolm Nance |


No Exit?

Despite a valiant start, impoverished, oil-rich Chad has succumbed to the resource curse. But it's not too late to escape.

Louise Arbour |


Resource Cursed

Equatorial Guinea is perhaps the world's most striking example of why oil hurts, rather than helps, many of the countries that have it. Will the Obama administration stop the country's dictator from sucking its people dry?

Tutu Alicante |

Think Again

Think Again: A Marshall Plan for Africa

America brought Europe back to life a half-century ago. Why not give Africa the same chance?

Glenn Hubbard |


The Real Tragedy in Nigeria's Violence

Nigeria's problem isn't Islamist fundamentalism -- it's the country's corrupt and self-serving government.

Jean Herskovits |

Think Again

Think Again: Africa's Crisis

As U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heads to Africa, the continent is in far better shape than most experts think.

Charles Kenny |