Strangling Hamas

With Middle East peace talks coming and the Muslim Brotherhood on the rocks, now’s the time to bankrupt Gaza’s Islamists.

Jonathan Schanzer |

Terms of Engagement

The Technocrats and Tahrir

Egypt's new rulers have $12 billion to spend. Can they make enough economic progress to stave off disaster?

James Traub |


Headed South

Why Egypt could turn out looking like Sudan. And that's not good news.

Andrew C. Miller |


Flash Point in the Eastern Mediterranean

Will conflict in the Middle East trigger the next great power war?

James Stavridis |


How Morsy Could Have Saved Himself

To avoid defeat, try magnanimity in victory.

Tarek Masoud |

Marc Lynch

They Hate Us, They Really Hate Us

When anti-Americanism is this popular in Egypt, Washington should stay as far away as it can.

Marc Lynch |


The Odds are Good for Egypt

Run the numbers, and you’ll see that Egypt’s coup may be just what the country needed.

Michael Albertus |


You Thought the Brotherhood Was Bad?

The Salafi ultra-radicals are now Egypt's new power brokers.

Marina Ottaway |


Echoes of Nasser

Nearly 60 years ago, Egypt's generals tried to crush the Muslim Brotherhood. It didn’t go well.

Steven A. Cook |

Reality Check

Dumb and Dumber

No, the United States should not suspend aid to Egypt.

Aaron David Miller |


Watching Cairo from Sanaa

As Egypt reels, Yemenis wonder: Will the revolution spill over again?

Adam Baron |

David Rothkopf

No Labels

Why Washington shouldn't wage foreign policy by dictionary.

David Rothkopf |


Al Jazeera's Awful Week

How the voice of Arab freedom became a shill for Egypt's Islamists.

Sultan Al Qassemi |

Marc Lynch

Money to Meddle

Can the wealthy powerbrokers of the Persian Gulf create the Egypt they want?

Marc Lynch |


Beaten into Submission

Is violence the only way Egypt knows how to deal with Islamists?

Fatemah Farag |


Leading from Nowhere

Why is Washington being so quiet about the tumultuous upheaval in Egypt?

John Norris |


Cairo's Forever War

The day after a massacre, Egypt's Islamists settle in for a long fight.

Evan Hill |

Reality Check


Why does Washington still think it can control what happens in Egypt?

Aaron David Miller |


The New Arab Awakening

Why Middle East moderates need to seize the opportunity in Egypt to craft a new political movement.

Anwar Gargash |


Shot in the Back

Eyewitnesses describe a deadly rampage in Cairo.

Evan Hill |


Blame Morsy

How to wreck a country in 369 days.

Michael Wahid Hanna |

Christian Caryl

Blood in the Streets

Massacring unarmed protestors is more common than you might think -- and governments often get away with it.

Christian Caryl |


As Egypt Roils, Israel Watches

As the streets of Cairo erupt in chaos, Jerusalem wonders if the military can set things right again.

Oren Kessler |


Cairo's Charm Offensive

Why Egypt's islamists are kissing up to the army that's gunning them down.

Evan Hill |

Slide Show

The Day the Muslim Brotherhood Struck Back

Supporters of Egypt's ousted president poured into Cairo's streets on Friday, clashing violently with the army and Brotherhood opponents.

David Kenner |


Women Stood Their Ground in Tahrir

Fighting marginalization -- and much worse -- from all sides.

Laura Dean |


It's Time to Work With Egypt's Generals

In a turbulent time, Cairo's military is the best friend the United States has got.

Martin Indyk |

David Rothkopf

Egypt and the C-Word

The danger of calling Morsy's ouster a coup.

David Rothkopf |

Marc Lynch

Downfall in Cairo

Morsy is out. The military is in. But it doesn't look good for anyone.

Marc Lynch |


Mapping Cairo in Crisis

A real-time map of the hot spots in Egypt's dramatic showdown between the military, Muslim Brotherhood, and protesters in the streets.

J. Dana Stuster |