Election 2012


Is It Over Yet?

Watching the past two weeks of the Republican and Democratic conventions, it's hard to remember a more grotesque political event. 

Alex Massie |


A Man with a Plan

Unlike Mitt Romney, Barack Obama not only has a plan to strengthen American statecraft, he's got four years of achievements to show for his efforts.

Charles A. Kupchan |


Left Behind

Obama has turned his back on us liberals. So why aren't we screaming about it?

Todd Gitlin |

Reality Check

Why Obama Will Win

Whatever his failings, the president is likeable enough -- and incumbency is a powerful home-court advantage.

Aaron David Miller |


Renewing America’s Fighting Faith

Barack Obama's correction to the excesses of the George W. Bush years was necessary. But cold-blooded realism is not enough to safeguard America's interests and promote its values.

Will Marshall |

Budget Wars

Bipartisan Bloat

If there's one thing that Obama and Romney agree on, it's more military spending. Too bad they're both wrong.

Christopher Preble |


R Is for Reckless

Why the Republicans can't be trusted with national security.

John Kerry |

The List

7 Questionable Claims in the Democratic Platform

From Guantánamo to Joseph Kony, the boasts that could invite a backlash.

Uri Friedman |

The List

The FP 50

The 50 most powerful Democrats on foreign policy.

Sulome Anderson |


Pretty Vacant

After three empty days in Tampa, the Republican Party seems out of ideas on how to run America's foreign policy.

MIchael A. Cohen |


Sound and Sensible

Mitt Romney’s foreign policy would echo the best of America’s bipartisan traditions. But the desperate Obama caricature of it is just a sad indication of how much the president has failed.

Peter D. Feaver |


A Dangerous Mind

Mitt Romney’s foreign policy isn’t an afterthought, it’s a frightening return to a bullying neoconservative ideology -- and Americans should be worried.

Bruce W. Jentleson |

The List


Five reasons why it's awkward that Condi's speaking at the GOP convention.

Uri Friedman |


Romney's Mad-Libs Foreign Policy

International affairs is serious business -- not a game of fill-in-the-blanks.

John Norris |


Leading from the Front

It's time for some straight talk about the world, Mr. President.

John McCain |


Galt Goes Global

Did Paul Ryan take his foreign policy from Ayn Rand?

Elan Journo |


Will Romney Discover His Inner Nixon?

The coming GOP fight between realists and neocons.

Jacob Heilbrunn |


What Would Ronald Reagan Do?

Mitt Romney shouldn't shy away from a fight on foreign policy. He can win it.

Jamie M. Fly |

The List

The FP 50

The 50 most powerful Republicans on foreign policy.

Sulome Anderson |

The List

10 Foreign-Policy Flashpoints in the GOP Platform

The Republicans will present a united front at the convention, but divisive issues are bubbling below the surface.

Uri Friedman |


Pipe Dreams

Why Mitt Romney can't free America from Middle East oil.

Michael Levi |

By Other Means

Highway Robbery

Why do Mitt Romney and Barack Obama want to hand over so much of your money to men with guns?

Rosa Brooks |


What’s $2 Trillion Among Friends?

Romney criticizes Obama's defense plan, but the real problem is his own running mate.

Lawrence Korb |


Paul Ryan's Bad Idea for the Middle East

It's not true that Mitt Romney's veep choice is a complete neophyte on foreign policy. But his major foray abroad does not inspire confidence.

Ty McCormick |


Obama Has Been Great for Israel

Anyone who tells you otherwise is distorting reality.

Colin H. Kahl |


The Incredible Shrinking GOP Foreign-Policy Expert

Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan to be his vice president isn't surprising -- it's sadly indicative of the lack of worldly Republicans today.

Michael A. Cohen |

David Rothkopf

The November Surprise

Forget October bombshells. The real surprise in the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign will come when disaffected voters shun the polls.

David Rothkopf |

In Box

Why Bad Politics = Even Worse Markets

Want to fix the economy? Stop the partisan brinkmanship.

Mohamed A. El-Erian |


Budget-Waving Contest

Romney's ridiculous fight about who's got the bigger military doesn't worry Obama. But should it?

Michael A. Cohen |


Dumb and Dumber

Liberal pundits think they can swing "low-information voters" by throwing facts at them. But not only do they misunderstand this key demographic of the 2012 presidential election -- they're doing their party a disservice.

George Lakoff |