Case Studies

The City with a Short Fuse

How a shrewd politician defused ethnic tension and improved public services in one of Indonesia’s most dysfunctional cities.

Rushda Majeed |

Case Studies

The Great Ballot Box Caper

How do you conduct an election when contending political forces don't agree on the rules? An unlikely study in compromise from Northern Ireland in 2005.

Michael Scharff |


Bullish on the Bear

It’s hard to find people who are optimistic about the future of Russian democracy. Leon Aron explains why he’s one of them.

Paul Starobin |


King Boris

Could Boris Johnson, the ridiculous yet charming mayor of London, really go on to lead Britain?

Alex Massie |

The New New Normal

The Arabian Horse

Can Egypt's economy deliver on the revolutionary promise of a better future for all?

Mohamed A. El-Erian |


Romanian Reality

Democracy is working just as it should in the EU's newest member state, argues the country's prime minister.

Victor Ponta |


A Country with Fourteen Psychiatrists

Libya is trying to build a new democracy. But that's a tall order for a society plagued by bad memories.

Portia Walker |

Terms of Engagement

Baby Steps

With the slow but steady consolidation of militias and the success of moderate democratic parties, despite all odds, it seems like Libya might be on the right path.

James Traub |


Democracy, Salafi Style

One of Saudi Arabia's most popular hardline clerics just embraced democracy. Should we worry, or applaud?

Aaron Y. Zelin |


Oh, Brother

Why Egypt's new Islamist president is keeping the Saudis up at night.

Steven Miller |


Learning to Live With the Islamist Winter

What to make of the historic election results in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya -- and how the United States should respond.

Tamara Cofman Wittes |


"The Elite Isn't Going to Lose Control"

Middle East scholar Joshua Stacher explains why democratization in Egypt is only skin deep.

Paul Starobin |


The Short List

Do Romney's top veep choices know anything about the world?

Joshua E. Keating |


Give Mexico a Chance

It wouldn’t actually be that hard to restore Mexico’s economic fortunes -- if the new president is willing to show some backbone.

Robert Looney |


Train Wreck Along the Nile

The battle over Egypt's parliament is more than just a legislative disaster. It's a legal nightmare.

Nathan J. Brown |


It's the Economy, Stupid… Or Is It?

Five foreign policy curveballs that could swing the election.

Samuel R. Berger |


A Current of Faith

As a divided Libya heads toward a historic vote, an Islamic "frame of reference" unites the country's political neophytes.

Mary Fitzgerald |


Making Enemies from Friends

Hey, Mitt: Russia's not quite America's No. 1 geopolitical foe just yet, but keep up that talk and Vladimir Putin will be happy to oblige.

James Traub |


Qaddafi Lives

As Libya holds its first post-revolutionary elections, the Brother Leader's legacy is proving hard to overcome.

Alison Pargeter |

Christian Caryl

The Women of Tahrir Square Fight Back

The revolution in Egypt isn’t over -- at least as long as female revolutionaries have anything to say about it.

Christian Caryl |


The Return of the Mexican Dinosaur

Mexico's pretty-boy president is more dangerous than he looks.

John M. Ackerman |


Reach Out to Morsy

Egypt's new president may be no moderate, but he deserves a chance to prove he's no enemy.

Yossi Beilin |


Sympathy for the Devil

Nostalgia for an ousted tyrant is on the rise in Ivory Coast.

Austin Merrill |


Containing the Islamist Revolution

The next American president would be naïve to think that the uprisings sweeping the Middle East will be good for America. It's time to retrench and protect U.S. interests from the Islamist tidal wave.

Ephraim Sneh |


A Campaign About Nothing

Why are Mexico's presidential candidates ignoring the 800-lb. gorilla in the room -- the failing drug war?

Michael Shifter |

The List

The World's Most Meddlesome Supreme Courts

The United States isn't the only country where judges aren't exactly above the political fray.

Katie Cella |


Build Burma from the Ground Up

Relying only on the state to implement democratic reforms in Burma is a fool’s errand. But there’s a better way.

Elliott Prasse-Freeman |

Christian Caryl

Her Work Isn’t Done

This week the world is celebrating Aung San Suu Kyi’s achievements as a pro-democracy activist. Now the question is: Can she finish the job?

Christian Caryl |


Flirting with Disaster

Is Greece a failed state?

Patricia Taft |