Embarrassment of Riches

Natural resources would seem to promise easy money. Welcome to the dark side.

Peter Passell |


Freezing in the Dark

Europe's energy demands exceed what Russia can produce, and this latest cold front proves the continent has no strategy for fixing the problem. Is shale gas the solution?

Robin M. Mills |


Crude Awakening

In Iraq's turbulent politics, whoever controls the oil production wields the power. And that might soon be ExxonMobil.

Ben Van Heuvelen |


The Lesson of Bani Walid

In post-Gaddafi Libya, the dream of a stable central government is fading. Militias are filling the gap.

Christopher Stephen |


Why Putinomics Isn't Worth Emulating

Don't let the Russian economy fool you: It's still all about oil.

Peter Passell |


Nuclear Fantasy

The executive director of Greenpeace International argues that the world needs less nuclear power, not more.

Kedar Pavgi |


Who’s Sanctioning Whom?

Is the United States really upping the pressure on Iran, or just hurting itself?

Robin Mills |


Realpolitik and the Myanmar Spring

Wondering why Hillary Clinton is in Myanmar right now? Hint: it's all about China.

Bertil Lintner |

Terms of Engagement

The Nuclear Options

Barack Obama's Iran policy is frustrating, slow-moving, and fraught with uncertainty. But have you taken a look at the alternatives?

James Traub |


A Hummer in Every Driveway

Americans use more energy per capita than any other country, and have nothing to show for it.

Vaclav Smil |

Think Again

Think Again: Nuclear Power

Japan melted down, but that doesn't mean the end of the atomic age.

Charles D. Ferguson |


Sea Change

The Cato Institute's Ted Galen Carpenter asks whether the United States can afford the naval confrontation with China envisioned by Robert Kaplan.

Russell Tepper |


The Geopolitics of Energy in the 21st Century

The second installment of an interview with Daniel Yergin.

David Rothkopf |


Is There a Map to the Future?

The former head of the U.S. National Intelligence Council explains why governments try -- and fail -- to see over the horizon.

Robert Hutchings |

The List

Ten More WikiLeaks You Missed

From the Indian April Fools cable to Hanoi's sexy discos to China's dangerous nuclear plants, Julian Assange's hits just keep on coming.

Ty McCormick |

The List

How the West Was Drilled

From Alberta to the Brazilian Coast, a tour of the new American oil frontier that could eclipse the Middle East.

Charles Homans |

Photo Essay

Tour the South China Sea

A visual guide to understanding the conflict.

Philip Walker |

The List

Megatrends That Weren't

A look at yesterday's Next Big Things, from the Japanese rising sun to Dow 36,000.

Joshua E. Keating |

The Optimist

A Thousand Points of Light

When it comes to bringing electricity to the developing world, small is beautiful.

Charles Kenny |

The List

The Most Notable Revolutionaries of 2011

Right, wrong, or otherwise -- these freedom fighters haven't let the powers-that-be block them, and we're (mostly) better off for it.

David J. Rothkopf |



An FP special roundtable on Japan’s post-tsunami future.

Rebecca Frankel |


Osama's Oil Obsession

Al Qaeda wants to hit Americans where it hurts: in their gas tanks.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross |

Special Report

Big Oil in Turnaround

The world's biggest energy companies have bigger problems than Congress and are adrift in a marketplace they don't understand.

Edward C. Chow |

Special Report

Beyond Petroleum. Or Not.

Can Big Oil figure out the climate-friendly future of energy? Does it actually want to?

Bryan Walsh |

Special Report

Revenge of the Invisible Hand

How the free market shaped the new geopolitics of the oil industry.

Bruce Everett |


The Pipeline Paradox

Why is the United States helping Iran sell natural gas?

Gal Luft |


Nuclear Winner

Environmentalist icon turned nuclear-power booster Stewart Brand tells Foreign Policy why, even after the Fukushima disaster, he thinks nuclear is the energy of the future.



Nuclear Nation

Japan's unlikely love affair with atomic energy.

Yuki Tanaka |

The List

Atomic Dogs

Fukushima wasn't the only nuclear accident waiting to happen. From Bulgaria to New York, here are five other nuclear power plants to keep an eye on.

Charles Homans |