Doha Is Dead

But do we really need multilateral institutions anymore to kick-start international trade?

Lawrence Herman |

The Optimist

Pennies from Heaven

Is God to blame for the global market meltdown?

Charles Kenny |

Deep Dive

The Icarus Zone

Never before has a monetary union been so full of anticipation and hype. Should we have known that the euro would buckle?

David Marsh |

Deep Dive

An Exorbitant Burden

Why keeping the dollar as the world's reserve currency is a massive drag on the struggling U.S. economy.

Michael Pettis |

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The New Triumvirate

Sayonara yen. By 2025, the renminbi, dollar, and euro will control the international currency system.

Mansoor Dailami |

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The Buck Stays Here

Why the dollar isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Daniel W. Drezner |

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Dreaming of SDRs

Why the IMF's long dreamed-of Special Drawing Rights will always be the currency of the future.

David Bosco |

Deep Dive

The Multilateral Vacuum

If Washington can't get the Chinese to revalue their currency, can international institutions be of any help?

Phil Levy |

Photo Essay

The Road To Prosperity

The world needs infrastructure -- and if the West doesn't take advantage of that need, China definitely will.

Derek Thurber |

Briefing Book

Bridges to Somewhere

More austerity won't save the global economy. Building infrastructure just might.

Justin Yifu Lin |


Crisis Convergence

Why the global economic crash, the rise of the Tea Party, the Arab Spring, and China’s coming fall are all connected.

George Magnus |


Come Together

Leaders struggling to fix a world spiraling out of control are turning to international institutions. Are they up to the task?

David Bosco |


Life After Debt

In this month's market upheavals in the United States and Europe, we are witnessing the end of a seven-decade economic experiment. But does anyone have any clue what comes next?

James Macdonald |


Europe's Conservative Confusion

Nearly every government on the continent is center-right. So why can't they get along and figure out how to save the EU economies?

Tyson Barker |

Slide Show

All the World's Traders and All the World's Yen…

Traders react to the plummeting market on trading-room floors around the world.

Slide Show |


Betting Against the (U.S.) House

If you can't stop Congress from ruining America's credit, can you at least make money off of it?

Charles Homans |

The List

Dark Rumblings

Could sub-Saharan Africa have its own Arab Spring?

Ty McCormick |


Super Bad

With the debt ceiling impasse and legislative gridlock sucking all the air out of Washington, Foreign Policy asked the experts: Is this really the worst Congress ever?

Kelsey Suemnicht |

The List

The Arab Recession

They may be cheering for democracy, but for most countries affected by the Arab Spring the economic news will have them crying.

Ty McCormick |

Slide Show

Europe's Economic Meltdown: How Did We Get Here?

A look back at the missteps and bailouts, in pictures.

Cameron Abadi |


A Continent, Sinking

Europe's financial crisis is a Titanic moment, threatening to bring down not only the EU's major economies, but its political raison d'être. Is it too late to save the ship?

Steven Erlanger |

The Optimist

The Price Is Right

How the world can buy its way out of poverty for just $100 billion.

Charles Kenny |

The Optimist

Paperwork Tigers

The developing world can do fine without more regulation, thank you very much. In fact, it can do better.

Charles Kenny |


A Bond for the Homeland

Migrants send billions of dollars home each year; they also save a lot, too. Instead of stuffing cash under the mattress, the developing world's diaspora could do a lot more good if they invested in their homeland. 

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala |

The List

Who’s in the Running to Run the IMF?

A look at the race to replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Joshua E. Keating |

The Optimist

Don't Mess With Taxes

Sorry, Tea Partiers -- taxation isn't the source of America's ills, and your income has more to do with dumb luck than hard work.

Charles Kenny |


Bring Back Bretton Woods

It's time for a rebirth of the world's top financial institutions.

Biagio Bossone |


Identification, Please

In the developed world, high-tech personal IDs are the stuff of Orwellian dystopia. But for everyone else, they could be a path to a happier, healthier, less precarious life.

Jamie Holmes |


Dam Nation

When Beijing counts hydropower as "green energy," it's doing the environment -- and its economy -- no favor.

Peter Bosshard |

In Box

BRICs: A Short History

How did a Wall Street buzzword coined by Goldman Sachs become a powerful new bloc in world affairs?

Blake Hounshell |