Occupy This!

An Occupy Wall Street leader highlights the global reach of his movement.

Allison Good |


Dirty Laundry

If the West really wants to prevent developing countries from laundering money, it can start by cleaning up its own act.

Peter Reuter |

The List

Artful Dodgers

The 6 countries where everyone runs the other way when the tax man comes knocking.

Joshua E. Keating |


Decoupling: Ties That No Longer Bind

Emerging market economies have protected themselves from global economic downturns.

Peter Passell |

The Optimist

A Better Bank

Why President Obama's curious nomination for the new chief of the World Bank could turn out to be a smart pick -- and an interesting indication of how aid lending is changing for good.

Charles Kenny |


Don't Hire This Man

Why Jeffrey Sachs is a terrible choice to be the next head of the World Bank.

Scott Gilmore |

Slide Show

The Chinese-African Union

Why is China spending $200 million for this new over-the-top headquarters for the African Union?

Slide Show |


Argentina's Dubious Boom

Argentina's economy has been coasting on its past successes. Don't be fooled.

Robert Looney |


$200 Oil and the Moscow-Beijing Alliance

An exclusive conversation with Nouriel Roubini and Ian Bremmer on the toll of war with Iran -- and why China and Russia just don't care anymore what the United States thinks of them.

Benjamin Pauker |


Is Greece a Failed State?

Not yet. But it’s running out of time -- and money.

Nick Malkoutzis |


Mind the Gap

Inequality is an increasing problem around the world. But there are cures.

Peter Passell |

David Rothkopf

Brazil's New Swagger

South America's emerging superpower is coming into its own. But with great power comes great responsibility.

David Rothkopf |


Why Capital Flows Uphill

You wouldn't necessarily expect capital to move from poor countries to rich ones. But that's exactly what seems to be happening in some cases. Here's why.

Peter Passell |


Off the Beaten Path

Some of the best economic innovations come from places you wouldn't expect.

Jeffrey Frankel |


Embarrassment of Riches

Natural resources would seem to promise easy money. Welcome to the dark side.

Peter Passell |


The Revenge of Montozy

Is Italy's "Super Mario" prime minister poisoning the love affair between Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy?

Aaron Wiener |


Canceling the Mullahs' Credit Card

How to sever Iran's financial lifeline.

Mark Dubowitz |


Why Putinomics Isn't Worth Emulating

Don't let the Russian economy fool you: It's still all about oil.

Peter Passell |


House of 19,000 Corporations

The uproar over Mitt Romney's finances shines a light on the world's most unlikely financial capital.

Joshua E. Keating |


Nothing to Celebrate

Think 2011 was a bad year for Europe? 2012 could be a whole lot worse -- if EU leaders don't get serious and deal with these 6 problems.

Charles Grant |

Deep Dive Briefing

A Watchful Eye

Promises of fiscal discipline by European countries could prove empty without effective surveillance from the International Monetary Fund. Here's how to make sure they don't slip.

Martin S. Edwards |

Deep Dive Briefing

China to the Rescue?

The hard truth of the European debt crisis is that Europe needs Asia … and Asia needs Europe.

Jean Pisani-Ferry |


The End of the Chinese Dream

As China's economy continues to trend downward, Beijing's elites are sparking a new, palpable frustration in the general population.

Christina Larson |


Keeping Markets Happy

It's not public-sector deficits that are at fault for the euro crisis -- it's the policies that have enabled the financial sector to wield so much power.

Rick Rowden |


It Ain't Easy Being a Central Banker

Spare a thought for the bureaucrats stuck with one of the most important, and miserable, jobs in the world.

Felix Salmon |


20 Things the G-20 Could Have Done -- But Didn't

As the Cannes caucus begins, here's what would have saved the world economy -- and Barack Obama's job.

David Rothkopf |


The Hemlock Ballot

Why the Greek referendum controversy is a tragedy in slow motion.

Nick Malkoutzis |


Deal Breaker

How badly did Europe just bungle its best shot yet at avoiding economic catastrophe?

Mohamed El-Erian |


The Perils of Loose Living

For decades, Americans have looked to monetary policy as an engine of economic growth -- and suffered the dire consequences.

Heleen Mees |


Cashing Out

America's status as the world's banker has shielded it from harsh economic realities for more than half a century. Not anymore.

Fan Gang |