Dam Nation

When Beijing counts hydropower as "green energy," it's doing the environment -- and its economy -- no favor.

Peter Bosshard |

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BRICs: A Short History

How did a Wall Street buzzword coined by Goldman Sachs become a powerful new bloc in world affairs?

Blake Hounshell |

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Epiphanies from Jim O'Neill

The chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management talks BRICs.

Blake Hounshell |

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Echoes of Belgrade

From Minsk to Cairo, the nonviolent democratic uprisings of the past decade have been influenced by the tactics and imagery of Serbia's 2000 Bulldozer Revolution.

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Egypt's Cauldron of Revolt

It was striking workers that first inspired the Egyptian uprising. And they're still at it.

Anand Gopal |

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Postcards From Davos

Images from inside the World Economic Forum.

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I Was a Rare Earths Day Trader

How a naval confrontation in the South China Sea created a global investment bubble -- and cost me half my life savings.

Jason Miklian |

The Optimist

Big Is Beautiful

Financial access is key to helping the world's poor -- and tech-savvy big banks, not microcreditors, are our best hope for providing it.

Charles Kenny |


The Euro Is Dead

But, if Europe's leaders play their cards right, it can rise again.

Charles Calomiris |


Running the World, After the Crash

Has the era of global cooperation ended before it began?

Richard Samans |


The Imaginot Line

Why we're still fighting yesterday's economic war.

Paul Seabright |

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The Depression? J'accuse!

Is France to blame for the Great Depression?

Joshua E. Keating |


What Saved Japan?

Dick Beason takes issue with Clyde Prestowitz's argument that government action, not free markets, beat the Japanese juggernaut.

Andrew Swift |

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The Stories to Watch in 2011

For every totally out-of-the-blue crisis that seizes the international agenda, there are some that everyone should have seen coming. Here are five foreign-policy stories to watch in 2011.

Cameron Abadi |


Spain on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

European leaders need to stop whinging and start solving their debt crisis for real.

Edward Hugh |


Fault Lines

Global Thinker No. 26 Raghuram Rajan's look at the fissures that brought about the global financial crisis -- and which are still at work today.

Raghuram Rajan |


Looking Back on Too Big to Fail

From the new afterword to Andrew Ross Sorkin's classic tale of the financial crisis, recommended by several FP Global Thinkers: Have we learned anything from our failures?

Andrew Ross Sorkin |


The Fourth Wave

Can the world avoid a fresh crisis?

Ian Bremmer |


The African Miracle

How the world's charity case became its best investment opportunity.

Norbert Dörr |


The Long Currency War

The G-20 summit failed to solve the international currency war -- and it may soon be escalating.

Kati Suominen |


Fool's Gold

Why the idea of a gold standard is best relegated to the dustbin of history.

Mark T. Williams |


The Goldilocks Number?

The Federal Reserve just announced that it would buy $600 billion in government bonds over the next eight months. Some say it isn't enough, others say it could ruin the world's financial system, and the Fed says it's just right.

Phil Levy |


Death of a Gambler

Argentina's high-stakes former president Nestor Kirchner will continue to be larger than life, even in death.

Anna Petherick |


The Return of Globalization

As the G-20 finance ministers gather in South Korea, trade is returning but currency wars are brewing. Can they agree to cooperate before protectionist urges tear them apart?

Gary Hufbauer |


Avoid the Double Dip

How Obama can save the fragile economy from going back into a tailspin.

Nouriel Roubini |

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Epiphanies from Paul Volcker

The legendary central banker speaks with FP about family values, what went wrong with big finance, and why baseball is to blame.

Benjamin Pauker |


The Ghost of Economics Past

What would the world's economics Nobel Prize laureates make of Barack Obama's response to the financial crisis?

Thomas Karier |


Divided We Fall

As the global economic recovery staggers, countries are lurching toward unilateral solutions that will only make us all worse off. It's time for the world to come together and produce real answers.

Charles Dallara |


Financial Shock and Awe

The world's central banks are at war. What does that mean for the rest of us?

Barry Eichengreen |