The Wrong Way to Deal with Beijing

U.S. lawmakers are moving swiftly to enact punitive tariffs on China. But American companies doing business in China believe there's a better way to rebalance the world economy.

John D. Watkins Jr. |


China Won't Revalue the Yuan

No amount of hectoring by Barack Obama is going to change the calculus of Chinese leaders. An undervalued currency may be critical to their very survival.

John Lee |


The Billionaire Prince

Saudi Arabia's Al-Waleed bin Talal is back in the spotlight for allegedly being one of the financiers behind the planned Islamic center in downtown Manhattan. Here are 10 things that you should know about the colorful royal.

Simon Henderson |


Europe Gets It Right

The continent's surprising comeback.

Kurt Volker |


Bank Shot

Nine years after 9/11, getting between extremist groups and their funding remains an uphill struggle.

Christian Caryl |

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Bubble Bath

People didn't drown the markets; a bad system did.

Chrystia Freeland |


Beijing's Billions

China's foreign-policy ambitions could change the way it spends its money abroad.

Evan A. Feigenbaum |


The State Department Can’t Be Trusted with Iran Sanctions

The U.S. Treasury is far more willing and equipped to make sanctions truly biting.

Jonathan Schanzer |


Europe Bought Time and Not Much Else

The bailout may soothe markets, but it won't fix the fundamental problems that have pushed Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy to the brink.

Uri Dadush |


Goldman Envy

Wall Street's copycats are even worse than the original.

Suzanne McGee |

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Epiphanies: Jacqueline Novogratz

When Jacqueline Novogratz first traveled to Africa in 1986, she meant business -- the serious business of sharing her entrepreneurial know-how with the poor. Now, the founder of the Acumen Fund, a nonprofit venture capital firm that works in developing countries, tells FP why she first went abroad and why it's time to end the culture of handouts.  

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Beijing Is Key to Creating More U.S. Jobs

How China's unfair currency policies are exporting unemployment all over the world -- and why baby steps won't solve the problem.

C. Fred Bergsten |


How Iraqi Oil Is Changing the World

OPEC could be in for a serious shake-up.

Stephen Glain |


China's High-Growth Ghost Towns

Visiting the eerily vacant epicenter of unsustainable progress, far out in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.

April Rabkin |


The Rial Problem

While all eyes are focused on the streets of Tehran, the real crack-up may be occurring in Iran's banking sector.

Jahangir Amuzegar |


The Sanctions on Iran Are Working

Ignore the false debate in Washington over which measures to pressure the Islamic Republic are the "smart" ones. Tehran is already feeling the heat.

Mark Dubowitz |


The Many Ants of Iceland

With their country's economy in tatters from the financial crisis, Icelanders are turning to some strange methods for reforming their government.

Althea Legaspi |


A $123 Trillion China? Not Likely.

The many, many reasons -- from the financial crisis to the country's aging population to environmental limitations -- why Robert Fogel's forecast for China is completely inconceivable. 

Nicholas Consonery |

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How High the Moon?

Eclipses move markets. Really.

Mordchai Shualy |

Missing Links

It Didn't Happen

The dollar didn't crash. Tariffs didn't come roaring back. The world's growing economies didn't grind to a halt. And other scary tales that failed to come true during the crisis.

Moisés Naím |


Crude Is the New Carbon

Since the world can't seem to agree on cutting carbon emissions, maybe it's time to try an easier but equally important target: oil.

Gal Luft |


The $2 Trillion Man

How Obama saved Brand America.

Simon Anholt |


Punish Iran’s Rulers, Not Its People

The U.S. Congress is looking to penalize companies that help Iran import gasoline. But the plan is a huge giveaway to the very same hard-liners that are driving the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions and oppressing the Iranian people.

Alireza Nader |


Banking on Coal

Why is the World Bank subsidizing one of the planet's dirtiest fuels?

Phil Radford |


How the Tricks That Crashed Wall Street Can Save the World

As countries including the United States reform their financial sectors, they should look inside the banks themselves for the tools for the fix.

Oliver Hart |


This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly

Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff know financial crises. In the preamble to their book, recommended by FP Big Thinkers Willem Buiter and Mohamed El-Erian, the two trace back the history of how, with each shock and economic trouble, the world believes that this time is different. It's not.

Carmen M. Reinhart |


Animal Spirits

In a chapter of their new book, recommended by FP Big Thinker Paul Collier, George A. Akerlof and Robert Shiller explain why stories -- the human narratives we use to make sense of a complicated world -- are vital to understanding economics.

George A. Akerlof |


Decline of the Dollar

Don't believe everything you read on the Drudge Report. Well into the next few decades, the global economy will still be all about the benjamins.

Christian Caryl |


Sarkozy's Better Half

If the French president has a hope of getting things done at the G-20, it's because of his philosophic finance minister, Christine Lagarde.

Annie Lowrey |