Financial crisis


The Euro Is Dead

But, if Europe's leaders play their cards right, it can rise again.

Charles Calomiris |


Running the World, After the Crash

Has the era of global cooperation ended before it began?

Richard Samans |


The Imaginot Line

Why we're still fighting yesterday's economic war.

Paul Seabright |

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The Depression? J'accuse!

Is France to blame for the Great Depression?

Joshua E. Keating |

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The Stories to Watch in 2011

For every totally out-of-the-blue crisis that seizes the international agenda, there are some that everyone should have seen coming. Here are five foreign-policy stories to watch in 2011.

Cameron Abadi |


Spain on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

European leaders need to stop whinging and start solving their debt crisis for real.

Edward Hugh |


Fault Lines

Global Thinker No. 26 Raghuram Rajan's look at the fissures that brought about the global financial crisis -- and which are still at work today.

Raghuram Rajan |


Looking Back on Too Big to Fail

From the new afterword to Andrew Ross Sorkin's classic tale of the financial crisis, recommended by several FP Global Thinkers: Have we learned anything from our failures?

Andrew Ross Sorkin |


The Pessimist

Nobel-winning economist and FP Global Thinker No. 30 Joseph Stiglitz was one of the first to predict the global financial crisis -- and has since been one of the most vocal critics of the U.S. government's response. Talking to Foreign Policy's Benjamin Pauker, he explained why he's not celebrating yet.

Benjamin Pauker |


We Can't Say They Didn't Warn Us

A guide to who's still standing in the post-crash marketplace of ideas.

Chrystia Freeland |


The Fourth Wave

Can the world avoid a fresh crisis?

Ian Bremmer |

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Delusion Points

Don't fall for the nostalgia -- George W. Bush's foreign policy really was that bad.

Stephen M. Walt |


The Goldilocks Number?

The Federal Reserve just announced that it would buy $600 billion in government bonds over the next eight months. Some say it isn't enough, others say it could ruin the world's financial system, and the Fed says it's just right.

Phil Levy |


Avoid the Double Dip

How Obama can save the fragile economy from going back into a tailspin.

Nouriel Roubini |

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Epiphanies from Paul Volcker

The legendary central banker speaks with FP about family values, what went wrong with big finance, and why baseball is to blame.

Benjamin Pauker |

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Epiphanies from George Papandreou

The scion of a socialist political dynasty, son of one prime minister and grandson of another, George Papandreou has also inherited the unwelcome task of bringing Greece's sinking economy back from the depths of the Aegean. Here, he explains how Greeks are more stoic than you think, that Europe isn't the problem -- and why markets are not gods.

Benjamin Pauker |


Who Killed the Climate Bill?

We asked the experts who is to blame.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


The Consumption Gap

They thought Asia would save the world economy. They were wrong.

Stephen S. Roach |


Papandreou’s Odyssey

The Greek prime minister has gone from leader of the socialist party to wielding the axe against entitlements -- and his long journey has just begun. In an exclusive interview, George Papandreou looks to the future and talks to FP about the Herculean tasks ahead.

Benjamin Pauker |


The Year When Shrinking Was Good

The real losers of the financial crisis weren't the blockbuster failures of Greece and Iceland; they were the countries so isolated that their economies didn't feel the blow.

Michael Clemens |

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Bubble Bath

People didn't drown the markets; a bad system did.

Chrystia Freeland |


Couples Retreat

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have long had a testy relationship, but at the EU Summit they'll need to patch things up quickly to save the union -- and possibly their own governments.

Mira Kamdar |


Hold Your Schadenfreude

If Europe's economy goes down, it's taking America's with it.

Daniel McDowell |


The Taxman Cometh

Greece is reluctantly coming to accept that paying taxes is among life's certitudes.

Nicole Itano |


Frau Germania

How Angela Merkel's selfishness is killing Europe.

Cameron Abadi |


Europe Bought Time and Not Much Else

The bailout may soothe markets, but it won't fix the fundamental problems that have pushed Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy to the brink.

Uri Dadush |


Russia Modernizes -- the Old-Fashioned Way

As President Medvedev is finding out, bringing Russia up to date is easier said than done.

Christian Caryl |

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Athens Riots Like It’s 1968

Forced to tighten their belts, thousands of furious Greeks are taking to the streets instead.

Slide Show |


Interview: Raghuram Rajan

As the Greek economy threatens to spin out of control, the former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund discusses the roots of the crisis, and what it means for the future of the European Union.

David Kenner |