Financial crisis


Jean-Claude Trichet, Call Your Office

The European Central Bank is trying very hard not to get stuck bailing out Greece.

Tristan Abbey |


Goldman Envy

Wall Street's copycats are even worse than the original.

Suzanne McGee |


Dubai Goes Legit

The global recession is forcing one of the shadiest places on Earth to start cleaning up its act. Is this the end of sexpats and illicit trading with Iran?

Conor Purcell |


Beijing Is Key to Creating More U.S. Jobs

How China's unfair currency policies are exporting unemployment all over the world -- and why baby steps won't solve the problem.

C. Fred Bergsten |


Crisis? What Crisis?

It seemed logical to expect that the economic crisis of 2008 would throw millions of people around the world back into poverty. But it hasn't really happened.

Christian Caryl |


Burma's Oscar Moment

Forget Avatar, The Hurt Locker, and all the rest for a minute. Here's the story of the film that deserves to win big.

Christian Caryl |

In Box

The Debt Explosion

How the IOUs are stacking up.

Kayvan Farzaneh |

In Other Words

Waste Land

The literature of Dubai's doomed quest to become a cultural mecca.

Michael Z. Wise |


Greek Disease

Inside the new sick man of Europe.

Nicole Itano |


What Do Saudis Want?

A rare, in-depth look at what the kingdom's citizens really believe on hot-button issues ranging from military action against Iran to al Qaeda to the state of their cloistered country's economic and political life.

David Pollock |


Four More Years of Bernanke? No, Thanks.

Why "Helicopter Ben" doesn't deserve to be the chairman of the Federal Reserve.

James Kwak |


Japan's Fake Economic Reforms

Why Tokyo could use a little more creative destruction.

Richard Katz |


A $123 Trillion China? Not Likely.

The many, many reasons -- from the financial crisis to the country's aging population to environmental limitations -- why Robert Fogel's forecast for China is completely inconceivable. 

Nicholas Consonery |


The End of Influence

For as long as many can remember, the United States has been the country with money, influence, and power. But all that is changing, write Brad DeLong and Stephen Cohen in their new book, The End of Influence. FP excerpts exclusively here.

Brad DeLong |


How the Tricks That Crashed Wall Street Can Save the World

As countries including the United States reform their financial sectors, they should look inside the banks themselves for the tools for the fix.

Oliver Hart |


This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly

Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff know financial crises. In the preamble to their book, recommended by FP Big Thinkers Willem Buiter and Mohamed El-Erian, the two trace back the history of how, with each shock and economic trouble, the world believes that this time is different. It's not.

Carmen M. Reinhart |


Animal Spirits

In a chapter of their new book, recommended by FP Big Thinker Paul Collier, George A. Akerlof and Robert Shiller explain why stories -- the human narratives we use to make sense of a complicated world -- are vital to understanding economics.

George A. Akerlof |


The Big Thinkers of Giving

How philanthrocapitalists are reshaping the world of charity.

Matthew Bishop |


Dead Men Walking

Why 2009's truly top thinkers are yesterday's news.

Niall Ferguson |


Market Riot

How the crisis inspired an entirely new set of big ideas on big money.


Briefing Book

Five Things Obama Should Do in China

Here's what the U.S. president needs to do to shore up what is fast becoming the most important relationship in the world.

John Watkins, Jr. |

In Other Words

The Early Read on: The Great Recession

As experts attempt to heal the fractured global market, a group of new books on the financial crisis is already offering the first draft of history.

Katherine Yester |


Bouncy Castle Finance

Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers a year ago, Wall Street's gone from "too big to fail" to "too big to bail." How did we get here -- and how do we get out?

Mark Blyth |


Brazil's Public Option

What Obama can learn from Lula about universal health care.

Eduardo J. Gómez |

Prime Numbers

How High Will It Go?

How the price of oil might superspike once again.

The McKinsey Global Institute |


The Coming Supply Crunch

How the recession is throttling much-needed investment.

Fatih Birol |


Macho Men

Irma Erlingsdóttir, director of the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Iceland, thinks Reihan Salam's "The Death of Macho" overestimates the erosion of "male-archy" in Iceland.

Joshua Keating |


What the World's Poorest Can Teach Us About Money Management

How can anyone live on just $2 a day? Economists are starting to find out.

Jonathan Morduch |


If China's So Powerful, Why Isn't It More Powerful?

The United States and other nations have long recognized Beijing's economic might. But why hasn't that translated to commensurate political respect?

Wen Liao |


The China Bubble's Coming -- But Not the One You Think

Forget about a Shanghai stock bubble. The whole Chinese economy's getting ready to burst.

Vitaliy Katsenelson |