The Kingdom of No Surprises

The more things change in Saudi Arabia, the more they remain the same.

Michael Stephens |


The Curse of Stability in Central Asia

The autocrats of Central Asia like to tout the virtues of stability. But they're really making excuses for decay.

Sarah Kendzior |


Gay Paris

What has taken France so long to step up to the altar of equality?

Eric Pape |


Capitol Indifference

Washington ignores Russia's obsession with America at its own peril.

Dmitri Trenin |

Dept Of Secrets

Our Man in Havana

Was USAID planning to overthrow Castro?

Peter Kornbluh |


Putting Freedom Back on the Agenda

Now is no time for America to go wobbly on democracy.

David J. Kramer |


China's Press Freedom Goes South

Will Southern Weekly's protest against censorship change the face of journalism in China?

Annie Zhang |


A Network of Dictators

There's a fight brewing for the future of the Internet.

James A. Lewis |

Christian Caryl

Nothing Is Written

The triumph of democracy isn't inevitable. It has to be fought for.

Christian Caryl |

Christian Caryl

Europe's Pet Dictator

Parts of the old Soviet bloc have moved on. So why is Belarus still mired in despotism?

Christian Caryl |

Rational Security

Access Denied

The United Nations couldn't control the Internet even if it wanted to.

John Arquilla |


Back to the (Soviet) Future

Dear Vladimir Putin, I'm a human rights activist, not a spy.

Tanya Lokshina |

Christian Caryl

Barbarians at the Gate

Are Russia and China trying to take over the Internet? Probably. But so far they aren't having much luck.

Christian Caryl |


Ultimate Sacrifice

What's the difference between self-immolators and suicide bombers?

Michael Biggs |

Christian Caryl

Heroes of Retreat, Revisited

We love to celebrate heroic crusaders for human rights. But what about the dictator who decides to surrender his powers?

Christian Caryl |


The Lady and the General

Meet the political odd couple driving democratic reform in Burma.

Kurt M. Campbell |


A Change Is Gonna Come

Chen Guangcheng on freedom, violence, and the possibility of a revolution in China.

Isaac Stone Fish |


Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age

Across the world, the battle for free speech is pitting governments and corporations against activists and average citizens.

Lee C. Bollinger |

The List

Five Myths about the Chinese Internet

The Great Firewall is neither great, nor a firewall. Discuss.

Eveline Chao |


Dreams of Their Fathers

Cambodia's people want freedom. Can Obama deliver?

Karen J. Coates |

Slide Show

Back in the Light

The year Burma turned upside down. 

Sulome Anderson |


Human Rights Now

Six ways China's new leader could be the reformer the Chinese have been waiting for.

Sophie Richardson |

Christian Caryl

Is Bashar al-Assad Syria’s Abraham Lincoln?

The Syrian president's fans are comparing him with the hero of America's Civil War. Here's why they're wrong.

Christian Caryl |


The Inconvenient Revolution

An interview with a leading human rights activist from Bahrain

Azzurra Meringolo |


Prosperity Isn't Just a Matter of Wealth

Man does not live by GDP alone. An introduction to the Legatum Institute's latest Prosperity Index.

Peter Passell |


The Collaborator's Song

We often ask why some people choose to resist authoritarian regimes. But the better question might be why so many decide to cooperate.

Anne Applebaum |


Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Pick

China's most famous dissident never wanted the honor.

Yu Jie |



How the left lost the argument.

Slavoj Zizek |


Putin's Miscalculation

It was a big mistake to pick on a pregnant human rights activist. The world must hold whoever was responsible to account.

Kenneth Roth |