Yemeni Idol

It's not easy being the second-biggest rock band in Sanaa.

Gaar Adams |


Bush Was Right

The former president's Freedom Agenda correctly identified the Middle East's dictatorships as the incubators of extremism.

Gary C. Gambill |


Finish What You Start

Getting rid of a dictator is a great achievement. But it's only the beginning of a successful transition to democracy.

Srdja Popovic |

Terms of Engagement

The Wages of 9/11

The war on terror may be over, but it's left behind a terrible human rights legacy -- and Barack Obama has done very little about it.

James Traub |


16 Ways to Fix Burma

On the eve of the country's historic elections, 16 experts give us their prescriptions for the future.

Arianne Swieca |


Letting Burma Back In

Experts debate whether the role of sanctions was successful in opening up Burma. But with the up-coming by-elections and the release of political prisoners, the greater challenge may be how to lift them.

tom Malinowski |


The Lady and the Peacock

An exclusive excerpt from the new biography on Burma's democratic opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Peter Popham |


100 Million Viewers Can't Be Wrong

How Kony 2012 succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.

Adam Finck |


Hungary's Pit Bull Prime Minister

How one of Europe’s most celebrated anti-communists become the bad boy of the continent.

James Kirchick |

Reality Check

The Goldilocks Principle

No one's perfect, and surely not President Obama. But in the rough and tumble world of foreign policy, it's hard to argue he hasn't done most things just about right.

Aaron David Miller |


No Teacher Left Behind

The good news is that more kids are in school, and for longer, than ever before. But if we want them to actually learn something, it's time to focus on the teachers.

Charles Kenny |


A Recipe for Freedom

Five lessons from South Africa's transition to democracy. Excerpts from a recent speech by the country's ex-president.

F.W. de Klerk |

The List

Couch of Duty

Five reasons why video games are lousy propaganda.

Michael Peck |


Hoping Against All Hope

Tibetans are setting themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule. So is there anything the leader of the Tibetan government-in-exile can do about it?

Sudip Mazumdar |

Terms of Engagement

The Egypt Backlash

Is it a fantasy to believe that the United States can still promote democracy in non-democratic states?

James Traub |


Above the Law

Pakistan's activist lawyers and judges may have thrown out Pervez Musharraf, but they're no democrats. In fact, they're a grave and growing threat to Pakistan's future.

Anatol Lieven |


When Assad Won

A bloody six-year civil war fought against Bashar al-Assad's father presents a cautionary tale for Syria's modern-day rebels.

David Kenner |

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This World in Photos This Week

Greece goes up in flames, Xi comes to Washington, and Brazil's Carnival begins.

Slide Show |


Waiting for Spring

If the Middle East is your yardstick, the countries of Central Asia ought to be on the verge of revolution. But don't hold your breath.

Scott Radnitz |


Free Scotland

Why the Scots want independence.

Gerry Hassan |

Christian Caryl

No Joke

Burma's famous comedian-cum-activist explains why he can forgive but refuses to forget.

Christian Caryl |


Immunizing the Body Politic

Want to promote democracy in Burma? Start by making sure people are well enough to vote.

Jack C. Chow |


The Little Economy That Could

If you're looking for an unlikely economic success story, you can hardly do better than Mauritius.

Jeffrey Frankel |


A Forward Strategy of Freedom

It's neither perfect nor pretty, but the Arab Spring proves that neoconservatives were right all along.

Elliott Abrams |

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The Top 10 Trends in Global Freedom

One might expect, given last year's headlines across the Middle East -- as well as promising political developments in authoritarian countries from Myanmar to Cuba -- that 2011 was a banner year for freedom. The reality is more complicated.

Arch Puddington |

Christian Caryl

The Slow Death of 'Asian Values'

Why the latest news from Malaysia helps to undermine authoritarianism throughout the region.

Christian Caryl |

Terms of Engagement

Occupy Everywhere

In this year of protests, is it really fair to compare the grievances of the Occupy movement to the courage of the Arab Spring?

James Traub |


Turkey's War on Journalists

As Prime Minister Erdogan's government grows increasingly intolerant of dissent, the media is bearing the brunt of its effort to silence its critics.

Alia Malek |

Photo Essay

The Anti-Putin Brigade

Portraits of Russia's would-be revolutionaries -- and their intimate thoughts on Vladimir Putin and the country's dark political future.

Kirill Nikitenko |