Christian Caryl

The Dictators Are Smarter Than You Think

Don't count the tyrants out. They've still got plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

Christian Caryl |

Reality Check

The Curious Case of Benjamin Netanyahu

Will Israel’s prime minister turn out to be a great man, or just a great maneuverer?

Aaron David Miller |

The List

Romney: Year One

What would happen if you took Mitt Romney's foreign-policy promises extremely literally?

Daniel Drezner |

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5 Things the Pentagon Isn't Telling Us About the Chinese Military

Here's what you won't find in the Defense Department’s latest report on China's military rise.

Trefor Moss |

David Rothkopf

Obama's Debacle

The president has protected his right flank for now, but history won’t be so kind.

David Rothkopf |

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Sonnets for the Mujahideen

The militant movement has a little-examined sensitive side.

Hanna C. Trudo |


Did You Hear the One about U.S. Internment Camps?

A leaked Army document on mass detentions has extremists boiling over on both the right and the left.

J.M. Berger |

Christian Caryl

The Miracle of Midland

How a West Texas oil town became an unlikely champion of human rights.

Christian Caryl |


Jesus Loves China, Too

Why I'm working to save my homeland, one soul at a time.

Bob Fu |


Burma Can Bring It

It’s true: Burma faces an uphill climb in its transition to democracy. But the odds may be better than you think.

Michael Albertus |

Terms of Engagement

Terrorist Fishing in the Yemen

The Obama administration has doubled down on the use of drones to go after bad guys. How long until the blowback comes?

James Traub |


Getting Ready for Life after Castro

Managing the transition to a democratic Cuba: A user’s guide.

Jaime Suchlicki |


The 140-Character Fatwa

Enormously popular, extremist Saudi clerics are promoting hatred, violence, and intolerance on Facebook and Twitter. Can they be stopped?

Jonathan Schanzer |

Christian Caryl

Spring Is Over

Has the Russian protest movement fatally weakened Vladimir Putin? Don’t bet on it.

Christian Caryl |


Containing Weapons of Mass Surveillance

President Obama is on the right track with Monday's executive order, but the United States needs to get tougher on the global digital arms race.

Rebecca MacKinnon |

In Other Words

Teaching Intolerance

You should see what even first graders have to read in Saudi Arabia.

Eman Al Nafjan |

Slide Show

The New al Qaeda Franchises

Al Qaeda itself may be diminished after the death of Osama bin Laden, but its affiliates are still sowing instability around the world.

Lois Parshley |


Epiphanies from Abdullah Gul

Turkey can be a democratic model for the Middle East, its president says.

Benjamin Pauker |


Georgia on My Mind

The Georgian ambassador pushes back against Thomas de Waal's portrayal of his country.

Allison Good |

The List

5 Secrets Anonymous Should Steal from China

Let’s get real, script kiddies: It's time to stop defacing websites and start going after the good stuff.

Adam Segal |


Yemeni Idol

It's not easy being the second-biggest rock band in Sanaa.

Gaar Adams |


Bush Was Right

The former president's Freedom Agenda correctly identified the Middle East's dictatorships as the incubators of extremism.

Gary C. Gambill |


Finish What You Start

Getting rid of a dictator is a great achievement. But it's only the beginning of a successful transition to democracy.

Srdja Popovic |

Terms of Engagement

The Wages of 9/11

The war on terror may be over, but it's left behind a terrible human rights legacy -- and Barack Obama has done very little about it.

James Traub |


16 Ways to Fix Burma

On the eve of the country's historic elections, 16 experts give us their prescriptions for the future.

Arianne Swieca |


Letting Burma Back In

Experts debate whether the role of sanctions was successful in opening up Burma. But with the up-coming by-elections and the release of political prisoners, the greater challenge may be how to lift them.

tom Malinowski |


The Lady and the Peacock

An exclusive excerpt from the new biography on Burma's democratic opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Peter Popham |


100 Million Viewers Can't Be Wrong

How Kony 2012 succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.

Adam Finck |


Hungary's Pit Bull Prime Minister

How one of Europe’s most celebrated anti-communists become the bad boy of the continent.

James Kirchick |

Reality Check

The Goldilocks Principle

No one's perfect, and surely not President Obama. But in the rough and tumble world of foreign policy, it's hard to argue he hasn't done most things just about right.

Aaron David Miller |