Is Obama a Berliner?

The U.S. president arrives in Germany with chill hanging over relations.

Benjamin Weinthal |


No, the Spanish Can’t Be More German

And other myths of the euro crisis.

Michael Pettis |


The Rise of Germany's Tea Party

Could a brand-new, anti-euro political movement threaten Merkel's quest for a third term?

Benjamin Weinthal |

Dept Of Secrets

Thatcher's Foreign Policy 'Failure'

She wanted Gorbachev to stop the reunification of Germany.

Tom Blanton |


The Jew in a Box

What does it say about Germany today that in order to see some Jews you’ve got to go to a museum?

Benjamin Weinthal |


Who's the Most Powerful Woman in the World?

Hint: It's not Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg. She lives in Berlin and is key to solving the euro crisis.

Jeffrey Gedmin |

Daniel Altman

The Euro Is Killing Europe

From Cyprus to Portugal, the common currency has been a disaster.

Daniel Altman |

The New New Normal

Going South

They've helped bail out southern weaklings. Now Europe's northern countries may be doomed too.

Mohamed A. El-Erian |


The Case for TAFTA

Why Obama's call for a free trade agreement between the United States and Europe could be a game-changer.

Kati Suominen |

The List

The World’s Best Post Offices

The much-maligned U.S. Postal Service stacks up surprisingly well in international rankings.

Joshua E. Keating |


Europe's Hezbollah Problem

In the wake of the Bulgarian bombing investigation, will the European Union finally designate Hezbollah a terrorist group?

Benjamin Weinthal |


Cameron's Au Revoir

In threatening to pull Britain out of the EU, has the prime minister inadvertently opened Pandora's Box?

Denis MacShane |

Daniel Altman

Why Can't Europe Save Itself?

The eurozone will be forever crippled unless it becomes a real currency union -- like the United States.

Daniel Altman |


Eve of Disaster

Why 2013 eerily looks like the world of 1913, on the cusp of the Great War.

Charles Emmerson |


Why Work?

Will working less really make America more productive? 

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |


Decline Is a Choice

The West has nothing to fear but fear itself.

Hubert Védrine |

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The FP Survey: The Wisdom of the Smart Crowd

FP's Global Thinkers weigh in on the year gone by and what's on the horizon for 2013.

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Scenes From a Forgotten War

What happened the last time America got bogged down in North Africa.

Slide Show |

Christian Caryl

In Praise of Apathy

It's time to stop deriding the Americans who refuse to vote. They're trying to tell us something.

Christian Caryl |


Eyes Off the Prize

The real question isn’t whether the European Union deserved its Nobel. The real question is: What is the EU going to do with it?

Gareth Harding |

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A Nobel Union

Europe reacts to the EU's Nobel Prize win.

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Into the Lion's Den

German Chancellor Angela Merkel received an angry welcome in Greece as popular anger over austerity measures continues to grow.

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In Other Words


The son of a Red Army intelligence officer sent to die in a Siberian gulag discovers his father's KGB file, and a cottage industry of children-of-spies memoirs.

Peter Buck Feller |

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The FP Survey: The Economy

If we're ever going to get out of this slump, what will it take? We asked more than 60 leading economists to tell us.

Slide Show |

The Optimist

Work More, Make More?

The case against long hours.

Charles Kenny |

The List

The 50-50 Club

Why pundits love splitting the difference on their predictions.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


Das Gift

How Angela Merkel's bold plan to save Europe may have just saved Barack Obama.

Benjamin Weinthal |


Broken Bond

Germany's constitutional court may have just saved the euro, but it may also have set the stage for the end of Europe as we know it.

Bruce Ackerman |


No Special Sauce on This Currywurst

The end of the German "miracle" is coming.

Daniel Altman |


In Search of Merbama

Will Barack Obama's wooing of the German chancellor pay dividends in November?

Karen Leigh |