Global Warming


Dirty South, Clean It Up

Developing nations are now the world's biggest polluters. Are they finally ready to help fight climate change?

Keith Johnson |


Shouting 'Melting' in a Crowded Theater

Can anyone de-wonkify climate change warnings and actually get people to listen?

Kate Galbraith |

Think Again

Think Again: Climate Treaties

Why the glacial pace of climate diplomacy isn't ruining the planet.

David Shorr |


Climate of Corruption

How a $50 million graft scandal is pushing Malawi even closer to environmental catastrophe.

Ty McCormick |


The 2013 Stories That Never Were

From a U.S. attack on Syria to the collapse of the Eurozone, here's what didn't happen in foreign policy this year.

Stephen M. Walt |


Can Europe Frack Itself to Energy Independence?

Europe wants to replicate America's shale gas boom. Will it succeed?

Keith Johnson |

The List

Hacking the Climate

7 far-out geoengineering ideas that could save the planet -- or destroy it trying.

Ty McCormick |


The World in 2030

The United Nations is vowing to end extreme poverty within our lifetimes. Here's why that might actually be realistic.

John Norris |


America Needs a Coast Guard That Can Fight

As the Arctic becomes an arena for conflict, the United States’ forgotten naval force will need to cowboy up.

James Holmes |

Christian Caryl

The Tangled Tale of Malaysia's Dirty Battleground State

How an ex-British prime minister’s sister-in-law, a headhunter’s grandson, dodgy PR firms, and a Malaysian kingpin are colliding in a fight over the future of democracy.

Christian Caryl |

In Box

Terror Management

Could a shared fear of climate change unite enemies?

Joshua E. Keating |


Doomsday Preppers

At a new center in Cambridge, a philosopher, an astronomer, and a software pioneer are looking for ways to save humanity from itself.

Joshua E. Keating |


An Idea Whose Time Has Come

It's not just Obama -- the entire world is ready to get serious about climate change. 

Amy Myers Jaffe |

The List

Over the Horizon

Five unlikely but extremely destabilizing global crises that Obama must prepare for now.

Martin Indyk |

Terms of Engagement

Second-Term Heat

What will be the legacy of Obama's next four years?

James Traub |

Amy Zegart

The Three Most Dangerous Things About Threat Lists

What the pundits and analysts don't tell you.

Amy Zegart |

Terms of Engagement

The Climate Scofflaw

Is the United States really the impediment to a universal compact on global warming?

James Traub |


The People's Republic of California

Why isn’t the Golden State at the climate talks in Doha?

Michael Levi |

Christian Caryl

The Corruption Pandemic

Why corruption is set to become one of the defining political issues of the 21st century.

Christian Caryl |


Climate Course Correction

The world has spent two decades developing policies to combat global warming -- and we have little to show for it.

Bjørn Lomborg |

David Rothkopf

12 Catastrophes the Next President Must Avoid

We've heard plenty about what the candidates want to do in office, but the future will be determined by what Tuesday's winner doesn't do.

David Rothkopf |

Terms of Engagement

Adapt or Die

Still think climate change is a joke?

James Traub |


Why Bloomberg Endorsed Obama

Yes, it really is climate change, stupid.

Gernot Wagner |

Slide Show

One Storm Away

10 major world cities that could end up underwater.

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |

The List

Winds of Change

From the failed Mongol invasion of Japan to Cyclone Nargis, six storms that changed the course of history.

Ty McCormick |


Climate Deniers

When the economy is suffering, no one wants to hear about an impending environmental catastrophe.

Kate Sheppard |


Too Cool

Bjorn Lomborg missed the mark in his attacks on a new report about the costs of climate change.

Matthew McKinnon |


Not So Hot

The new climate-change study getting all the headlines is deliberately misleading. Too bad so many in the media got fooled.

Bjorn Lomborg |


Word Is Bond

Has President Obama kept Candidate Obama's campaign promises?

Michael A. Cohen |

FP Explainer

Atmosphere of Distortion

When is it OK to blame climate change for a heat wave?

Joshua E. Keating |