The Long Emergency

Barack Obama's administration is taking an expansive, ambitious approach to global health. Does that mean giving up on combating HIV/AIDS?

Elizabeth Dickinson |


An African iPhone? There’s No App for That.

Why Steve Jobs should let Africans buy his new toy.

Dayo Olopade |

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Epiphanies from Nathan Myhrvold

A theoretical physicist who spent 14 years as Bill Gates's ideas guru at Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold might seem an odd candidate to take up the fight against malaria, long combated with technology no more advanced than bed nets and quinine. Here, he explains why geek power might be exactly what's needed to tackle the scourges of the developing world.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Countries Without Doctors?

How Obamacare could spark the brain drain of physicians from the developing world.

Kate Tulenko |


Yemen's Child Bride Backlash

After a 13-year-old girl's death, the conservative Islamists are retrenching -- with some bizarre, yet somehow effective, arguments.

Haley Sweetland Edwards |


Don't Panic, Go Organic

Be not troubled by Robert Paarlberg's scaremongering. Organic practices can feed the world -- better, in fact, than wasteful industrial farming.

Anna Lappé |

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Geriatric World

Prepare for the invasion of the centenarians.  

Joshua E. Keating |


The Ultimate Bug Zapper

Could a new weapon deal the definitive blow in the long battle of man vs. mosquito? Forget bed nets; think lasers. Nathan Myhrvold, Bill Gates's ideas guy, tells FP about his plans to defeat malaria.

Elizabeth Dickinson |

Slide Show

Pumping Iron in Kabul

Images of Afghanistan's bodybuilders as they compete for the ultimate prize.

Kayvan Farzaneh |


The Top Chef for India's Real Housewives

The man behind India's proposed new 24-hour food channel isn't quite the Westernized culinary rebel some might think. 

Miranda Kennedy |

Terms of Engagement

The Accidental Domestic President

For Barack Obama, the world will have to wait.

James Traub |


The Many Wives of Jacob Zuma

Why the South African president's polygamy is about more than womanizing.

Miriam Koktvedgaard Zeitzen |


Case Raises Questions About U.N.'s Role in Zimbabwe

A former U.N. official claims his warnings of a coming calamity were stifled by a U.N. bureaucracy intent on keeping good relations with Zimbabwe's dictator, Robert Mugabe.

Elizabeth Dickinson |

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The FP Quiz

Are you a globalization junkie? Then test your knowledge of global trends, economics, and politics with 8 questions about how the world works.

Kayvan Farzaneh |


How to Fix Haiti’s Fixers

Aid groups in the earthquake-battered country are inefficient and unaccountable. Luckily, there’s a solution.

Paul Collier |


Gandhi's Hookworms

The spread of neglected tropical diseases haven't just created a health crisis in the developing world -- they have spurred conflicts in some of the most unstable places on the planet.

Peter J. Hotez |


The Great Flu Cover-up

How governments concealed the extent of the H1N1 pandemic and risking the outbreak of a virus that's even more deadly.

Alan I. Sipress |


Uganda's Outrageous New Sex Law

A Ugandan Parliamentarian wants to outlaw homosexuality and prescribe the death penalty for having sex while HIV positive. The worse news is, he might actually get what he wants.

Michael Wilkerson |


What a Pest

Why the Black Death still won't die.

Emily Anthes |


Plague: A New Thriller of the Coming Pandemic

The best-selling author of Outbreak has an exclusive tale for FP about a catastrophe of global proportions. And by the way, it's not fiction.

Robin Cook |


Let Them Eat Plumpy'Nut

Does the food aid that goes to humanitarian crisis sites hurt more than it nourishes? And is the answer a peanut-flavored paste?

Jim Motavalli |

Briefing Book

How to Save Lives by Breaking All the Rules

How former U.S. Global AIDS coordinator Mark Dybul ditched the bureaucracy, stopped intergovernmental turf wars, pushed for results, and helped create an anti-poverty machine that actually works.

Mark Dybul |


The Least Among Us

The recession may be ending for Wall Street, but for the millions of migrants who make the U.S. economy run, the crisis is just beginning.

Manuel Orozco |


What the Doctor Orders

The United States and Russia face strikingly similar health-care challenges -- providing a rare opportunity to strengthen their bilateral relationship.

William H. Frist |

The List

Real Life Death Panels

As Sarah Palin continues to spread misinformation about Barack Obama's health-care plan, FP looks at where the real “death panels” are.

Aditi Nangia |


No Exit?

Despite a valiant start, impoverished, oil-rich Chad has succumbed to the resource curse. But it's not too late to escape.

Louise Arbour |


Brazil's Public Option

What Obama can learn from Lula about universal health care.

Eduardo J. Gómez |


Resource Cursed

Equatorial Guinea is perhaps the world's most striking example of why oil hurts, rather than helps, many of the countries that have it. Will the Obama administration stop the country's dictator from sucking its people dry?

Tutu Alicante |

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The Final Expense

Burying a family member might also bury you.

Elizabeth Dickinson |