Alone in the Desert

How Camus explains France's troubling intervention in Mali.

Robert Zaretsky |

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The Evolution of Uncle Sam

How U.S. military recruitment posters have changed over the past 150 years.

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Pilgrims and Idiots

How celebrities should handle visits to authoritarian countries in today's world.

Arch Puddington |


Stalin Lives

The Soviet dictator died six decades ago. But Russians have yet to say farewell.

Masha Lipman |


What Is Egypt?

As America's new secretary of state arrives in Cairo, it's still not clear the United States knows what it's dealing with.

Steven A. Cook |


While America Slept

How the United States botched China's rise.

Kishore Mahbubani |


Power Shot

A rare photograph sheds new light on China’s most important social network.

John Garnaut |


Cleaning up a Dirty War

What America's anti-torture advocates can learn from Argentina's darkest days.

Alexandra Starr |


Vatican Insider

Though rumors of gay scandal are swirling around Pope Benedict’s retirement, it’s larger concerns that will test the Vatican as the Conclave begins.

Paolo Mastrolilli |

Rational Security

Real Genius

Does the Pentagon need a creative director?

John Arquilla |


The New Westphalian Web

The future of the Internet may lie in the past. And that's not a good thing.

Katherine Maher |


Israel's Script Turns Sour

Hollywood used to portray Israelis as heroic and brave. Today, it's films about the brutality of the occupation that make it to the silver screen.

Lisa Goldman |

Christian Caryl

It's Not About Us

Forget about the “war on terror.” The next few decades will be dominated by the bitter divide within Islam itself.

Christian Caryl |


Iran Can’t Agree to a Damn Thing

Let's face it: The Islamic Republic is just too dysfunctional to cut a nuclear deal.

Patrick Clawson |


Marianne in Tunisia

How Delacroix's famous painting explains the troubled North African revolution.

Robert Zaretsky |

David Rothkopf

The Cool War

Cold War technology made war unthinkable. Cool War technology makes it irresistible.

David Rothkopf |


House of Cards Is a House of Cards

Why can't Americans do political intrigue like the Brits?

Emma G. Keller |

The List

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

28 games for your President's Day weekend.

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Terms of Engagement

The Terrible Twos

Can Washington prevent the turbulent Arab Spring countries from going the way of the post-Soviet states?

James Traub |


Hate Obama's Drone War?

Blame the bleeding-heart human rights crusaders.

Rosa Brooks |


Speech by Numbers

A quantitative look at the last 12 State of the Union addresses.

Ty McCormick |

Rational Security

Barack Obama's Lincoln Moment

What the commander of America's first modern war tells us about our first post-modern war.

John Arquilla |


Obama's Legal Netherworld

The president isn't claiming too much power to kill Americans who join al Qaeda -- but too little.

John Yoo |

Jeffrey Lewis

Friends with Benefits

No, Mr. President, it's not OK if our allies get nuclear weapons.

Jeffrey Lewis |


What Richard III Can Teach Us Today

The world is grown so bad that wrens make prey where eagles dare not perch. Can Shakespeare’s fallen tyrant help us set it to rights?

John Watkins |

Christian Caryl

Martyrs of the Revolution

If history is any guide, today’s assassination in Tunisia could set off a dangerous revolutionary dynamic.

Christian Caryl |


Vive L'Empereur!

Five wargames in which the French fight.

Michael Peck |


Tehranimal Farm

How George Orwell explains Iran.

Roland Elliott Brown |


France on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Think Americans hate their politicians? The moody French are disgusted -- and looking for a new de Gaulle.

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