Cowboys vs. Kippot

The awesome sci-fi novel about U.S. relations with Israel -- in an alternate acid-trip universe.

Michael Peck |


Lies, Damned Lies, and Chinese Statistics

Who’s cooking Beijing’s books?

Tom Orlik |


The Kenyatta Affair

What Kenya and its allies can learn from Austria’s Nazi legacy.

James Verini |


The Iraq Syndrome

A decade later, what lessons haven't we learned from the war in Iraq that we should?

J. Dana Stuster |


The First Step

Why America needs to beat itself up a little more over the Iraq War.

Michael A. Cohen |

Reality Check

So You Want to Be a Peacemaker?

Here are 11 lessons to keep in mind if you want to have any hope of solving the Middle East's most intractable conflict.

Aaron David Miller |

Photo Essay

Once Upon a Time in Baghdad

71 years before the war that nearly destroyed it.

Marya Hannun |

Rational Security

The Illogic of Iraq

Explaining one of history's most egregious strategic non sequiturs.

John Arquilla |


To COIN or Not?

A decade later, what lessons haven't we learned from the war in Iraq that we should?

J. Dana Stuster |


Ends and Means

A decade later, what lessons haven't we learned from the war in Iraq that we should?

J. Dana Stuster |


A Personal History, An American History

How one Marine's diary helps us understand the Iraq war.

Peter Maass |


Learning Curve

'Never Again' is the wrong lesson to draw from the Iraq war.

James Dobbins |


The Iraq War That Might Have Been

Ten years on, newly published secret documents shed new light on potential turning points the United States missed.

Michael R. Gordon |

Rational Security

Smaller Is Smarter

Military drawdowns have driven innovation for millennia.

John Arquilla |

Terms of Engagement

How Not to Repair a Broken Pot

The lesson of Iraq isn't that American intervention only makes things worse; it's that there's a smarter way to do it.

James Traub |

Gordon Adams

Military Review

How Chuck Hagel can show the generals who's boss.

Gordon Adams |


Who's Winning the Great Energy Rat Race?

China just passed the United States as the world's leading oil importer. America should be happy to be No. 2.

Robin M. Mills |

Jeffrey Lewis

It's Not You, It's Me

America's nukes are designed to comfort us, not scare the enemy.

Jeffrey Lewis |


A Very Special Envoy

Why Obama should make Dennis Rodman his man in Pyongyang. Seriously.

Joel Wit |

Dept Of Secrets

A Clear View from Foggy Bottom

How State Department analysts  -- and no one else -- foresaw the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

William Burr |

Rational Security

Caveat Preemptor

How Obama has adopted the Bush doctrine.

John Arquilla |


Alone in the Desert

How Camus explains France's troubling intervention in Mali.

Robert Zaretsky |

Slide Show

The Evolution of Uncle Sam

How U.S. military recruitment posters have changed over the past 150 years.

Slide Show |


Pilgrims and Idiots

How celebrities should handle visits to authoritarian countries in today's world.

Arch Puddington |


Stalin Lives

The Soviet dictator died six decades ago. But Russians have yet to say farewell.

Masha Lipman |


What Is Egypt?

As America's new secretary of state arrives in Cairo, it's still not clear the United States knows what it's dealing with.

Steven A. Cook |


While America Slept

How the United States botched China's rise.

Kishore Mahbubani |


Power Shot

A rare photograph sheds new light on China’s most important social network.

John Garnaut |


Cleaning up a Dirty War

What America's anti-torture advocates can learn from Argentina's darkest days.

Alexandra Starr |