Photo Essay

Once Upon a Time in Seoul

Remarkable images of South Korea, before Samsung and PSY.

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |

Christian Caryl

The First Lab Results Are In

Democracy Lab is celebrating its first anniversary. Here are some of the things we've learned over the past year -- and where we're headed in year two.

Christian Caryl |


Why Combat Matters

Are you kidding me? Of course it's important that Hagel fought in Vietnam.

Lawrence J. Korb |


Saying UnSorry

Will Japan's new prime minister really take back his country's apology for World War II?

Robert Whiting |


The Republic of Port Said

An insurrection along the Suez Canal represents the greatest threat yet to the Muslim Brotherhood's rule in Egypt.

Evan C. Hill |


A Maritime Balkans of the 21st Century?

East Asia is a tinderbox on water.

Kevin Rudd |

Think Again

Think Again: Immigration

After Republicans' election-year drubbing, the United States has an historic opportunity to fix its broken immigration system. And the arguments against reform simply don't hold up anymore.

Shannon O’Neil |

Case Studies

Paving the Way for Mandela's Election

Organizing the first post-apartheid election in 1994 took a lot of logistical planning and political inclusion. But it also took a lot of creativity in finding  solutions to the numerous problems that arose.

Amy Mawson |

Rational Security

America in Recline

Obama's foreign policy leans back from the world.

John Arquilla |


The Revolution Continues

Egypt is witnessing the slow-motion collapse of a stagnant and brutal political order.

Charles Holmes |


The Political Afterlife of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chávez has left a profound mark on Venezuela. But how much of his legacy will remain when he’s gone?

Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez |


Obama's Moment of Truth on Iran

Congratulations, Mr. President. Now it's time to make good on your promise to engage Iran.

Reza Marashi |

The List

Unclenched Fists

When it comes to foreign policy, these are the six most significant inaugural addresses in U.S. history.

Ty McCormick |


Beyond Al Qaeda

As Western countries rush into Africa's troubled Sahel region, are we once again forgetting history?

Howard W. French |


Turing Test

Can you beat the father of artificial intelligence at Monopoly?

Michael Peck |


Crying for Argentina

From populism to liberalism and back again: Argentina's economic policy makers are still looking for a formula that works.

Albert Fishlow |


A More Sacred Union

How two words -- forged nearly a century ago -- help explain France's military intervention in Mali.

Robert Zaretsky |

Micah Zenko

The 3:00 AM Call

Why aren't we asking Hagel about the stuff the SecDef actually does?

Micah Zenko |


Channeling Ike

The national security memo that Eisenhower would write Hagel.

Michael J. Mazarr |


Civil Savant

How Andrew Marshall has shaped our world.

John Arquilla |


Chuck Hagel's Biggest Task

Obama's new defense secretary will first and foremost need to get the Asia pivot right.

James Holmes |


Bench Press

It doesn't matter that Chuck Hagel is a Republican -- or even a defense expert.

Lawrence J. Korb |


Eve of Disaster

Why 2013 eerily looks like the world of 1913, on the cusp of the Great War.

Charles Emmerson |


Gorging on Investment, Choking on Red Tape

Academic economists usually air their new ideas first in working papers. Here, before the work gets dusty, a quick look at transition policy research in progress.

Peter Passell |


The Songs of Angry Men

Can Les Misérables help us understand why some revolutions succeed and others barely get off the ground?

Erin M. Simpson |


Let Them Eat Grass

What do Weibots think about China's Great Famine?

Murong Xuecun |


We're All Declinist Pundits These Days; Recession-Proof

FP's "Who Won the Great Recession?" package elicits reflections on U.S.-China power dynamics and how to succeed in business during hard times.

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |