International Organizations


The Exclusion Zone

G-20 leaders are out of ideas and out of touch. No wonder their citizens are so angry.

Michael J. Casey |

The List

The Dictator Hunter's Wanted List

9 former autocrats and bad guys that should be made to pay for their crimes.

Reed Brody |


Egypt's Subsidy Blues

When Egypt's next rulers finally tackle urgently needed economic reform, they should look to an unlikely model: Iran.

Peter Passell |


No More Half Measures

A compromise solution that removes Syria's Bashar al-Assad but replaces him with a crony is now fully off the table. It's time for Washington to back the opposition.

Daniel Byman |

Christian Caryl

The Devil They Know

Why the West shouldn't expect Russia's policy on Syria to change anytime soon.

Christian Caryl |

The List

Will India Ever Really Be America's Partner?

Ten big things Washington is still waiting on from New Delhi.

Christopher Clary |

Slide Show

Where Have All the Blue Helmets Gone?

A look at the Third World troops who fight the U.N.'s wars.

Colum Lynch |

Slide Show

The World in Photos This Week

An  ex-president is convicted, England celebrates, and Angela Merkel feeds a penguin.

Slide Show |


Syria Is Not a Problem from Hell

But if we don't act quickly, it will be.

Anne-Marie Slaughter |

Briefing Book

Are We Focusing on the Wrong Nuclear Threat?

Americans are wringing their hands about the grave threat that a nuclear Iran would pose to the United States. But the numbers tell a different story.

Victor Asal and Bryan Early |


Two Worlds, One Climate

Forget Kyoto. There’s a much better way to persuade the developing world to fight climate change.

Peter Passell |

Christian Caryl

In the Crosshairs

Why controlling the international arms trade can help to build stable societies.

Christian Caryl |


Dereliction of Duty

Despite the rhetoric, the NATO summit offers no concrete plan to protect Afghan rights.

Kenneth Roth |


Europe's Big Fat Greek Heart Attack

A diet can't save them now. Time to get that defibrillator ready.

Mohamed A. El-Erian |


Status Update

With the stroke of a pen, a new bill in Congress could slash the number of Palestinian refugees -- and open a world of controversy.

Jonathan Schanzer |


Promise Keepers

It's time for the leaders of the G-8 nations to live up to their commitment to help the world's poor help themselves.

Raymond C. Offenheiser |


Lost at Sea

Can the Obama administration succeed where its predecessors failed on the Law of the Sea treaty?

James Kraska |


Portrait of The Hague as a Young Court

As Ratko Mladic goes on trial for war crimes at The Hague today, graphic artist Joe Sacco takes us back to the international tribunal's early days.

Joe Sacco |


The Global Middle Class Is Bigger Than We Thought

A new way of measuring prosperity has enormous implications for geopolitics and economics.

Shimelse Ali |


Kick Russia Out of the G-8

If Putin doesn't want to come to Camp David, fine. He doesn't belong there anyway.

Anders Åslund |


The FP Survey: The Future of NATO

Does the 63-year-old alliance still matter today? We asked politicians, scholars, and other observers from both sides of the Atlantic to weigh in.

Allison Good |


The Ravenous Dragon and the Fruits of Adversity

Academic economists usually air their new ideas first in working papers. Here, before the work gets dusty, a quick look at transition policy research in progress.

Peter Passell |


The Silence in Sudan

Why did the United Nations stop reporting atrocities in Darfur?

Colum Lynch |

Terms of Engagement

The Accidental Peacemaker

China now finds itself on the side of peace in a brewing border conflict between Sudan and South Sudan. But is it really committed to stopping its old buddy, Bashir?

James Traub |


"Captains Stay with Their Crew"

Most of the Americans charged by Egypt in the NGO affair have since left the country. But one, Robert Becker, decided to stay and face the music.

Mohamed Fadel Fahmy |


Where Democracy Is America’s Second Choice

For Washington, democracy promotion in Yemen continues to take a back seat to the fight against Al-Qaeda.

Francisco Martin-Rayo |

Christian Caryl

Lying to Tell the Truth

Saving the world is no excuse for fudging the facts.

Christian Caryl |


Congratulations and Condolences

The conviction of Charles Taylor is welcome news. But don’t be fooled: The international criminal justice system is in deep trouble.

Christopher Stephen |