International Organizations

Terms of Engagement

Continental Divide

Do Europeans believe in the European Union enough to save it?

James Traub |

Terms of Engagement

The Nuclear Options

Barack Obama's Iran policy is frustrating, slow-moving, and fraught with uncertainty. But have you taken a look at the alternatives?

James Traub |


20 Things the G-20 Could Have Done -- But Didn't

As the Cannes caucus begins, here's what would have saved the world economy -- and Barack Obama's job.

David Rothkopf |


Outside the Law

From flawed beginning to bloody end, the NATO intervention in Libya made a mockery of international law.

Eric A. Posner |


The Man Who Knew Too Much

Libyans may be celebrating the killing of Muammar al-Qaddafi, but you'd better believe that Western governments are breathing a sigh of relief themselves.

David Rieff |


Did Qaddafi's End Justify the Means?

How Libya changed the face of humanitarian intervention -- an FP roundtable.

Charles Homans |


U.N. Rips Iran's Human Rights Record in New Report

An important reminder that the Islamic Republic's greatest victims are its own citizens.

Barbara Slavin |


Twilight of the Wise Man

The 2012 election may well mark the last gasp of the Republican foreign-policy establishment. But what’s more remarkable is that it lasted as long as it did.

Jacob Heilbrunn |

The List

The Price of Failure

How much has the collapse of Somalia cost the world? $55 billion -- and here's where it went.

John Norris |

Photo Essay

South Africa's Dictator Dance

South Africa was once celebrated as a champion for human rights. So why are Mandela's heirs engaging with some of the world's most dubious characters?

Suzanne Merkelson |


Atomic Dogs

Why can't the world's nuclear energy watchdog do anything about Fukushima or Iran's weapons program? I went to find out.

Konstantin Kakaes |


Doha Is Dead

But do we really need multilateral institutions anymore to kick-start international trade?

Lawrence Herman |


Bank Shot

The eurozone's banking crisis is on the verge of becoming a global economic catastrophe. But do the economic heavyweights meeting in Washington this week know what to do about it?

Mohamed A. El-Erian |


Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed

Palestine may be fragmented. But let's remember whose fault that is.

Mouin Rabbani |


Humpty Dumpty Palestine

Even if the United Nations grants Palestine statehood this September, it's far from looking -- or acting -- like a real, functioning state.

Aaron David Miller |


Train Wreck in Turtle Bay

Palestinian leaders are headed for a dangerous confrontation at the U.N. that will only leave everyone worse off. Can anyone stop this runaway train?

Ziad J. Asali |

Deep Dive

The Icarus Zone

Never before has a monetary union been so full of anticipation and hype. Should we have known that the euro would buckle?

David Marsh |

Deep Dive

An Exorbitant Burden

Why keeping the dollar as the world's reserve currency is a massive drag on the struggling U.S. economy.

Michael Pettis |

Deep Dive

The Buck Stays Here

Why the dollar isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Daniel W. Drezner |

Deep Dive

Dreaming of SDRs

Why the IMF's long dreamed-of Special Drawing Rights will always be the currency of the future.

David Bosco |

Deep Dive

The Multilateral Vacuum

If Washington can't get the Chinese to revalue their currency, can international institutions be of any help?

Phil Levy |


Humanitarian Inquisition

Does success in Libya prove that the "responsibility to protect" works, or has it opened a Pandora's box of shaky precedent?

David Bosco |


Don't Call It a Comeback

Four reasons why Libya doesn't equal success for NATO.

Kurt Volker |


Come Together

Leaders struggling to fix a world spiraling out of control are turning to international institutions. Are they up to the task?

David Bosco |


The Black Hawk Down Effect

We all know what went wrong the last time the international community tried to end a crisis in Somalia. But we've forgotten what went right.

John L. Hirsch |


The Post-Fukushima Arms Race?

The ironic consequence of Japan's disaster might be a more dangerous global nuclear landscape.

Henry Sokolski |

The Optimist

Famine Is a Crime

Civilization has defeated mass starvation. So why are so many Somalis dying of hunger?

Charles Kenny |


A Continent, Sinking

Europe's financial crisis is a Titanic moment, threatening to bring down not only the EU's major economies, but its political raison d'être. Is it too late to save the ship?

Steven Erlanger |


Cambodia's Kangaroo Court

Why isn't the U.N. tribunal to prosecute genocidal Khmer Rouge war criminals going after more bad guys?

Mike Eckel |

Terms of Engagement

A Just War, and an Unfinished One

Recognizing Libya's rebels was the right move by the United States and its allies -- but it's not the only one they have to make.

James Traub |