Swiss Cheese

The EU's "strong" sanctions on Iran are full of holes, but might they be enough to prevent the U.S. going to war?

Benjamin Weinthal |


Don't Assume Iran Is the Greatest Threat

Five other dangers that deserve our immediate attention.

Daniel Byman |

Reality Check

Want Closure? Go Talk to Dr. Phil.

You won't find it on the Iranian nuclear issue.

Aaron David Miller |

Rational Security

Syrian Stalemate

Why Bashar al-Assad will never defeat the rebels.

John Arquilla |


Vital Animal Spirits

Biden and Ryan skip policy to show off their muscles.

R. Jeffrey Smith at the Center for Public Integrity |


With Friends Like These…

How the sanctions might hurt America's potential allies inside Iran.

Djavad Salehi-Isfahani |


Red Lines in the Sand

Israel's credibility problem on Iran.

Graham Allison |


Will Iran Weather the Economic Storm?

The depreciation of the rial is unlikely to change Iran's foreign-policy calculations.

Patrick Clawson |


Is Iraq an Iranian Proxy?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Safa al-Sheikh |


China's Oil Investment Is Not a Threat

The Chinese purchase of a Canadian oil company is something U.S. officials should welcome, not fear.

Erica Downs |


The Sanctions Conundrum

Some say the sanctions against Tehran are working. But wasn't the Iranian economy already a basket case?

Peter Passell |

Reality Check

Enough Already

When it comes to Israel, neither Obama nor Romney is as good or bad as American Jews think.

Aaron David Miller |

David Rothkopf

A Truly Credible Military Threat to Iran

The Israelis and the Americans are zeroing in on a strike option that has a real chance of deterring the mullahs -- and defusing Mitt Romney's attacks.

David Rothkopf |

Photo Essay

Like Every Day

Shadi Ghadirian's unique take on the inner lives of Iranian women.

Photo Essay |

The List

The 50-50 Club

Why pundits love splitting the difference on their predictions.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


The Rial World

No, the Iran sanctions are not working.

Yousaf Butt |


Inside Bibi's Bunker

How Israel's prime minister is stacking his cabinet for a strike on Iran.

Chuck Freilich |


The Real Reason Energy Traders Are Losing Sleep

This time, it's Western politicians, not Arabian sheikhs, who are roiling the oil markets.

Blake Clayton |

Slide Show

Battle in the Bazaar

It's no wonder protesters in Iran head for the marketplace.

Slide Show |


The Case for Humility

Why Israel and the United States should keep their disagreements to themselves.

David Makovsky |

Rational Security

President Kennedy vs. the Mullahs

What the Cuban Missile Crisis can teach us about stopping Iran.

John Arquilla |


The Great Persian Firewall

Should we care that Iran just turned off Google?

Art Keller |


The Entebbe Option

How the U.S. military thinks Israel might strike Iran.

Mark Perry |


Terrorists No More

An Iranian group's lobbying campaign to get removed from the U.S. list of terror organizations looks to be a success. But what does that say about the state of politics in Washington?

Danielle Pletka |

Briefing Book

Eight Ways to Deal With Iran

The Iranian nuclear program is a complex threat to international peace and stability. In this ambitious paper, former national security advisor Stephen J. Hadley says that stopping it requires an equally complex and sophisticated strategy.

Stephen J. Hadley |


Smart Sanctions

Actually, Obama's Iran policy is working great.

Alireza Nader |


How to Save the Regime in Tehran

Shirin Ebadi, Iran's leading human rights activist, explains why on attack on the country's nuclear program is just what the mullahs have been yearning for.

Nazila Fathi |


Breakfast with Ahmadinejad

Iran's president meets the press.

Susan B. Glasser |


What Is Iran Doing in Syria?

The reason the Quds Force is talking about supporting Bashar al-Assad.

Ali Alfoneh |


Red Lines over Iran

Mitt Romney has adopted Benjamin Netanyahu's dangerous timetable for war.

Samuel R. Berger |