Iran Watch


Missing Mahmoud

Don’t snicker. Once President Ahmadinejad is gone, there’ll be no one left to stand up to Iran's mullahs.

Reza Aslan |


The Art of the Deal

Why the CIA needs a diplomat, not a spy, to lead it.

Andy Johnson |


Will Iran Weather the Economic Storm?

The depreciation of the rial is unlikely to change Iran's foreign-policy calculations.

Patrick Clawson |

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Battle in the Bazaar

It's no wonder protesters in Iran head for the marketplace.

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The Entebbe Option

How the U.S. military thinks Israel might strike Iran.

Mark Perry |


Red, Red Lines

Israel's threats to Iran are making matters worse. If anyone is going to attack, it better be the U.S.

Colin H. Kahl, Matthew Irvine, and Melissa G. Dalton |

The List

Target: Iran

A closer look at the six facilities that could mean the difference between war and peace.

Uri Friedman |

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Romney: Year One

What would happen if you took Mitt Romney's foreign-policy promises extremely literally?

Daniel Drezner |

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Sailing the Strait of Hormuz

An inside tour of a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

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