Reality Check

Been There, Done That

Let's hold the applause. Obama's trip to Israel was nothing new.

Aaron David Miller |


Demonstration Effect

Obama shows Netanyahu and Abbas -- and their people -- how it's done.

Warren Bass |


Cowboys vs. Kippot

The awesome sci-fi novel about U.S. relations with Israel -- in an alternate acid-trip universe.

Michael Peck |


Crowdsourcing Peace

By going over the heads of Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Obama is demanding that their people step up.

Hussein Ibish |


Nice Speech, Mr. President

Obama said all the right things in Jerusalem. Now what?

Daniel Levy |

The List

The 10 Commandments of Visiting Israel

The old commandments helped the Israelites survive the desert. A set of new ones may help Obama survive the Israelis.

Oren Kessler |


What Obama Must Do in Israel

It’s time to stop focusing on personalities and get down to the more important business of identifying common interests.

Samuel R. Berger |

Reality Check

So You Want to Be a Peacemaker?

Here are 11 lessons to keep in mind if you want to have any hope of solving the Middle East's most intractable conflict.

Aaron David Miller |

David Rothkopf

The Deliverable-in-Chief

Is Obama’s light-footprint diplomacy inviting tomorrow’s problems?

David Rothkopf |


Unilateral Peace

It's time for Israel to move toward a two-state solution, alone if necessary.

Amos Yadlin |

Reality Check

Israel's Demographic Destiny

Israel can be Jewish, democratic, or a state in control of the Palestinian territories. Choose two.

Aaron David Miller |


Who's Winning the Great Energy Rat Race?

China just passed the United States as the world's leading oil importer. America should be happy to be No. 2.

Robin M. Mills |

Reality Check

Is Oslo Dead?

The peace process's two top negotiators reflect on the 20 years since their fleeting triumph.

Aaron David Miller |

Dept Of Secrets

A Clear View from Foggy Bottom

How State Department analysts  -- and no one else -- foresaw the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

William Burr |

In Other Words

'Homeland' in the Holy Land

A TV thriller taps into Israel's collective subconscious.

Debra Kamin |


It’s Not an Intifada

Palestinians aren't ready to rise up -- yet.

Jonathan Schanzer |

David Rothkopf

Does John Kerry Matter?

Why Obama's new secretary of state might not have much room to run.

David Rothkopf |


Israel's Script Turns Sour

Hollywood used to portray Israelis as heroic and brave. Today, it's films about the brutality of the occupation that make it to the silver screen.

Lisa Goldman |


You Don't Know Chuck

Who said it: Sen. Hagel or the Shin Bet?

J. Dana Stuster |


Israelis Love to Argue...

And four other tips for Barack Obama’s first presidential visit to Israel.

Natan Sachs |


Europe's Hezbollah Problem

In the wake of the Bulgarian bombing investigation, will the European Union finally designate Hezbollah a terrorist group?

Benjamin Weinthal |

Reality Check

The Peace Processor

An interview with Palestinian negotiator-in-chief Saeb Erekat.

Aaron David Miller |

Reality Check

Second Time's the Charm?

Congratulations, John Kerry. You own the peace process now. Here's how not to screw it up.

Aaron David Miller |


Israel's New Kingmaker

Yair Lapid's critics have dismissed the former TV personality as vapid and uninformed. They couldn't be more wrong.

Neri Zilber |

Think Again

Think Again: The Muslim Brotherhood

How did so many Western analysts get Egypt's Islamist movement so wrong?

Eric Trager |


Israel's January Surprise

The pundits were wrong: Israeli voters aren't lurching to the right.

Jonathan Schanzer |

Reality Check

Learning to Live with Bibi

Netanyahu's back, and Barack Obama needs to find a way to work with him this time around.

Aaron David Miller |


The Man Who Brought Down Bibi

Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself besieged by a resurgent Israeli left and an old ally-turned-rival on the right.

Nicolas Pelham |


Missing Peace

Israelis aren't rejecting the peace process this election season. They're acknowledging that a solution is impossible without a credible Palestinian partner.

Douglas J. Feith |

Slide Show

Shaking Hands, Kissing <i>Tinokot</i>

Israeli pols hit the trail from Haifa to Hebron in search of votes ahead of next Tuesday's election.

Slide Show |