The Case Against Benjamin Netanyahu

Ehud Olmert may decide not to run against Benjamin Netanyahu this time around. But either way, he’s betting that crossing an American president will have political consequences in Israel.

Blake Hounshell |


How Israel Lost Europe

How Benjamin Netanyahu lost friends and Mahmoud Abbas influenced people.

Jonathan Schanzer |


Bibi Can't Lose

It's Benjamin Netanyahu's Israel. All of his rivals just live in it.

Natan B. Sachs |


State of Confusion

Why Mahmoud Abbas’s U.N. statehood bid is great for Israel -- and the United States.

Ephraim Sneh |


Launch Your Own Gaza War

Help us field-test 'A Reign of Missiles.'

Michael Peck |


Twice As Rice

Who said it: Condoleezza or Susan?

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |

Reality Check

The Peace Process Tooth Fairy

How Morsy, Hamas, and Bibi stole the peace process.

Aaron David Miller |

Terms of Engagement

Life Inside the Iron Dome

Why President Obama shouldn't accept Israel's policy of defensiveness and despair.

James Traub |


Overdone Turkey

The hype about Ankara as a regional leader is way overblown.

Steven A. Cook |

By Other Means

On Pilgrims and Zionists

Why I’m thankful America didn’t turn out like Israel.

Rosa Brooks |

Slide Show

Bearing Witness

Exclusive photographs from inside besieged Gaza.

Mosa'ab Elshamy |


Israel 2012 vs. London 1944

What the buzz bomb can tell us about Iron Dome.

Michael Peck |


The More Things Change

Advances in Israeli weaponry haven't led to advances in Israeli strategy.

Jeffrey White |


The Re-Pivot

Forget Asia. It's time for Obama to put his focus back on the Middle East.

Martin Indyk |


Strategic Overreach

Emboldened by the Arab Spring's Sunni wave, Hamas has overplayed its hand in Gaza. But can its newly empowered neighbors tamp the fire?

Jonathan Spyer |

Slide Show

Gaza Burning

Scenes from the latest flare-up in the forever war.

Sulome Anderson |


Rockets' Red Glare

No, Iron Dome does not prove that "Star Wars" was right.

Yousaf Butt |


Still Think Middle East Peace Doesn't Matter?

Gaza's radiating instability proves once again that Palestine is at the center of the region's problems.

Steven A. Cook |


Winning the Stalemate

In Gaza, both sides are benefitting from the violence.

Daniel Byman |

Reality Check

How Hamas Won the War

It doesn’t really matter if Israel wins the battle.

Aaron David Miller |

David Rothkopf

Reasons to Be Thankful

Bubba, the fiscal swamp, after Gaza... the list goes on and on. 

David Rothkopf |


Words Are Weapons of Mass Destruction

Why Hamas should watch its language.

David Keyes |


A Pillar of Problems

Eight questions about the Israel-Gaza conflict we still don't have a good handle on.

Jonathan Schanzer |


Emergency Routine

Israelis are once again going to war, even as they admit no sweeping victories are on the horizon.

Neri Zilber |


The Peace Process Isn't Dead

The brewing war in Gaza shows why the United States must make a renewed effort to bring Israelis and Palestinians together.

Daniel Kurtzer |


Is J Street Winning?

This election showed that the Democratic Party's views toward Israel are changing in some disturbing ways.

Steven J. Rosen |


Relationship Advice

Don't believe the loose talk of Barack Obama exacting vengeance on Benjamin Netanyahu -- the two leaders need each other too much to let old grudges get in the way.

David Makovsky |


Rights and Responsibility

The candidates may disagree on some human rights issues, but the next president will face challenges that transcend partisan lines.

Kenneth Roth |


Bibi's Mistake

Netanyahu hopes his new superparty will give him the stable majority he's always wanted. But joining forces with the far right could turn out to be a political disaster.

Michael Koplow |