The Chinese Military Can 'Fight Any Battle and Win'

A conversation on tensions among China, Japan, and the United States.

Ely Ratner |


China Might Actually Seize Japan's Southern Islands

It's not as crazy as you think-- and here's how the United States and Japan can prevent it from happening.

James Holmes |

Situation Report

FP's Situation Report: Only measured success on Ukraine political talks

Denny Blair to Sasakawa; Breedlove back to Europe; Why Asia Pacific countries are scared to share; Weapons spending creeps upward; and a bit more.

Gordon Lubold |


When Bygones Were Bygones

Today, China and Japan are at each other’s throats, but 30 years ago they were like old friends. What happened?

Sergey Radchenko |


Eastward, Ho!

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has big implications for Asia's energy future.

Keith Johnson |


Why Is Japan So … Different?

A brief history of leaving China, becoming the other, and turning Japanese.

David Pilling |

Christian Caryl

Dropping the Political F-Bomb

Nowadays, it seems, everyone's a fascist. Here's a handy guide to identifying the real thing.

Christian Caryl |


Japan's Nuclear Fever

How powerful political forces have kept the Japanese nuclear industry going strong after the Fukushima disaster

Douglas Birch |


You Can't Go Home Again

Is the Japanese government finally giving up on resettling Fukushima’s radioactive ghost town?

Eliza Strickland |


Unarmed Guards, Bogus Terror Drills, and 96 Tons of Plutonium

Three years after Fukushima, Japanese officials insist their nuclear facilities are safe. They're not.

Douglas Birch |


Problems Persist at Fukushima

250,000 tons of radioactive soil is sitting in plastic bags around the nuclear plant -- and Japan doesn't know what to do with it.

Laurie Garrett |


Japan's Nuclear Hangover

Tokyo is looking for new energy supplies after Fukushima. And that could mean bad news for Beijing.

Keith Johnson |


National Stupidity

In international politics, pride goeth before a fall.

Stephen M. Walt |

Tea Leaf Nation

The Friend of My Friend Is My Rival

Why China says Japan's prime minister is "hugging the Buddha's foot" on his Africa trip.

Liz Carter |


Ace of Base

Can Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe finally close down a problematic U.S. air station in Okinawa?

Trefor Moss |


Spirited Away

Why Shinzo Abe's visit to a Tokyo shrine could make his lousy relations with Beijing much worse.

Isaac Stone Fish |

The List

Untangling the Chinese Bond Knot

Five ways that Beijing could get rid of its dependence on U.S. debt.

Derek Scissors |

Micah Zenko

Conflict Avoidance

President Obama's National Security Strategy aims to prevent the emergence of wars. So why won't the White House get behind its own strategy?

Micah Zenko |


The Seven Deadly Sins of Foreign Policy

Lust, sloth, and wrath are even worse when states do them -- right, Machiavelli?

Stephanie Carvin |


Economic Experiments and the Battle for East Asia

Why the race for dominance in East Asia is about economic strength, not military power.

Ely Ratner |



Has Obama given up on the Asia pivot?

Alex N. Wong |


Amateur Hour

Caroline Kennedy might have gotten softball questions at her Senate confirmation hearing, but don’t expect the Japanese to go as easy on her.

David Leheny |


Spy Drones, Disputed Islands, and Diplomatic Firestorms

Japan's defense minister talks to Foreign Policy.

Isaac Stone Fish |


The Drone War Comes to Asia

How China sparked a dangerous unmanned arms race.

Shawn Brimley |

David Rothkopf

Pacific Standard

America needs to learn from Asia or get used to following it.

David Rothkopf |


The Land of the Sinking Sun

Is Japan’s military weakness putting America in danger?

Philippe de Koning |

Reality Check

Experts, Shmexperts

Let's not be so quick to prejudge Caroline Kennedy's appointment as U.S. ambassador to Japan.

Aaron David Miller |

David Rothkopf

Tokyo Drift

Naming Caroline Kennedy ambassador to Japan sends a terrible message about America.

David Rothkopf |


The Wild Card

Is popular Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe trying to rewrite history with a radical nationalist new constitution?

Kirk Spitzer |


Aiding and Abetting

Why are the United States and Japan still giving tens of millions of dollars in aid to China?

Isaac Stone Fish |