Gatekeeper of the Jihad

Meet the Jordanian cleric who's sending young men to fight and die in Syria's civil war.

Brian Katulis |


Go Big or Go Home

Eastern Europe's lesson for the countries of the Arab Spring: economic reform is best served quickly.

Dalibor Rohac |


Jordan's Simmering Spring

Enough compromise. Jordanians are tired of being the good kids on the block.

Jonathan Schienberg |


Away Game

Female soccer players are rewriting the rules for women's sports in the Middle East.

Chris Stephen |


The 5-Star Tent Village

Life is hard for the millions of Syrians fleeing war. But it's a bit easier at the gleaming Emirati-funded refugee camp in Jordan.

Neri Zilber |


A Friend in Need

As Syria implodes, the United States and its allies need to help Jordan help itself.

Joseph P. Hoar |

The List

The Stories You Missed

What happened around the world while the world was watching Boston.

J. Dana Stuster |


China’s Glass Ceiling

Sure, the Middle Kingdom is becoming a superpower, but it's always going to be No. 2.

Geoff Dyer |


Marching Through the Monarchies

Two years after the Arab Spring awoke demons and democracy in the Middle East, I went to see whether changes had roiled the lands of royals.

Emma Sky |


Still Think Middle East Peace Doesn't Matter?

Gaza's radiating instability proves once again that Palestine is at the center of the region's problems.

Steven A. Cook |


The Secret of Islamist Success

Islamist political parties aren't succeeding in the Middle East because they stand for Islam. It's because they have a well-established political brand.

Dalibor Rohac |

Christian Caryl

Where the Arab Spring Has Not Yet Sprung

The spirit of rebellion continues to simmer in the Middle East and North Africa. But you won’t see much about it in the headlines.

Christian Caryl |


Wait, You Still Don't Like Us?

Why the Muslim world hasn't warmed toward America over the past four years.

Richard Wike |


The Syrian Spillover

Is anyone prepared for the unintended consequences of the war for Syria?

Daniel L. Byman |


The Real Reason to Intervene in Syria

Cutting Iran's link to the Mediterranean Sea is a strategic prize worth the risk.

James P. Rubin |

The List

Romney: Year One

What would happen if you took Mitt Romney's foreign-policy promises extremely literally?

Daniel Drezner |

In Box

A Better Dictator

If you have to live under an authoritarian regime, which kind is best?

Joshua E. Keating |

Slide Show

Home Away From Homs

Syrians fleeing the violence have been left stranded in the no-man's land of refugee camps.

Slide Show |

Terms of Engagement

A Revolution, with Qualifications

What the naysayers got right about the Arab Spring.

James Traub |


The Cynical Dairy Farmer's Guide to the New Middle East

How a couple of cows explain a changing region: equal opportunity offender edition.

Karim Sadjadpour |

The List

Underground and in the Closet

The state of the gay Middle East.

David Kenner |

Terms of Engagement

Cairo 1.5

The Arab world that Barack Obama addressed in his famous speech two years ago is history. It's time for him to speak to the new one.

James Traub |

Terms of Engagement

Slash and Burn

Congressional Republicans are bent on all but eliminating the U.S. government's foreign aid budget. And Defense Secretary Robert Gates may be the only one who can stop them.

James Traub |


The Ripple Effect

From Algeria to Iran and the countries in between, a look at how revolution fever is spreading across the Middle East.

David Kenner |

Terms of Engagement

The Post-Tunisia World

Last week's upheaval showed that citizens of the Arab world are willing and able to overthrow their dictators -- and the Obama administration has to figure out how it will respond when they do.

James Traub |

The List

The Next Tunisias

Five Arab states that are ripe for revolution.

David Kenner |

Terms of Engagement

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

The Forum for the Future was supposed to be an instrument of George W. Bush's Middle East freedom agenda. Seven years later, it embodies everything that was wrong with it -- and the Arab street is taking matters into its own hands.

James Traub |


The LWOT: Suicide bomber targets Sweden; Holder pushes back against criticism of stings

Foreign Policy and the New America Foundation bring you a twice weekly brief on the legal war on terror. You can read it on or get it delivered directly to your inbox -- just sign up here.

Andrew Lebovich |


The Silent Palestinian Refugee Crisis

Lebanon, which has long placed severe restrictions on the Palestinians in the country, may finally give them the rights they deserve.

Taylor Long |


Bipartisan Spring

Washington may be deeply polarized on domestic matters, but when it comes to foreign affairs, a remarkable consensus is taking shape.

Robert Kagan |