Unsung Heroes

Some of the world's bravest dissidents are pursuing their fight against injustice with little attention from the outside world. But that doesn't mean they aren't worth knowing about. Here's a list of remarkable people who rarely make it into the headlines.

Tom Malinowski |


How to Save the Regime in Tehran

Shirin Ebadi, Iran's leading human rights activist, explains why on attack on the country's nuclear program is just what the mullahs have been yearning for.

Nazila Fathi |


The Revolution in Tunisia Stalls

Even before last week's riots at the U.S. Embassy in Tunis, the progress of Tunisia's revolution was beginning to look rocky. Here's why.

Fadil Aliriza |


Learning Europe's Lessons in Africa

Why five East African countries are trying to follow in the European Union's footsteps -- minus the common currency.

Blair Glencorse and Charles Landow |

Case Studies

The Great Ballot Box Caper

How do you conduct an election when contending political forces don't agree on the rules? An unlikely study in compromise from Northern Ireland in 2005.

Michael Scharff |

Amy Zegart

No Easy Day for Secrecy

The Navy SEAL tell-all vs. our government's classification complex. 

Amy Zegart |

In Box

Targeted Killings: A Short History

How America came to embrace assassination.

Uri Friedman |

Trip Report

Kangaroo Court

The Obama administration has done much to clean up the legal mess in Guantánamo. But as the ongoing trial of a top al Qaeda suspects makes clear, it has not done nearly enough.

Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno |

Photo Essay

Rumble in the Jungle

As Brazil takes the lead in bringing infrastructure development to South America, indigenous communities are fighting for their way of life.

Noah Friedman-Rudovsky |


The Bully from Brazil

South America's superpower is shoving its weight around across the continent -- and the natives aren't exactly thrilled.

Jean Friedman-Rudovsky |

Christian Caryl

Plague of Thugs

Why Mideast dictators use hoodlums to suppress dissent.

Christian Caryl |


Train Wreck Along the Nile

The battle over Egypt's parliament is more than just a legislative disaster. It's a legal nightmare.

Nathan J. Brown |


Dereliction of Duty

A new U.N. report has highlighted Rwanda's responsibility for continuing conflict in the Congo. Washington's inaction is an outrage.

Jeffrey Tayler |


The Shots Heard Round the World

Why conservative economists are aghast at radical reforms by Argentina’s central bank.

Rick Rowden |


The Court of Last Resort

Will the ICC's next decade see the court expand the stop-start gains of its first 10 years?

Richard Dicker |


Prescription for Decline

The Supreme Court's ruling was a step in the right direction. But spiraling health-care costs could still doom America's recovery.

Will Marshall |

The List

The World's Most Meddlesome Supreme Courts

The United States isn't the only country where judges aren't exactly above the political fray.

Katie Cella |

The List

The Dictator Hunter's Wanted List

9 former autocrats and bad guys that should be made to pay for their crimes.

Reed Brody |


Up Close and Angry

The CIA's Sabrina De Sousa dishes on the Bush administration officials who ordered the botched extraordinary rendition operation -- or kidnapping, if you're an Italian judge -- that made her a wanted woman.

Jeff Stein |


The War for India's Internet

Why is the world's biggest democracy cracking down on Facebook and Google?

Rebecca MacKinnon |

Slide Show

Egypt's Revolutionary Soul-Searching

Cairo's revolutionaries take to the streets during a chaotic weekend.

Slide Show |


Syria Is Not a Problem from Hell

But if we don't act quickly, it will be.

Anne-Marie Slaughter |


Kill the Kill List

The Obama administration is grossly misreading international law when it comes to targeting terrorists.

Daphne Eviatar |


Getting Ready for Life after Castro

Managing the transition to a democratic Cuba: A user’s guide.

Jaime Suchlicki |


The Syrian Exodus

Today's gruesome car bomb attack in Damascus only adds to the worries of Syrians agonizing over whether to stay or flee.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


"Captains Stay with Their Crew"

Most of the Americans charged by Egypt in the NGO affair have since left the country. But one, Robert Becker, decided to stay and face the music.

Mohamed Fadel Fahmy |

FP Explainer

Gimme Shelter

So, how do you take refuge in an embassy, anyway?

Uri Friedman and Joshua Keating |