Bunker Mentality

Can the U.S. keep diplomats safe without turning embassies into fortresses?

Joshua E. Keating |

Obit Desk

Honoring Chris Stevens

How the U.S. ambassador killed this week in Benghazi would have handled Libya.

Jason Pack |


Libya's Downward Spiral

The country has been going to hell in a handbasket for months now. We just weren't paying attention.

Christopher S. Chivvis |

Terms of Engagement

The Tragic Optimism of an American Diplomat

Remembering Ambassador Chris Stevens and reflecting on the power of the United States to shape the new Middle East.

James Traub |


The Battle of the Shrines

The attack on the U.S. diplomats in Benghazi isn't the first time that Libya's ultraconservative Islamists have tried to shake things up. Can the country's nascent democracy rise to the challenge?

Sharron Ward |

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When Libya Loved America

Photos of a time when Libya's rebels proudly waved the stars and stripes. 

Slide Show |


It Ain't 1979 Anymore

Why this week's attacks on American embassies aren't the Iran hostage crisis all over again.

Ty McCormick |


Don't Give Up on the Arab Spring

Why America did the right thing in Libya -- and freedom will eventually win.

Shadi Hamid |


The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight

The Syrian National Council has failed to galvanize international support for the rebellion -- and it has only itself to blame.

Malik Al-Abdeh |


The Syrian Rebels' Libyan Weapon

Meet the Irish-Libyan commander giving Bashar al-Assad nightmares.

Mary Fitzgerald |


A Country with Fourteen Psychiatrists

Libya is trying to build a new democracy. But that's a tall order for a society plagued by bad memories.

Portia Walker |


The Ghost of Abu Yahya

The memory of the al Qaeda commander known as "the next Osama" lives on in a remote Libyan village.

Harald Doornbos |

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Hometown of a Terrorist

Images of a rare journey to Tesawa, the isolated Libyan village that reared Aby Yahu al-Libi, al Qaeda's once-feared second-in-command.

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Terms of Engagement

Baby Steps

With the slow but steady consolidation of militias and the success of moderate democratic parties, despite all odds, it seems like Libya might be on the right path.

James Traub |


Learning to Live With the Islamist Winter

What to make of the historic election results in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya -- and how the United States should respond.

Tamara Cofman Wittes |


A Current of Faith

As a divided Libya heads toward a historic vote, an Islamic "frame of reference" unites the country's political neophytes.

Mary Fitzgerald |


Qaddafi Lives

As Libya holds its first post-revolutionary elections, the Brother Leader's legacy is proving hard to overcome.

Alison Pargeter |


The Real Reason to Intervene in Syria

Cutting Iran's link to the Mediterranean Sea is a strategic prize worth the risk.

James P. Rubin |


Kill the Kill List

The Obama administration is grossly misreading international law when it comes to targeting terrorists.

Daphne Eviatar |


The FP Survey: The Future of NATO

Does the 63-year-old alliance still matter today? We asked politicians, scholars, and other observers from both sides of the Atlantic to weigh in.

Allison Good |


Congratulations and Condolences

The conviction of Charles Taylor is welcome news. But don’t be fooled: The international criminal justice system is in deep trouble.

Christopher Stephen |


Why Do They Hate Us?

The real war on women is in the Middle East.

Mona Eltahawy |

The List

The Heroines of the Arab World

Twelve women challenging their societies to change the status quo.

Allison Good |

In Other Words

The End of History in the New Libya

The Green Book is gone, but what will replace it?

Clare Morgana Gillis |

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Qaddafi's Classrooms

A tour of textbooks in Libya -- from the musings of the dictator's Green Book to the "democracy pamphlets" that have replaced it.

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In Box

Still the One

Muammar al-Qaddafi may be history in Libya, but in this remote African kingdom he reigns supreme.

Andrew Green |

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Smart Sanctions: A Short History

How a blunt diplomatic tool morphed into the precision-guided measures we know today.

Uri Friedman |

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The Qatar Bubble

Can this tiny, rich emirate really solve the Middle East's thorniest political conflicts?

Blake Hounshell |

Reality Check

The New Arab Oz

We’re not in Kansas anymore, and there is no yellow brick road to guide us to salvation.

Aaron David Miller |

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The Arab Spring's Best Photos

The Pulitzer committee gives a nod to the best chroniclers of the revolutions.

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