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The Zoolander Effect

The fashion industry's faux pas on global issues would be funny, if they weren't so tragically inept.

Suzanne Merkelson |


Berlusconi's Real Woman Problem

The exploitation goes far beyond a few underage girls.

James Walston |


Egypt's Foreigner Blame Game

Hosni Mubarak tries xenophobia to stay at the helm.

Peter Bouckaert |


The Al Jazeera Effect

The inside story of Egypt's TV wars and how Saudi Arabia could be next.

Hugh Miles |


Anatomy of a Dictatorship: Hosni Mubarak

The many repressions of Egypt's 30-year-president.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


The Al Jazeera Revolution

The satellite television station is seizing the message away from the bland propaganda of Arab autocrats.

Lawrence Pintak |


Raj to Riches

A literary festival sparks a fierce debate about Britain's colonial legacy -- and shows that Indian authors have much to offer the world.

Henry Foy |


The Global Threat to Press Freedom

Why access to information is the most important human rights issue of our time.

Lee Bollinger |


I Was a Rare Earths Day Trader

How a naval confrontation in the South China Sea created a global investment bubble -- and cost me half my life savings.

Jason Miklian |


Censorship Without Borders

China's campaign of intimidation in the run-up to the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo is just the tip of the iceberg. The regime's crackdown on freedom of speech is spreading to other countries as well.

Arch Puddington |


An Open Letter from El Diario

Ciudad Juárez's daily newspaper explains Mexico's conflict, beseeches the United States to change its policy, and mourns the deaths of its own.

Osvaldo Rodríguez Borunda |

The List

Who's Who in WikiLeaks

The world leaders embarrassed by Cablegate.

Max Strasser |


Holy WikiLeaks, Batman!

In Russia, Julian Assange can't tell them anything they don't know.

Julia Ioffe |


The Cedar Resistance

If the Obama administration is serious about confronting Iran, it must stand up for America's allies in Lebanon.

Josh Block |

Slide Show

Extra, Extra! Global Front Pages

From Obama to the Tea Party to marijuana, the world media tries to make sense of America's messy midterms.

Slide Show |


The World Weighs In

As Washington wakes up to a new shift in power, the world's press is trying to figure out what it means for them -- and whether Obama is still worth talking to.

Blake Hounshell |


Popping the Military's Classification Bubble

The vast majority of the WikiLeaks documents on Afghanistan shouldn't have been classified. I should know, I wrote some of them.

Scott Bohlinger |


The Revenge of the Novel

Mario Vargas Llosa, the new Nobel laureate, has always seen fiction as much more than just stories.

William Egginton |


The Death of Egypt's Free Press

In the run-up to November's parliamentary elections, President Hosni Mubarak's allies are silencing what remains of the independent media.

David Kenner |

Slide Show

Cliches of the Century

Ten easy ways to illustrate China vs. India -- and miss the point entirely.

Slide Show |


What Arabs Really Think About Iran

The Arab world might have soured on President Obama, but opinion polls show that they haven't rushed to embrace Iran.

David Pollock |


How Not to Get Played by Ahmadinejad

A reporter's guide to interviewing the Iranian president.

Barbara Slavin |


Who's Misreading Tehran?

Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett take issue with FP's "Misreading Tehran" package.

Andrew Swift |


How WikiLeaks Could Use Its Power for Good

Targeted leaks work better than document dumps.

Charli Carpenter |


Digital Diplomacy

So what if Hillary Clinton's "21st Century Statecraft" isn’t exactly reinventing international relations for the information age? It's still a worthy endeavor.

Sam duPont |


My Pen Pal, the Jihadist

How a young Virginia man charged with supporting terrorists in Somalia became my online sparring partner -- and why he is so dangerous.

Jarret Brachman |


Operation Roll Back Kuwaiti Freedom

This wealthy Gulf monarchy used to be a bright spot for freedom of speech in the Middle East. No longer.

Priyanka Motaparthy |


Interview: Marjane Satrapi

An acclaimed Iranian graphic artist and filmmaker tells FP why Iran is changing -- and how her stories have become a window into revolutionary Iran.

Golnaz Esfandiari |