Echoes of the Drug War

Even in Mexico's most elite locales, it's impossible to escape the reverberations of cartel violence.   

Christina Larson |


Taxing American Competitiveness

Why is Congress slapping fees on the most productive sectors of the U.S. economy?

Jacob F. Kirkegaard |

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Bicentennial Blues

It's Mexico's 200th, but amidst flooding and drug cartel violence, is it the right time to be celebrating?

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Small Wars

This Week at War: If Mexico Is at War, Does America Have to Win It?

What Hillary Clinton's remarks on the drug war mean for U.S. strategy.

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Five places saying "yes, in my backyard" to the nasty stuff that no one else wants.

Sylvie Stein |

Small Wars

This Week at War: Is Mexico's Drug War Doomed?

Learning to live with drug cartels -- and killer robots.

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Photo Essay

Blood on the Tracks

Photos from the dangerous journey to El Norte.

Felipe Jácome |

The List

The World's Worst Theme Parks

Where not to take the kids on your summer vacation.

Benjamin Pauker |


Stealing Colombia's Criminals

How extradition is ruining Latin America's courts, robbing victims of justice, and undermining the drug war.

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Politicians, oilmen, and green-energy boosters love to invoke the idea of energy security. None of them know what they're talking about.

Michael Levi |

Small Wars

This Week at War: Border Wars

What the four-stars are reading -- a weekly column from Small Wars Journal.

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Photo Essay

The Magnificent Migrants

Extraordinary photos of ordinary Mexicans.

Dulce Pinzón |


Time to Speak up on Military Abuse in Mexico

When Felipe Calderón comes to Washington this week, his army's troublesome human rights record should be front and center.

José Miguel Vivanco |


Creating New Soldiers in Mexico's Drug War

How U.S. drug policy is making Mexican cartels more deadly.

Marcelo Bergman |

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A Saint for Lost Souls

Mexico's increasingly destitute poor are turning to what the U.S. military calls a "death cult" for comfort.

D.E. Campbell |


Adios, Amigos

How Latin America stopped caring what the United States thinks.

Michael Shifter |

Photo Essay

Planet War

From the bloody civil wars in Africa to the rag-tag insurgiences in Southeast Asia, 33 conflicts are raging around the world today, and it’s often innocent civilians who suffer the most.

Kayvan Farzaneh |


What's Spanish for Quagmire?

Five myths that caused the failed war next door.

Jorge G. Castañeda |


Church and Narcostate

Mexico is at war with violence drug cartels that will stop at nothing to keep their dark trade going. Why is it taking so long for some Catholic clergy to speak out?

Roderic Ai Camp |


Futbol Tragedy

Sooner or later -- and probably sooner -- Mexicans are going to lose one of the few things they have left to brag about: their soccer dominance over the United States.

Andrés Martinez |


Letters: Mexico’s State of Affairs

Arturo Surakhan, Mexico's ambassador to the United States, thinks Sam Quinones's dire assessment of Mexico is dangerously misleading.

Katherine Yester |


2009: The Year America Discovered Mexico

Why is bad news from south of the border suddenly dominating U.S. headlines? Two words: nativism and nostalgia.

Andrés Martinez |


City Hall Fights Back

Mayor José Reyes Ferriz is putting his life on the line to save Ciudad Juárez from drug traffickers.

Monica Maggioni |


Reverse Migration Rocks Mexico

With the U.S. economy contracting rapidly, Mexican migrants are heading back south. But they're finding the homecoming isn't quite what they imagined.

Malcolm Beith |

Small Wars

This Week at War, No. 8

What the four-stars are reading -- a weekly column from Small Wars Journal.

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State of War

Mexico's hillbilly drug smugglers have morphed into a raging insurgency. Violence claimed more lives there last year alone than all the Americans killed in the war in Iraq. And there's no end in sight.

Sam Quinones |


The Narco State Next Door?

Mexico is fast becoming the central battleground in the war on drugs, but few in the United States seem to notice the worsening violence and corruption across the border.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


The Biggest Boomtowns

The 2008 Global Cities Index

Brad Amburn |

In Other Words

What They're Reading: Mexico's Love of the Local

Think books are dead? Take a trip to Mexico City, where a market for fiction, self-help, and political works is thriving. FP recently spoke with Mexico-based publishing executive Cristóbal Pera to find out why.

Kate Palmer |


How Slim Got Huge

Bill Gates is no longer the world's richest man. That honor now goes to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. But Slim's incredible fortune -- $59 billion and climbing -- is more than a story of one man's rise to riches. He is one of a growing list of tycoons from countries like China, India, and Russia who represent a new wave of wealth, power, and influence. Many are skilled businesspeople. But, in these fast-developing economies, being able to seize a political opportunity may count for a lot more.

Brian Winter |