Christian Caryl

What I Learned from Gerard Depardieu

The French actor's case is the exception that proves the rule: Citizenship still matters.

Christian Caryl |


Syrian Purgatory

As winter clutches northern Syria, thousands displaced by the civil war take cold comfort in a temporary tent city.

Steven Sotloff |

Special Report

Edge of the World

For one journalist embarking on a seven-year journey to retrace the footsteps of early humans, the biggest obstacles are man-made.

Paul Salopek |


You Can Check Out Anytime You Like...

Why the Cuban government's new law relaxing travel restrictions isn't what it's reported to be.

Yoani Sánchez |

Slide Show

The March to Mecca

Millions of Muslims from around the world begin the hajj -- a journey to the holy city of Mecca.

Slide Show |


To Leave or Not to Leave

President Hugo Chávez’s victory in the presidential election has some Venezuelans wondering whether it's time to leave.

Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez |

The Optimist

In Praise of Slums

Why millions of people choose to live in urban squalor.

Charles Kenny |


Sympathy for the Devil

Nostalgia for an ousted tyrant is on the rise in Ivory Coast.

Austin Merrill |


The Godfathers of Tunis

Tunisia’s new government has declared war on sleaze -- but that’s much easier said than done.

Fadil Aliriza |


Status Update

With the stroke of a pen, a new bill in Congress could slash the number of Palestinian refugees -- and open a world of controversy.

Jonathan Schanzer |


Getting Ready for Life after Castro

Managing the transition to a democratic Cuba: A user’s guide.

Jaime Suchlicki |


China's iPad Generation

Meet the children left behind when mommy and daddy go to the factory.

Deborah Jian Lee |


China's Left Behind Children

Breakneck growth has made China an economic miracle. But will the destruction of families prove to be too high a cost?

Deborah Jian Lee |

Terms of Engagement

Latin Lovers' Quarrel

Obama may be well-liked by the people of Latin America, but smiling and waving won't clean up the mess the United States leaves on their table.

James Traub |

Slide Show

Mogadishu's Moment

The city is making great strides, but 20 years of violence can't be erased in a day.

Slide Show |


In Praise of Brain Drain

Want to help the developing world? Hire away its best minds.

Robert Guest |


The Spirit of Wukan

Can a small farming town's remarkable protest against corrupt officials spread across China?

Rachel Beitarie |


The World According to Ron Paul

Republicans are freaked out about what a libertarian isolationist in the White House would do to American power -- but not all Democrats are.

Michael A. Cohen |


Politics Stops at the Water's Edge

After two foreign-policy debates, we still have no idea what most Republican presidential candidates would do about the actual issues facing America abroad.

Michael Cohen |


The Cowboy Abroad

We know plenty about what Rick Perry, the GOP's newest presidential front-runner, thinks of America. But what about the rest of the world?

Erica Grieder |


A Murderer's Manifesto and Me

Anders Behring Breivik, Norway's mass murderer, was a fan of my writing. Here's what I found within his perverse 1,518-page manuscript.

Phillip Longman |


Man Bites Shark

Why are shark attacks on the rise? Because the balance of power between man and shark lies firmly -- too firmly -- with man.

Juliet Eilperin |


Rise of the Radical Right

Anders Behring Breivik is not alone. In fact, Europe has many more dangerous extremists than anyone thinks.

Jamie Bartlett |


Breivik's Swamp

Was the Oslo killer radicalized by what he read online?

Toby Archer |


The Mullah Krekar Show

Is this the man behind the Oslo terrorist bombing?

J.M. Berger |


A Continent, Sinking

Europe's financial crisis is a Titanic moment, threatening to bring down not only the EU's major economies, but its political raison d'être. Is it too late to save the ship?

Steven Erlanger |


Trouble Down South

For Saudi Arabia, Yemen's implosion is a nightmare.

Ellen Knickmeyer |

The List

The World's Most Dangerous Borders

Thirteen places you don't want to be stuck at.

Philip Walker |


Fear Dimitra

How one 62-year-old grandmother explains the Greek crisis.

Joanna Kakissis |