Time to Pull Our Troops from Europe

It'll help solve the Eurozone crisis. Seriously.

Sean Kay |


'Don't Try to Convince Yourself That You're in Control'

Afghan lessons for arming the Syrian rebels from the CIA's mujahideen point man.

Joshua E. Keating |


The Evolution of an Interventionist

How John McCain became America's unofficial ambassador of leading from the front.

John Norris |


Egyptians, the Army Is Not Your Quick Fix

Some Egyptians see military rule as a solution to their problems. Here's why it's a bad idea.

Colin M. Snider |


The Pentagon May Be Paying a Billion Dollars a Year to the Wrong People

But its accounting is so bad that it can't say for sure how much or to whom.

Richard H.P. Sia |


The 7 Deadly Sins of Defense Spending

How the Pentagon can cut costs -- and come out stronger.

David Barno |

Gordon Adams

It Ain't About the Hardware

Will the wars of the future be won by management consultants?

Gordon Adams |

Micah Zenko

The No-Plan Zone

Modest measures to aid the Syrian rebels won't topple Assad. And despite protestations, even Washington's hawks don't want to go further.

Micah Zenko |


We're Not Going to Need a Bigger Boat

The problem with the Navy and Air Force's belief that they can do it all.

Jerry Meyerle |


How to Negotiate Like a Pashtun

A field guide to dealing with the Taliban.

Jonah Blank |

Rational Security

Drones Are Too Slow to Kill Terrorists

President Obama's magical thinking about how to defeat al Qaeda.

John Arquilla |


Target Malfunctions Imperil Missile Defense Effort

The Pentagon is taking risks with old or untested parts -- and paying hundreds of millions of dollars extra.

Richard H.P. Sia, The Center for Public Integrity |


The Price of Peace

How much is a U.N. blue helmet actually worth?

David Bosco |


The Bomb Didn't Beat Japan... Stalin Did

Have 70 years of nuclear policy been based on a lie?

Ward Wilson |

Reality Check

Speak No Evil

Why Obama shouldn't have given that big drone speech.

Aaron David Miller |


Ready, Fire, Aim

Why the U.S. should have launched an ICBM during the North Korean crisis.

Andrea Berger |

Micah Zenko

Confront and Confuse

Did Obama's speech actually say anything new about drones?

Micah Zenko |

Rational Security

Glory Day

Remembering the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.

John Arquilla |


Revenge Landmines of the Arab Spring

In the mountains of Yemen, a strange and deadly face-off between elite soldiers and rebellious villagers could have big international consequences.

Joe Sheffer |


Fear Factor

In defense of Obama's deadly signature strikes.

Philip Mudd |


Shutter Island

Why does Obama think it will be easier to close Gitmo this time?

Phillip Carter |

Terms of Engagement

The Indispensable Nation's Indispensable Weapon

Obama can't live without drones, Pakistan can't live with 'em. So the president bowed to the Islamic street.

James Traub |

By Other Means

Authorize This

Can Obama put the war on terror on a new legal footing?

Rosa Brooks |

Marc Lynch

The War for the Arab World

Sunni-Shiite hatreds are the least of the Middle East's problems -- it's the struggle within the Sunni world that will define the region for years to come.

Marc Lynch |


Pulp Liberation Army

Welcome to the strange -- and terrifying -- underground world of Chinese military fantasy novels.

Isaac Stone Fish |

Gordon Adams

Flexible Spending Account

How the Pentagon is wriggling its way through sequestration.

Gordon Adams |

By Other Means

The War Professor

Can Obama finally make the legal case for his war on terror?

Rosa Brooks |

Micah Zenko

Our Military, Ourselves

Why Americans are to blame for the Pentagon's outrageous sex scandals.

Micah Zenko |

Dept Of Secrets

War Scare

The real-life war game that almost led to nuclear armageddon.

Nate Jones |