National Security


Making the Grade

Is there really a way to judge if a foreign policy is successful?

Stephen M. Walt |


The Man of the Year

How can the biggest news story of 2013 be so overblown -- and so monumentally important -- at the same time?

James Traub |


The Panopticon Paradox

When an enemy can be anywhere, the state looks everywhere. So how can it infringe on privacy nowhere?

Emile Simpson |


The Future of the Military is Robots Building Robots

Why tomorrow's arsenal can't be created with the tools of the past.

Aaron Martin |


Cool War Rising

With Washington and Moscow caught in a deteriorating relationship, is conflict inevitable?

James Stavridis |


The Pentagon's Invisible Man

Even the defense secretary admits, "It's not a Hagel era."

Gordon Lubold |


Our Red Lines and Theirs

New information reveals why Saddam Hussein never used chemical weapons in the Gulf War.

Benjamin Buch |

Gordon Adams

The Little Budget Deal is a Big Deal

What's good for the country is even better for the Pentagon -- stability.

Gordon Adams |


White House v. Holder

The fight over the government’s top national security lawyer.

Shane Harris |