North Korea


The Laughingstock Next Door

How the Chinese are using Kim Jong Un's antics to mock their own leaders.

Helen Gao |


What Young North Koreans Dream Of

The copyright infringing video game destruction of America, apparently.

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Jeffrey Lewis

Friends with Benefits

No, Mr. President, it's not OK if our allies get nuclear weapons.

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What to Expect from a North Korean Nuclear Test

Pyongyang is about to make some more trouble. Here's what to look for when Kim Jong Un debuts his new bomb.

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Saying UnSorry

Will Japan's new prime minister really take back his country's apology for World War II?

Robert Whiting |


Don't Engage Kim Jong Un -- Bankrupt Him

It's time to play hardball with North Korea's new leader.

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North Korea Does Not Believe in Unicorns

But it does believe in promoting a fanciful version of its own history.

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The List

The World War on Christmas

Five places where Santa really does have to watch his back.

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Jeffrey Lewis

They Actually Did It

Are we all going to die from an Iranian-built, North Korean ICBM?

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Launch This

Why Barack Obama needs to reset his North Korea policy.

Joel S. Wit |


Ripe for Rivalry

Has Asia's moment of reckoning finally arrived?

Victor D. Cha |


Patience Has Not Been a Virtue

Was the Obama administration to blame for North Korea's rocket launch?

Daryl G. Kimball |


Rocket Backstage

Behind the scenes of North Korea's nuclear deliberations.

Andrea Berger |


Kim Jong Un's Baby Mama

Ri Sol Ju, North Korea's enigmatic new first lady, is already turning heads and making headlines.

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Getting Rebalancing Right

Four key issues that will define President Obama's second-term pivot to Asia.

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Amy Zegart

Nate Silver vs. Kim Jong Un

Why we can't figure out what North Korea will do next.

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Trouble in Pyongyang

As the United States dithers, an emboldened North Korea is quietly establishing itself as a small nuclear power.

Joel S. Wit |


Strategic Misdirection

Are the latest U.S. moves on missile defense making it less safe?

Tom Z. Collina |


Don't Assume Iran Is the Greatest Threat

Five other dangers that deserve our immediate attention.

Daniel Byman |


Missiles Away!

If you like frantic arms buildups, here's a new Asia policy for you.

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Bucking the Odds in North Korea

Why Kim Jong Un might just dare to be different.

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Obit Desk

The Strange Life of Reverend Sun Myung Moon

The bizarre tycoon and church leader never lived to see his dream of a reunited Korea.

Isaac Stone Fish |


Kim Jong Un Is No Reformer

North Korea's new leader studied in Switzerland and has a young, attractive wife. That doesn't mean he's into the whole hope and change thing.

Victor D. Cha |


North Korea's Extreme Makeover

Pyongyang's new leading man, Kim Jong Un, is all about the lulz. But there's nothing funny about life in the world's most repressive state.

Blaine Harden |


An Army of Un

Is North Korea's new leader putting the country's powerful military in its place?

Ken E. Gause |


Cheap at Any Price

At a billion dollars a year, it's a bargain for China to prop up its rogue state next door.

Andrei Lankov |


The Slick PR Stylings of Kim Jong Un

North Korea's new leader seems to have a thing for "global trends" and Disney. Does that presage Pyongyang's opening to the West?

Isaac Stone Fish |


Epiphanies from C. Fred Bergsten

The veteran economist and Washington power-player on China, currency wars, and working with Henry Kissinger.

Daniel W. Drezner |

The List

Romney: Year One

What would happen if you took Mitt Romney's foreign-policy promises extremely literally?

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