When Terrorism (That Never Happened) Made Headlines in Sochi

If attacks were unlikely at the Olympic Games, why was it spun as inevitable?

Micah Zenko |


Kiev Envy

Pro-democracy protesters in Kiev are triumphant. In Moscow they're still taking it on the chin.

Anna Nemtsova |


Green Fades to Black

The Sochi Olympic Games spell the end of the rope for Russia's wilderness vigilantes.

Maria Antonova |


The Russian Anti-Olympic Protest that Putin Doesn't Want You to Know About

An activist explains why the authorities cracked down on a peaceful protest to commemorate the victims of tsarist-era genocide.

Alexis Zimberg |


Thin Ice

A brief history of Russia's all-out siege on Sochi's critics.

Jane Buchanan |


Patriotism and the Olympics

Why taking the wrong stand on the Olympics can get you accused of being a traitor to the nation.

Anna Nemtsova |

Christian Caryl

The Young and the Restless

Yes, young people are often a force for political change. But what kind, exactly?

Christian Caryl |


Letting Syria Starve While Sochi Shines

While Putin basks in the Olympic glow, Russia obstinately blocks aid to Syrian civilians in desperate need.

Mark Malloch-Brown |

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The Other Sochi

Images of the seaside spa town cherished by generations of Russians. Will it survive the Olympics?

Mikhail Mordasov |


Rings of Fire

Why the Olympics actually don't bring the world together.

Michael Rubin |


The Sochi That We've Lost

Most visitors to the Winter Olympics will only see the giant stadiums and overpriced hotels. But some Russians are mourning the lost paradise of childhood.

Anna Nemtsova |

The List

Carpetbagging the Olympics

How to ski for Dominica if you're an Italian couple from Staten Island.

Hanna Kozlowska |


Why Putin’s Defense of “Traditional Values” Is Really a War on Freedom

The sensible way to fight back against Russia's anti-gay campaign.

James Kirchick |

Photo Essay

The Real Sochi

What you won't see on TV when you tune into Russia's Winter Olympics.

Rob Hornstra |

Christian Caryl

The LGBT Global Values Gap

The world is profoundly divided over gay rights -- and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Christian Caryl |


Not Exactly the Land of Smiles

As they gear up for the 2014 Winter Olympics, young Russians find themselves exercising some little-used facial muscles.

Anna Nemtsova |


The Golden Gun

Want to win big at the Olympic Games? Buy a bunch of overpriced tanks and fighter jets.

John Norris |


Watching the London Olympics in Beijing

In 2008, China staged a lavish opening ceremony that stunned the world with its precision and pyrotechnics. Four years later, Chinese impressions of the far quirkier London Games may surprise you.

David Yang |


Beijing's Real Olympic Hero

Meet Ji Sizun, imprisoned for three years for daring to take China's promises of greater openness at the 2008 Games at face value.

Phelim Kine |

The List


From raised fists to fistfights, the eight most politically charged moments in Olympic history.

Katie Cella |

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Weird World of Sports

Fourteen events we'd like to see at the next Olympics.

Hillary Hurd |

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Arab League

A unique look at the Middle East's aspiring women Olympians.

Brigitte Lacombe |


Numbers Game

Why big, rich, and communist is the way to Olympic glory.

Joshua E. Keating |


Two Steps Forward…

Do Saudi Arabia's two Olympic female athletes -- the kingdom's first ever -- represent changing times in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques, or will the conservative religious backlash win out?

Eman Al Nafjan |


Down, but Not Out

Just because Brazil’s growth rates are slowing, doesn’t mean the doomsayers are right.

Albert Fishlow |

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The World in Photos This Week

A Spanish festival, voting in Iran, and more violence in Syria.

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In Box

Silver Lining

When winning isn't everything. 

Joshua E. Keating |


Le Scandal

The French soccer team's disaster in South Africa has exposed the superficiality of European racial integration -- and now only Germany can save France from tearing itself apart.

John Hoberman |


Interview: Boris Nemtsov

Why is a subtropical gangster's paradise hosting the next Winter Olympics?

Joshua Keating |


Russia's Agony of Defeat

A country looks for someone to blame after a dismal Olympic performance.

Miriam Elder |