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Puntland Is for Pirates

Why are convicted high-seas bandits being sent to the Somali region that profits from their crimes?

Jillian Keenan |

Christian Caryl

SEALed and Delivered in Libya

President Obama takes a big risk and scores a win for democracy -- and no one gives a damn.

Christian Caryl |


Same As It Ever Was

Once again, Malaysia's ruling party turns to outdated sodomy laws to discredit the opposition.

Graeme Reid |


Oil Pirates and the Mystery Ship

Forget Somalia, the world's new epicenter of piracy is on the other side of Africa.

Keith Johnson |


The Rise and Fall of Somalia’s Pirate King

And the reverse-Argo sting that bagged him.

James M. Bridger |


The Ferocious Pirates of Greenpeace

Russia's decision to charge environmental activists with piracy sets an ominous precedent.

Anna Nemtsova |


The Wild West in East Africa

What do a handful of South African mercenaries do for an encore in Somalia, once all the pirates are gone?

James Bridger |


Pirates of the Guinean

How West Africa is replacing Somalia as the new pirate lair.

Thierry Vircoulon |

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The Pirates of Puntland

What drinking cocktails on a slow boat to Somalia taught me about the battle against piracy.

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How the U.N. saved the Somali pirates from the brink of extinction.

Robert Young Pelton |

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How to Pirate Proof Your Tanker

Amazing photos from the most dangerous waterway on Earth.

Amnon Gutman |

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The Price of Failure

How much has the collapse of Somalia cost the world? $55 billion -- and here's where it went.

John Norris |

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Pirate Hunting in the Gulf of Aden

Images of the anti-piracy campaign off the Horn of Africa.

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Help Wanted

Now is no time for the world to go wobbly on Somalia.

Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke |


Life Inside Somalia’s Bunker Government

An interview with Information Minister Dahir Gelle, as told to FP's Elizabeth Dickinson.

Elizabeth Dickinson |

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No Heads Are Better Than Two

Russia's double-headed eagle is not just a national emblem. It's a symbol of the national schizophrenia.

Nina L. Khrushcheva |

Think Again

Think Again: Africom

U.S. Africa Command was launched to controversy and has been met with skepticism ever since. Behind two years of mixed messages, a coherent mission might finally be emerging. Here's what you need to know about the world's next U.S. military hub.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


You Ain't Seen Pirates Yet

The disappearance of the Arctic Sea highlighted the growing problem of piracy -- and demonstrated that the world's navies can't stop the coming surge of attacks.

J. Peter Pham |


The Seven Ways to Stop Piracy

And why none of them will work as well as we might hope.

Ken Menkhaus |


The Pirate Economy

Why the U.S. Navy can't win this fight.

J. Peter Pham |

Think Again

Think Again: Pirates

More than 20 countries are joining a special U.S.-led naval force to combat pirates off the coast of Somalia. But it won’t be warships that defeat these modern-day sea dogs.

Derek S. Reveron |

Seven Questions

Seven Questions: Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper on How to Kick Pirate Booty

The general who whipped U.S. forces in a famous war game tells FP how to crack down on Somali pirates. Ahoy!

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Europe vs. the Pirates

It may be a quixotic mission, but the European Union’s naval expedition against Somalia’s high-seas troublemakers could be its crucial first step toward becoming an independent military power.

Robert Farley |

Prime Numbers

Troubled Waters

Plugging the leaks: how to improve the shipping industry.

Brad Amburn |