Public Health


The Long Emergency

Barack Obama's administration is taking an expansive, ambitious approach to global health. Does that mean giving up on combating HIV/AIDS?

Elizabeth Dickinson |


An African iPhone? There’s No App for That.

Why Steve Jobs should let Africans buy his new toy.

Dayo Olopade |


Countries Without Doctors?

How Obamacare could spark the brain drain of physicians from the developing world.

Kate Tulenko |


Why the Vietnamese Don't Want to Go to Rehab

Drug treatment in Southeast Asia is brutal, exploitative, and practically worthless.

Joe Amon |


Don't Panic, Go Organic

Be not troubled by Robert Paarlberg's scaremongering. Organic practices can feed the world -- better, in fact, than wasteful industrial farming.

Anna Lappé |


The Ultimate Bug Zapper

Could a new weapon deal the definitive blow in the long battle of man vs. mosquito? Forget bed nets; think lasers. Nathan Myhrvold, Bill Gates's ideas guy, tells FP about his plans to defeat malaria.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


The Elite Med Squad That Saved You from Anthrax

A look inside the hunt for a white, powdery killer.

Mark Pendergrast |

In Box

The FP Quiz

Are you a globalization junkie? Then test your knowledge of global trends, economics, and politics with 8 questions about how the world works.

Kayvan Farzaneh |


Rich Dog, Poor Dog

China's new class struggle.

Adam Minter |


The Great Flu Cover-up

How governments concealed the extent of the H1N1 pandemic and risking the outbreak of a virus that's even more deadly.

Alan I. Sipress |


Uganda's Outrageous New Sex Law

A Ugandan Parliamentarian wants to outlaw homosexuality and prescribe the death penalty for having sex while HIV positive. The worse news is, he might actually get what he wants.

Michael Wilkerson |


What a Pest

Why the Black Death still won't die.

Emily Anthes |


Plague: A New Thriller of the Coming Pandemic

The best-selling author of Outbreak has an exclusive tale for FP about a catastrophe of global proportions. And by the way, it's not fiction.

Robin Cook |

Briefing Book

How to Save Lives by Breaking All the Rules

How former U.S. Global AIDS coordinator Mark Dybul ditched the bureaucracy, stopped intergovernmental turf wars, pushed for results, and helped create an anti-poverty machine that actually works.

Mark Dybul |

Think Again

Think Again: The Green Revolution

Noble Prize-winning scientist Norman Borlaug died Sept 12, but his ideas and the green revolution they produced are still transforming agriculture in Asia. Next stop: Africa.

Peter Hazell |


Brazil's Public Option

What Obama can learn from Lula about universal health care.

Eduardo J. Gómez |

In Box

Traffic Alert

Driving while poor could kill you.

Annie Lowrey |


A Prescription for Safety

Buying drugs online may not be as dangerous as you think.

Roger Bate |


Brazil's Blessing in Disguise

How Lula turned an HIV crisis into a geopolitical opportunity.

Eduardo J. Gómez |


Our Reply to Obama

Now that the U.S. president has offered Africa his advice, here's our riposte for him.

O. Natty B. Davis |


Running a Temperature

Climate change will soon be the world's greatest health crisis.

Anthony Costello |

The List

The List: Five Disease Outbreaks That Are Worse Than Swine Flu

Swine flu has infected 1,500 people worldwide and killed around 30, almost all in Mexico. But it is far from the world's most serious disease outbreak. Here are five you probably won't see on the evening news.

Joshua Keating |

In Box

An Rx for Chinese Health

For decades, China has been content to let the invisible hand of the market work its magic on the country's economy. But there's one area where the government wants to reassert state control: healthcare.

Katherine Yester |

Missing Links

The Hypocrisy Audit

Double standards have always been a part of U.S. foreign policy. It's time to figure out how many should no longer be tolerated.

Moisés Naím |


The Path of Least Resistance

Billions are being spent on disease-fighting drugs in poor countries, but millions are still dying. Why? Because what doesn't kill a virus only makes it stronger.

Rachel Nugent |


The Deadly World of Fake Drugs

Whether it's phony Viagra or knockoff cancer meds, fake drugs kill thousands of people each day, thanks to counterfeiters in China and India who mix chalk, dust, and dirty water into pills sold around the world. With the Internet becoming the world's dispensary, these poison pills could be coming to a pharmacy near you.

Roger Bate |


New Age Thinking

The aging of the world's baby boomers won't be the crisis we fear. What we consider "old" has become old-fashioned.

John B. Shoven |


How to Stop a Serial Killer

Every day, malaria kills 7,000 children. For $3 each, we could stop these needless deaths.

Jeffrey D. Sachs |