Science & Technology


China Is Winning the Space Race

Don't laugh. In less than a decade, Beijing will likely be the world's most important player in outer space.

John Hickman |


The Mensch

How Chuck Hagel went from 'Jewish lobby' target to Israel's buddy.

Gordon Lubold |


NSA Hype Machine

Is Edward Snowden exposing the NSA -- or just buying its sales pitch?

Shane Harris |


The Surveillance State Strikes Back

Why Edward Snowden just might turn out to be Big Brother's best friend.

Shane Harris |


Cyber-Sabotage Is Easy

So why aren't hackers crashing the grid?

Thomas Rid |


Censuring the Censors

Why U.S. tech firms that help dictators restrict the Internet need to be held to account.

Ronan Farrow |


Boycotting A Better Future

Since when is the Arab world opposed to entrepreneurship? Since Israel started promoting it.

Ron Prosor |

Rational Security

History of the World, Part Z

What the undead can teach us about the fall of Rome -- and cyberwar.

John Arquilla |


Talk About Strange Bedfellows

In Moscow, sympathy for Edward Snowden crosses all party lines.

Anna Nemtsova |


The Willie Suttons of the Cyberage

Can we stop bad guys from getting into U.S. networks?

Michèle Flournoy |

In Box

The Great App Firewall

Five iPhone programs you can't use in China.

Isaac Stone Fish |


Star Trek Into Dumbness

The clumsy politics of Captain Kirk's latest adventure.

Michael Peck |

The Brass

The New Triad

It's time to found a U.S. Cyber Force.

James Stavridis |

Rational Security

Could Killer Robots Bring World Peace?

We're breaking Isaac Asimov's First Law -- and it could be good for humanity.

John Arquilla |


Is Obama a Berliner?

The U.S. president arrives in Germany with chill hanging over relations.

Benjamin Weinthal |


Comey Don't Play That

How Obama's pick to lead the FBI tried to put the brakes on the NSA's surveillance dragnet.

Marc Ambinder |


Evil in a Haystack

How do you find a terrorist hidden in millions of gigabytes of metadata?

J.M. Berger |


The Real Reason You're Mad at the NSA

Imagine the civil-military divide -- but much, much bigger.

John McLaughlin |

Christian Caryl

Secret Police State

What’s worse: the NSA or the East German Stasi?

Christian Caryl |


Type 'S' for Suspicious

DARPA's far-out, high-tech plan to catch the next Edward Snowden.

Joshua E. Keating |


Intel Outside

Could the NSA just use foreign governments to spy on Americans?

David Cole |

Micah Zenko

To Protect and Defend...

No, Mr. President, your top job is not to 'keep the American people safe.'

Micah Zenko |



How J. Edgar laid the groundwork for the NSA's surveillance state.

David Gomez |

David Rothkopf


Do Americans realize their privacy rights have been obliterated?

David Rothkopf |


How Dangerous Is a Terrorist with a Twitter Handle?

There's an effort afoot in Congress to kick terrorists off Twitter. But the government's spies aren't so sure.

Jonathan Schanzer |

Rational Security

In Defense of PRISM

How else can we smoke terrorists out of their hidey holes?

John Arquilla |


Target Malfunctions Imperil Missile Defense Effort

The Pentagon is taking risks with old or untested parts -- and paying hundreds of millions of dollars extra.

Richard H.P. Sia, The Center for Public Integrity |