Science & Technology


Type 'S' for Suspicious

DARPA's far-out, high-tech plan to catch the next Edward Snowden.

Joshua E. Keating |


Intel Outside

Could the NSA just use foreign governments to spy on Americans?

David Cole |

Micah Zenko

To Protect and Defend...

No, Mr. President, your top job is not to 'keep the American people safe.'

Micah Zenko |



How J. Edgar laid the groundwork for the NSA's surveillance state.

David Gomez |

David Rothkopf


Do Americans realize their privacy rights have been obliterated?

David Rothkopf |


How Dangerous Is a Terrorist with a Twitter Handle?

There's an effort afoot in Congress to kick terrorists off Twitter. But the government's spies aren't so sure.

Jonathan Schanzer |

Rational Security

In Defense of PRISM

How else can we smoke terrorists out of their hidey holes?

John Arquilla |


Target Malfunctions Imperil Missile Defense Effort

The Pentagon is taking risks with old or untested parts -- and paying hundreds of millions of dollars extra.

Richard H.P. Sia, The Center for Public Integrity |


The Bomb Didn't Beat Japan... Stalin Did

Have 70 years of nuclear policy been based on a lie?

Ward Wilson |


Fear Factor

In defense of Obama's deadly signature strikes.

Philip Mudd |

Jeffrey Lewis

The EMPire Strikes Back

Electromagnetic pulse is the conservative fetish that just won't die.

Jeffrey Lewis |


Pulp Liberation Army

Welcome to the strange -- and terrifying -- underground world of Chinese military fantasy novels.

Isaac Stone Fish |


Beam Us Up

Why did Star Trek get to film at a secret government laser facility?

Stephen I. Schwartz |

David Rothkopf

Smart Phones, Dumb Laws

Is technology outpacing our ability to regulate it?

David Rothkopf |

The Brass

Breaking the Kill Chain

How to keep America in the game when our enemies are trying to shut us out.

Adm. Jonathan Greenert |


A Liberal Case for Drones

Why human rights advocates should stop worrying about the phantom fear of autonomy.

Joshua Foust |

Rational Security

Beijing's 'Bitskrieg'

How China is revolutionizing warfare.

John Arquilla |

Think Again

Think Again: Big Data

Why the rise of machines isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Kate Crawford |


Can China's Top Guns Fly?

The Chinese military is aiming high. But can its Air Force break through all the red tape?

John Garnaut |

In Box

Hacktivism: A Short History

How self-absorbed computer nerds became a powerful force for freedom. 

Ty McCormick |


Epiphanies from Chris Anderson

The entrepreneur and technology theorist weighs in on drones, surveillance, and what's coming next.

Benjamin Pauker |

In Other Words

The Singularity of Fools

A special report from the utopian future.

David Rieff |


Who's Afraid of Cyberoptimism?

Why David Rieff's cynical attack on "cyberutopians" misses the point.

Ethan Zuckerman |


Mission Creep

Charles Kenny is too quick to encourage people to give up their privacy.

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |

Jeffrey Lewis

How About We Take Their Word For It

Do we really want the North Koreans to prove they can launch a nuke with a missile?

Jeffrey Lewis |


China Is a Cyber Victim, Too

The reason we should listen to Beijing's complaints about U.S. hackers.

Jason Healey |


Stalled Miracle

South Korea's economy isn't nearly as strong as you might think.

Richard Dobbs |