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Pirate Hunting in the Gulf of Aden

Images of the anti-piracy campaign off the Horn of Africa.

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The LWOT: Awlaki videos banned from YouTube, in theory; more arrests made for supporting al-Shabaab

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FP Explainer

How Much Turf Does the Somali Government Really Control?

It's a bit more than just "a few square blocks." But it's bad news when insurgents control the majority of the capital.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Somalia's Hour of Need

Uganda's president explains why Africa is committed to the fight in Somalia -- and why the West should be, too.

Yoweri Museveni |


My Pen Pal, the Jihadist

How a young Virginia man charged with supporting terrorists in Somalia became my online sparring partner -- and why he is so dangerous.

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The Truth About Africom

No, the U.S. military is not trying to take over Africa. Here's what we're actually doing.

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Saving Failed States

How the United Nations let countries fall apart -- and how it needs to adapt if it wants to put them back together. (Originally published in the Winter 1992-1993 issue of Foreign Policy.)

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Help Wanted

Now is no time for the world to go wobbly on Somalia.

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Failed States

12 Degrees of Failure

How does a weak state become a failed state?

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Failed States

Reality Check: How Bad Are They?

Worlds apart in language, culture, and daily routine, the top failed states still share a quality of life that is at best difficult and at worst fatal for the majority of the population.

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Photo Essay

Postcards from Hell

Images from the world's most failed states.

Elizabeth Dickinson |

Prime Numbers

The Pirate Den

Inside the modern business of wreaking havoc on the high seas.

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Failed States

Actually, It's Mountains

Sometimes the toughest obstacles are the naturally occurring ones.

Robert D. Kaplan |

Failed States

Mogadishu Was a Blast

Our trip to the world’s most failed state -- by way of Kandahar.

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Failed States

In the Beginning, There Was Somalia

Two decades later, the U.S. still has no plan.

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Dangerous Weakness

Somalia is the quintessential "failed state" -- and not just because it has topped Foreign Policy's Failed States Index since 2008.

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Somalia's Saviors Are Making Everything Worse

The U.S. and the U.N. are doing everything but keeping the peace in Mogadishu.

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Africa Needs a New Map

It’s time to start seeing the redrawing of the continent’s colonial borders as an opportunity, not a threat.

G. Pascal Zachary |


Interview: António Guterres

From Darfur to Afghanistan, the U.N.’s point man on refugees says, the world’s conflicts are getting “more worrisome and more difficult to solve.”

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Life Inside Somalia’s Bunker Government

An interview with Information Minister Dahir Gelle, as told to FP's Elizabeth Dickinson.

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Africa's Forever Wars

Why the continent's conflicts never end.

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The End of Diplomacy?

Once up a time, Americans achieved great things abroad. No longer.

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Think Again

Think Again: Africom

U.S. Africa Command was launched to controversy and has been met with skepticism ever since. Behind two years of mixed messages, a coherent mission might finally be emerging. Here's what you need to know about the world's next U.S. military hub.

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Interview: U.N. Undersecretary-General John Holmes

The top humanitarian official for the United Nations tells FP how to do aid in a time of war. Here’s a hint: it’s not pretty.

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Terrorizing Aid to Somalia

The United States is willfully letting millions of Somalis go hungry in its drive to hunt down terrorists.

Natalie Parke |


A Recipe for Somalia

A light footprint won’t work in Afghanistan. Just look at the Horn of Africa for all the reasons why not.

Richard Bennet |


Arming Somalia

The United States sent RPGs, machine guns, mortars, and -- in the words of one U.S. official -- "cash in a brown paper bag" to Somalia last spring. Foreign Policy reports on how the shipments took place, and who's not happy about it.

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You Ain't Seen Pirates Yet

The disappearance of the Arctic Sea highlighted the growing problem of piracy -- and demonstrated that the world's navies can't stop the coming surge of attacks.

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Briefing Book

A Somali Surprise?

U.S. officials are worried about the chaos radiating from the Horn of Africa. But how concerned should we be?

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