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Forget the best and brightest. Why did America send its C team to Afghanistan? An exclusive excerpt from the new book Little America: The War Within the War for Afghanistan.

Rajiv Chandrasekaran |

The List

Why Is the U.S. Selling Billions in Weapons to Autocrats?

The export of American arms to countries around the world -- even those actively repressing their own citizens -- is booming.

Zach Toombs |


Abandoning Sergei Magnitsky

Why is Hillary Clinton giving up on human rights in Russia?

Jamison Firestone |


Debating Hillary

Has Hillary Clinton -- the subject of a major new profile in Foreign Policy -- been a good secretary of state? Seven top foreign-policy watchers assess her legacy.

Adrienne Klasa |


Head of State

Hillary Clinton, the blind dissident, and the art of diplomacy in the Twitter era.

Susan B. Glasser |


No More Half Measures

A compromise solution that removes Syria's Bashar al-Assad but replaces him with a crony is now fully off the table. It's time for Washington to back the opposition.

Daniel Byman |


Bipolar Policy on Equatorial Guinea

The Justice Department turns up the heat against a resource-rich dictatorship as the State Department helps its leader buff his image.

Ken Silverstein |

Terms of Engagement

Sit this One Out

Why Obama shouldn't use drones to go after Mali's Islamic radical separatists.

James Traub |

Reality Check

Barack O'Romney

Ignore what the candidates say they'll do differently on foreign policy. They're basically the same man.

Aaron David Miller |

Terms of Engagement

Nation-Building in the Yemen

Drones alone won't be enough to stop Yemen from falling into the failed state abyss.

James Traub |


Blame Canada

Why did Canada and the EU abandon Chen Guangcheng? (Hint: Pandas ain't free.)

Mark MacKinnon |


Annan's Mission Impossible

Why is everyone pretending that the U.N. plan in Syria has a prayer of succeeding?

Salman Shaikh |

David Rothkopf

The Debacle That Wasn't

What if the Chen episode was actually a U.S.-China breakthrough?

David Rothkopf |


Friends Like These

This week's tensions aside, China and the United States still need each other more than they admit.

Dan Blumenthal |


The bin Laden Files

What the al Qaeda leader's final correspondence tells us about his legacy.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross |


Down with CISPA

America needs to stop preaching civil liberties abroad while passing privacy-destroying bills at home.

Trevor Timm |


Why Women Are a Foreign Policy Issue

The most pressing global problems simply won't be solved without the participation of women. Seriously, guys.

Melanne Verveer |


Mad Libs: Women in Politics

FP asked top female politicians around the world to fill in the blanks on sexism, women leaders, and breaking the glass ceiling.

Alessandra N Ram |

Slide Show

The New al Qaeda Franchises

Al Qaeda itself may be diminished after the death of Osama bin Laden, but its affiliates are still sowing instability around the world.

Lois Parshley |

In Box

Smart Sanctions: A Short History

How a blunt diplomatic tool morphed into the precision-guided measures we know today.

Uri Friedman |


Backed Into a Corner

Hey America, there's a pretty good reason why Iran doesn't trust you. Maybe it's time for a different approach.

Hossein Mousavian |


A Tormenting in Moscow

Why is Russia harassing President Obama’s new ambassador?

Leon Aron |


Clinton Embraces the Navy

Will U.S. competition with China for naval dominance spark a new Cold War on the high seas?

Robert Farley |


State of Disrepair

If the State Department really wants to lead U.S. foreign policy, it needs to stop complaining about the military and act more like it.

Kori Schake |


The LWOT: Alleged 9/11 plotter to face death penalty trial

Foreign Policy and the New America Foundation bring you a weekly brief on the legal war on terror. You can read it on or get it delivered directly to your inbox -- just sign up here.

Jennifer Rowland |

Terms of Engagement

The Least Bad Option

Let's face it, there are no good solutions to the mess in Syria.

James Traub |

Reality Check

What It Takes to Be a Great Secretary of State

(And why we can't have one in the Obama administration.)

Aaron David Miller |

Slide Show

The World in Photos This Week

A tragedy in Toulouse, spring has sprung, and a general testifies.

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